Written by Moreplease

21 Aug 2015

My first ever 3some (mfm)

I’ve always fantasised about a 3some but was always hesitant only because I was scared of disappointment.

On a particular day (a Tuesday) out of the blue, feeling quite horny and kinky, I messaged hubby to say I’m ready and I’m leaving the recruiting to him, however it should happen the coming weekend or I might change my mind.

By the Friday he confirmed with a particular gent (from the site) for the Saturday evening. We met him for coffee the Saturday afternoon and very soon, addresses and directions were exchanged for later the evening.

We arrived at his place just after 8pm and he greeted us at the door. You could see he had just stepped out the shower with a tiny towel wrapped around his waist, his full physique, toned body, perfectly shaped ass exposed to me. I could hardly stop starring.

Without much small talk he led us straight to the bedroom where the mood was set, absolutely brilliantly, dimmed room, soft music (Barry White really does it for me) and fresh bedding. I was mesmerised as it felt as though I was stepping into another world and yes I was.

I graciously took a seat on the sofa next to hubby, but no sooner he (Ron) took my hand and seated me on the bed beside him. He started undressing me without saying a word and without paying much attention to hubby. To be honest, I myself was not giving hubby much thought either as I was enjoying the moment, living the moment, being caressed and romanced by this complete stranger. I was very receptive to his every move and touch. The mood was intoxicating.

By now I was completely naked, flat on my back and he (Ron) was caressing every inch of my body, exploring me in a way I was not use to. I wanted to touch him, stroke his manhood, kiss him or taste him but he gently shoved me back onto the bed and softly whispered, “relax and enjoy”. By now I was soaked, embarrassed by my own wetness, my mouth was becoming dry as I was breathing harder and moaning audibly under my own breath completely oblivious to hubby who had now undressed himself still seated on the sofa, stroking his fully erect penis.

I could feel his (Ron) lips exploring my body, the wetness of his tongue on my skin, slowly, steadily making his way down to my own wetness. He motioned hubby to join us on the bed and I could now feel hubbies all too familiar cock rubbing over my body and Ron’s mouth consuming my wet dripping throbbing pussy. Soon hubby filled my mouth with his salacious cock and I sucked hard on it, as if it was the most delicious lollipop ever. I was in heaven and I could feel it wouldn’t be long before I reach my first orgasm, I tried to wriggle my way out from under Ron’s mouth but the movement that followed next left me completely motionless. He was not licking or sucking………… his tongue was completely still on my clit, applying pressure with his tongue onto the top, not the tip of the clit and gently moving his tongue from side to side whilst applying pressure to the top of the clit. The sensation was all new to me, the scene was sensual, the movement was erotic and the orgasm that followed was mind blowing.

Without allowing me to completely recover he entered me and he slowly and sensually fucked me to my next orgasm. As soon as I would coming down from the one orgasm he would start the pace all over again, again and again. I lost count of the number of orgasms and after about an hour of this, we took our first break and hubby and he would change position all through the evening.

It was an absolutely amazing experience, and an experience I encourage each and every woman to experience at least once in their lifetime.

We eventually left his place at four in the morning.