Written by Bulge

22 Dec 2017

I've always had a way with words, but it's been years since I've written anything longer than a simple message, let's see if I still have what it takes.

My ex is nine years older than me, we met on Tinder and became friends with benefits, eventually moving exclusive. All we really were to one another was good grammar and great sex. I never had so much fun as with her. Even after we broke up, before she moved overseas, we had a rendezvous now and then.

This woman was on fire. And in a sense I was too. We both agreed that good communication is the main ingredient to great sex. Everyone has different spots, different kinks and making sure the other one knows that is best.

My fondest memory, to which I still masturbate to regularly, is the time she dominated me and so that what I shall share. We discussed kinks and BDSM came up, she asked which part I'd enjoy playing and I said I'd love to be dominated. She was ecstatic.

So the night came. She picked me up. We had a chat, kissed and then the fun was to start. The safe word was 'potato'. Random, I know. She tied my arms up with two scarves she had then we began. I was too be called slave, she was mistress.

My first command was to look away while she got some gear on. A tight black corset, regular black panties and knee high boots. I was commanded to look.

I'd been a bad boy and needed to get back into her food graces. I had to be punished. She got onto the bed and onto me, I smiled and that was my first offence, the punishment was to commence. She asked me several questions, I needed to answer my mistress or else.

She decided my best punishment would be (I'll quote the language she used) to "clean her asshole, properly." She stuck her ass to my face, "lick slave" she commanded, "do it thoroughly or there will be consequences." I couldn't seem to excited about the consequences so I thoroughly liked, inside and out. Mr Muscle couldn't get it as clean.

She could feel I was a bit too eager, that was no punishment, so she decided I needed to be smothered. "Slave, I can feel you liked that a bit too much, that deserves punishment. What do you say?" "Yes mistress," I replied, "Please have mercy." "Slave, I'm going to smother you with my cunt," she said commanding.

She pushed against my face, hard. I could not breathe. I loved it. She could feel, and just as I got close to passing out she'd perfectly time lifting herself up. The rush of air would be like cocaine after a Blue Monday. Just as the high started, she'd force herself onto my face. Being slightly claustrophobic, it was a bit scary, which made me harder than a rock. She could see, staring down at it. That would not hold.

"Do you like your punishment?" she asked after the fifth time she suffocated me with her juicy bits. "Yes mistress" I replied, "That's no good" she said and took out a card, Pick 'n Pay Smart Shopper I believe, don't think she was getting points for what it was being used for, but someone was definitely scoring.

She'd plant her tender loins on my face. I couldn't breathe, but I couldn't get any harder either. It was such a tease and as I grew as hard as I'd ever been, I'd get flicked with the card on my tip. "Do you like that slave?" she asked, gasping for air I replied with "No mistress." Rightly so, she didn't believe me. I'd get flicked even more, suffocated even longer and I grew much harder. I loved it, being punished, being demeaned, being dominated. Flick. Flick.

Then her boots came off. "Slave, my toes need cleaning," knowing now not to seem to excited I agreed and kissed, licked and sucked on those toes. "You're missing bits" she said while flicking me for the umpteenth time. The whip I got as a VIP at the Sexpo several years before was useless. "Clean those toes." So, I did what any good boy would do and diligently cleaned every bit of those toes and feet.

Unfortunately, all the flicking made my relatively large cock numb and eventually, all on its own, it started to get limp. She decided it was enough for the first time and untied me, allowed me to undress her and, as I prefer to pamper, I started to lick and taste every wonderful bit of hers. Skin contact and seeing a woman's face filled with pleasure are the things that turn me on and get me off the most. She came thanks to my tongue.

All the excitement made me quite hard again and so I cuddled with her while she got ready for more. She'd been up all evening so it was my turn to be on top. I kissed her neck as I slid in, deeper and deeper until there was very little space left for me. Slowly in, slowly out and then I started to speed up. Her legs spread about as wide as they can go for someone who isn't a gymnast. I'd see her face as I stimulated just the right bits, and more. It made me harder and gave me more stamina and confidence to fuck her real good.

Several orgasms later and as we got about as sweaty and tired as one can get during winter, my numb cock came, and as usual I gave a few more thrusts, filling me with ecstacy and making her cum for who knows the how 'manyth' time.

A week or two later we broke up. The age and personality difference got in the way. A few months later she sent me a message asking how I was and making small talk, eventually it lead to her asking if I'd like to hook up, excitingly I agreed and so we engaged in some great fun for about a month before she moved. Sadly we never got around to her dominating me again.

My ex the vixen, she really opened up my mind to what great sex could be like. Hopefully we'll get an opportunity for some fun again in the future...