Written by Jerry69

11 May 2013

I was pissed when i got the call from the school that they wanted to see me immediatly regarding my child. When i left the schholl grounds i was even more pissed and then someone sent me a message on wattsapp. I saw it was this friend of mine that i knew a couple of years now and see was looking for someone to chat with and so was I. I asked her where she was and we met up. She told me that she was divorced and was looking for someone to chat to and that we always shared our problems in the past. After driving around I suggested that we should go to Cape Point nature reserve but on ou way she saw a sign advertising chalets. We drove into the little gravel road and was enquiring regarding the chalets and the owner told us that it was only for rent if it was for two or more days. On our exit we stopped in the middle of the road near the gate and before I knew we were looking into each others eyes and then we were kissing and I was fingering her and i licked her clit in the car. She took out my hard throbbing cock and swallowed the head and later bobbing her head on my manhood. Igot out the car and moved around to her side while she was stripping her panties. I wanted to take her in the car but she stood up against the car and guided my rock hard manhood inside her dripping wet pussy. I pumped hard while looking into her eyes and kissing her. I turned her and did her doggystyle. It wasn't long before i felt my cum building and told her I was about to come. She took my dick out and told me not to cum yet. She guided my dick somewhere else, up to her anus and said I must be gentle. Damn it was tight. She screamed out in agony but didn't want me to exit. I pushed myself deeper into her anal cavity and after awhile i was completely in. This was heaven, it felt like fucking a virgin. So tight and after about two minutes i came inside her. When i took out my shaft it was covered in blood and I apologized and she said that it was fine.

It dawned on me that someone could have seen us, but o it was nice. No I know why some guys are looking for anal sex all the time.

We are now looking for someone to have a threesome with.