Written by Nawtee Nawtee

27 Sep 2017

I was taken aback when I saw he does not wear undies, he does not seem the type. So to give you an idea of what he looks like, he is 1.89m tall, he does not gym but he has a well taken care of body, he has jet black hair and green eyes, when we go out, girls stare at him, but with him being married, he doesn't do much...

Kit noticed that I was a bit shy when he pants came off and he asked me what was wrong. So I did say I didn't expect him not to be commando, expected all off it to be covered up and secured.

He looked at me and laughed, and asked me if I fantasised about this and he held his cock in his hands. I looked at him and said I been fantasing for years. I knew he was drunk but really didn't care.

Because I am a little shy and was scared, I kinda came across as nervous. But he stood there and stroked it, he asked me to come to him and do the same. I went on my knees and I took him in my hand, I moaned as it was so hot and hard...