Written by mr_spontanious

24 Oct 2013

So heres my story of my first mmf with a couple.

I got in contact with a couple and we chatted and exchanged pics. They loved my pics and wanted to meet. So we set up a date for Friday night and man , was it a long week. I fully shaved and neatened up and got directions and made my way over.

I rang the door bell , my heart beating out my chest , very nervous and not knowing what to expect. I was greeted by Mark (not his real name, as I don’t wanna reveil identities). Mark was a well built guy which I did not mind as im in shape aswell. Kristel was in the kitchen and mark called her and said our guest has arrived.

Wow she was wearing a sexy black skirt with a button up top and stockings. She never had a supermodel body but was very sexy as she was comfortable with herself, she had I would say 34 C boobs and a nice ass.

She came over and gave me a hug and kiss and we sat and chatted while mark got us a glass of wine. We chatted and laughed and got comfortable . Kristel came and sat next to me and asked if I liked what she was wearing . I said yes and told her that I could not help but stare at her the whole time, and I joked with mark and said hope you don’t mind.

It was getting late and we had a few wines and were very comfortable by now . Kristel and mark walked to the room and said if I wanted to join , I could.

So I followed and Kristel and I got onto the bed while mark put on a porn movie of a MMF scene.

By now my cock was sooo hard and Kristel could see, as she asked what is happening their, we laughed and I told her to find out as I was not sure, bt at the same time looking at mark as he jus knodded. Like I said , this was my first experience and I was not too sure how things worked realy.

Kristel told me that theres one rule: no guy may be on the bed if we had no clothes no, so I removed all my clothes while watching her, and mark got undresses aswel. I walked to the edge of the bed and she took my hard cock and started to suck and wank me. Mark came closer and she took his cock in her mouth and carried on to wank me. He then left to get more drinks and she sucked me sooo good that I also came. Mark returned and we relaxed and had more drinks, i joked with her and said are u getting cold cause she had clothes on still. She said no, you just have not unchanged me, and that was my que, unchanged her and laid her on her back and went down on her. She was wet and horny because I teased her abit and she took my head and shoved her pussy onto my lips and pleasured her , until she was moaning, mark had moved closed and he was getting his cock sucked. I knew she was close and carried on and she cam and moaned intensely. We relaxed abit and had some wine ( haha lots of wine I know) , when she told me and mark that she wants us to fuck her, wow, when she said that my dick jumped up haha. Mark got ontop of her and put his dick in her and slowly started to thrust deeper and deeped and she told me to come closer, She sucked me while moaning as mark was making her moan. She turned over onto her knees and mark fucked her doggy style and she sucked me more, by now mark was realy fucking her hard and good and she stopped sucking and jus moaned and was telling us how good it felt, mark stopped and I went around and was my turn, after fucking her until she was moaining so load , I was scared the neighbours wud hear , I pulled out and me and mark both came on her tits,

Wow was it a great experience, We met once after that again and they have since moved to JHB.

Looking forward to meeting alike couples