02 Mar 2016

We live in a townhouse complex and for a long time the house above us was vacant then over a weekend a pair of sisters moved in.

The eldest was my age and we got along very well. She would often drop in for a chat or cigarette break. The more we chatted the more we realised we had a lot in common and our conversations now included lots of sex.

One Sunday afternoon I was home with my hubby and friends watching TV. She came over, we chatted for a bit and she invited me to her place for a smoke.

Upstairs, I lay on her bed while she sat on the edge by my legs. We were chatting and sharing a cigarette when I shifted a bit and she noticed that I wasn't wearing panties under my short dress. She asked me about it and I made a joke of it and said sorry, didn't mean to flash you.

She said oh no, don't apologise, it's beautiful, I wouldn't mind another look actually. To which I spread my thighs. She looked at my pussy then straight into my eyes while she fingered me. I grabbed her fingers and licked them. She climbed on top and soon we were kissing. I had never been with a woman like that before and it was a huge turn on.

She played with my tits, licking and sucking them. I returned the favour. She lay down and asked me to ride her face. I did. She licked and sucked my pussy, tongue fucking me till I cried out her name.

I again, returned the favour, licked her pussy and clit till she had a big cum.

We kissed again and soon she was separating our legs into a scissor and we were rubbing clits and playing pussy pussy. We shared a cum.

We got up straighed ourselves out and went back downstairs. She stayed about 10 minutes and left.

We hooked up once again but shortly thereafter she was transferred to Cape Town.