Written by Ajay

06 Jun 2016

This is a true story about my fiances first bi experience...which I sincerely hope I can somehow replicate...maybe even with the help of some of the stunning females I have seen here on SH, but I digress, lets get back to story.

Her first bi experience was a totally, unplanned, spontaneous encounter, with a very close friend of hers. It happened on a night when I had to travel to pta for 2 days for work. As we were living on our own at the time, In a very secure apartment building, she was still afraid of spending the night on her own. She told me that she would invite her close friend Amy** (not her real name) to spend the night over. Now Amy was by no means the most physically attractive girl in the world, and I really dont mean this in ny derogatory way at all, lets just say that in ll the years of knowing amy, I haven't once thought of her or looked at her in a sexual way, she was just not my type, sexually (and she would probably say the same about me) and the same applied for my fiance, well at least so I thought. I.always knew my fiance was a bit bi.curious...she would always point out women she found sexually attractive and none of the woman she ever pointed out came close to amys description.Amy

is fuller figured, huge tits and a big round ass, stunning personality and always fun to be around.

Anyways, as my work day came to an end, I thought I wud message my fiance, just to check in and find out what they up to. She replied within minutes, sayin that they just had supper and are planning to lounge in front of the tv with a bottle of wine. I then replied to her telling her that a few of my colleagues also wanted to meet for a round or two at the hotel bar before we call it a night.

After a few messages back and forth, she told me to that I should have fun and unwind after a long day of work and travel and that she and amy probably wont stay up too late, since the next day was work.for both of them. I told her that I missed her and will chat to her again tomorrow. We said our goodnights and off I went to meet the guys downstairs at the bar. As usual, drinks with the guys have this funny way of multiplying! One drink, became two, two became four and four became more...and in no time it was almost midnight. I headed back up to my room and thought id message my.fiance one last time as I.really did miss her, we were not use to.being apart at all. Because it was so late, I really didnt expect a reply at all but to my surprise my phone beeped within a minute. My fiance and amy were still up! they finished the red wine and she let me know that they opened up the bottle of vodka we had and asked if I didnt mind that they drink the vodka and obviously I had no objections. I got to my room and decided to give her call...just to get a sense of whats happening at the flat lol...even at this stage, my mind did not go to any sexual scenario or anything like cz it simply just never crossed my mind. As my fiance answered I heard some soft music in the background and I could hear amy saying something, couldnt quite make out what...followed by a few giggles by them both. Clearly they were tipsy and seemed to be in a quite jovial spirit lol. She told me that they were getting ready for bed and that they are quite tipsy so I shouldnt be surprised if she does not reply to any of messages as she.would probably pass out the.second her head hits the pillow. Those were her exact words. For the second time I said my goodnights and off to bed I went.

The next day we managed to tie up our work engagements quite early which allowed us to catch a much earlier flight home. Obviously my fiance was pleased with this news as we both couldnt wait to see each other. Personally, I cudnt wait to get home so that I could lay her down and eat her out. I absolutely love going down on her, she has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen and after a day of not seein each other I really missed the sight and smell of her gorgeous pussy. Sounds weird I know but its true. I remember getting home that afternoon and all I wanted to do was to get her onto the bed with my head firmly planted between her legs. But she beat me to it, the minute I came through the door, actually the second I came through the door, she grabbed me by the hand and without even greeting me, she forcefully lead me to the bedroom where she undid my pants, pushed me onto the bed, and vigorously but passionately started sucking my cock, only stopping every few seconds to tell me how much she missed the feel of my hard cock in her hands and mouth. I dont even think she gave me time to shut the front door properly but there was no way I was going to stop her just to shut the door, I seriously didnt care bout neighbours hearing or seeing whats going down at that stage. That lasted for a good 15mins or so until I decided to get her to feet and undress her, while takin off my clothes at the same time. Thinking back to that day now, I only realise now how hard I.fucked her that day, she was soooo vocal while we fucked. She was screaming soo loud, commanding me to not stop what I was doing...yelling at me to give it to her harder and harder and harder. Im not sure how to describe it but it was pure, raw passion and animalistic lust between two people that were fucking so intensely as if the world is going to end that very day. Needless to say I came so hard, it seemed that I flooded her pussy with my thick, warm cum...it seemed as if it would not stop oozing out of her pussy. Afterwards we just layed there and gathered our breath, if this was a movie, then this would be the scene where the man and woman just lay there, in a hot, sweaty state and light up that "post sex" ciggie in absolute silence lol. Not long after she ran us a bath, we bathed together and finally we could actually greet each other properly and talk about each others day. As the conversation went on, the "previous night" became the topic of conversation, I told her about the drinks at the hotel bar and how that got out of hand, who got wasted, the jokes we made and so on and so forth. Once my story was told, it was her turn to tell me about her night, knowing that staying up late is totally unlike her, especially in the week, so there was bound to be a story of some sort. Amy was a single girl but was seeing a guy but very on and off...soo I was hoping that she would share one of amys sexcapades with me because I know for a fact that my fiance tells amy all the dirty details of our sex romps at home, so I was truly hoping that she would break girl code and spill the beans on one of amys stories...after all, surely, that must have been the topic of conversation at some stage during the night, I mean, what the hell else could they have done till that late at night?!

She told me that not much happened, they drank some wine, chatted and went to bed. In my head im thinking...wow, what an anti climax to what I had hoped for! Then all of a sudden my fiance started a very strange line of questioning...stuff like, what do I think of amy, do I find her sexually atttactive, stuff like that. As a guy, your first instinct is to answer without haste.."No my love, you are the only woman for me!"....but almost immediately, she told me that I could cut the bullshit and answer honestly..."for the sake of having an open conversation" she said. And in truth, my answer remained the same, because like I said, I never looked at amy in a sexual way and I am very much sexually attracted to my fiance. In fact, if she and amy were put in a room naked and ten random guys were asked who they would choose to have sex with im sure that 9 out 10 guys would choose my fiance. She just has that about her. My fiance has a slender build, long black her with nice long, well toned legs and an amazing ass that turns heads (how I managed to bag a gal like her is still beyond me!).

So in truth, amy didnt appeal to me sexually, and I asked my fiance why she asked me such a random question, especially since we have known amy for years and this was the first time something like this came up.

Then she said to me "Actually, you know, amy isnt that bad, she actually has a nice body when you look at her properly"

What do you mean?, I asked. "Well when we went to bed, both of us were so tipsy that neither of us bothered with pjs...I just got undressed and grabbed a t shirt from your cupboard and went to bed in that...and amy did the same, just she got completely naked first."

So did you give amy one of my t shirts as well I asked...to which she replied yes, "but I pretended to scratch around in your cupboard looking for a suitable t shirt while she stood there naked" she laughed. "And like I said, she is not that bad, she has very nice tits, they are so big and firm and she has nice nipples...I wish I had tits like hers."

As im sitting in the bath, I can feel my cock growing under the water, listening to my fiance describing amys tits in so much detail...then my fiance gave me this cheeky smile and asked me softly, but in a tone that let me know that she was not joking at all..."Babe, do you want to know what her pussy looks like?"

Those words sent me over the edge...within in a few seconds my cock went from soft to throbbing in anticipation. "I thought amy doesnt do it for you" she laughed as she grabbed my rock hard cock and started working it slowly. "Tell me more please", was all I managed to whimper....

What my fiance told me next completely blew me out of the water...literally!

I will post the rest of the story soon!