Written by Nawtee Nawtee

18 Sep 2017

I have always been bi, and worked for a major retail company. In my early years I had the pleasure of reporting to one of the sexiest men that worked for this company, obviously he was married and I was single, and engaged to be married. He kinda suspected I was bi, and used to talk to me about it in riddles and rhymes. As the years moved on, I re-located to Jhb and he changed companies but we still kept the friendship and I got braver and used to flirt with him openly which I suspected made him nervous.

When he used to come up to Jhb, we used to still bump into each other or grab a cup off coffee and catch up. One night he called me and told me he was staying at a hotel near my place, and if I was free it would have been great to hook up, naturally I cleared my diary, made an excuse and visited him.

When I got there he had other friends around and as the night progressed they left, till I was the last one left.

We used the time to catch up about life and work and as the night got darker, I got braver and started to ask him questions, more in the lines of him knowing I was bi.

He admitted he knew because someone told him years ago, and we got to talking about it and how much he knew.

He asked me if I had the hots for him, and I told him I always found him sexy, but he was my boss so I was scared...