Written by Nawtee Nawtee

20 Sep 2017

I kinda lingered around the toilet and watched Kit, he probably was aware I was around and I got braver and went closer to him, as I go closer I realized he was as hard as a rock. I unzipped and pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. I watched Kit and he looked at me but I was nervous to make a move.

He slowly stroked his and I plucked the courage and I touched him, nervous and scared. He didn't do much, he just moved his hands away as I started to stroke him.

I was I awe of this man and slowly caressed him. I asked him if we can go back to his room in case someone came in.

At first he said no but I stroked a little firmer and he agreed, he zipped up and so did I and I followed him to his room.

He opened his door and I could smell him all over the room, he locked it and he looked at me and asked me if I want cock.

I said yes and I walked to him, and started to caress him through his pants.

This was a fantasy come true. I pulled him towards me and put my hand around his ass, I tried to kiss him but he pulled away.

I unzipped him and pulled out his cock, also was surprised that he does not wear jocks...