Written by firstbi

30 Jun 2015

I have always had this urge to try the bi side of life...so I signed up to swinging heaven and started to read the ads...and placed an ad of my own....it didn't take to long for a reply from a guy 6 yrs older than me....We chatted on bbm for about a week....and decided to meet up for coffee..I was nervous like hell cause thus what in doing is nerve racking....We decided to meet at and small coffee shop in randpark ridge....He messaged me he is there and ready i must come in he is sitting in the corner booth.i walked in saw this bald guy in the corner as I walked in he motioned to me come over..I sat down and we states chatting and getting to know each hither...as the conversation went on i started getting hard and really turned on....nothing happened after coffee we parted ways..but after charing again he told me he was so hard during our chat and i told him me too... We decided to meet again in a more private setting....He told me to meet him one morning at a place where he booked a room..I was very nervous but wanted to do this...and do it with him....I met him went into the room and we sat down and chatted a bit...He came over to me and rubbed my leg and cock Over my pants...I was hard he smiled and said feel how hard I am which I did ...fuck it was hot never felt another man's cock before...before I knew it he kissed me..fuck it was good before I knew it we where naked and he had my cock in his hand and was wanking me and stared to lick and suck my cock fuck was so good I took his in my hands and mouth and sucked him deep and long the feeling of his cock in my mouth was fucken hot before long we both came...was so good and the relief was so good and orgasmic. ...We decided to shower together he washed me and I washed him .....kissing and touching each other sucking each other off and wanking each other again. Was so hot ...We now meet on a regular basis...AND are planning on fucking each other soon....