Written by Redrose

21 Oct 2012

I am lying on my back in the bed, the sheet is covering my body, I know I must get up but decided to rather lay there and doze a bit. Suddenly I feel a slight cold breeze blow over my body, immediately I get goose pimples on my flesh. I reach down for the sheet but can’t find it. I keep my eyes closed knowing full well that the moment I open them I can say good bye to my lazy morning.

I feel a warm wet mouth engulf my limp cock, feels so good, I open my eyes to see my lovely wife looking across at me with such love and adoration in her eyes. I feel her warm tongue gently massage my cock, I moan softly under my breath. Her hands cup my balls and gently squeeze them. Her tongue flicks softly over the head of my cock; the sensation sends shivers of delight through my body.

I lay back to enjoy this moment in time. I spread my arms above me and hold on to the headboard. I feel weak as I feel the blood flow from my head into my now hardening cock. She has my cock in her mouth messaging it with her tongue and using her lips to apply gentle pressure to my shaft. It doesn’t take long for me to become fully erect.

As she reaches the head I feel her tongue flick over it, I moan out loudly as she starts to lick my shaft from the base until the head, slowing and firmly. As she gets to the base again her hand wraps around my cock and slowly moves up and as her hand comes down she gives a slight twist, exciting me even more. I feel her take one ball into her mouth and suck it, her tongue working magic with a gentle massage. As she pulls my ball away from my body she allows it to pop out of her mouth, falling softly against my body. She now starts to suck the other ball, she moans as she does so, again she pulls it away from my body and allows it to pop out of her mouth. This time I feel her take both of them into her mouth. She sucks them but more intensely this time. Her tongue flicking from one to the other. After a short while she releases them, as they fall against my body, the shock of the cold air hitting them after they had been her lovely warm mouth.

She moves her attention from my balls to my cock again. She takes my entire cock into her mouth again. Sucking me firmly and massaging my cock with her tongue again, the combination drives me wild as I cling onto the headboard and moan loudly. Her nails are gently stroking my balls, sending shivers of delight up my body. She moves up and down my cock faster and faster. I feel that I am not going to be able to take much more and tell her to stop and to get onto her hands and knees.

As she turns over onto her hands and knees I position myself behind her and between her legs. I push her head onto the pillow. Her sweet little arse is in the air. I lean back and am able to see her wet pussy and sweet button hole. I can’t resist smacking her bum cheeks, she cries out in pain from the unexpected smack. I watch as I see the red imprint of my fingers appear on her cheek. It arouses me as much as it does her so I smack her a few more times and each time I do so she cries out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She turns around and I see tears in her smiling eyes, she begs me to fuck her deep and hard.

I need no encouragement as I part her bum cheeks and press my hard cock against her button hole and gently press the tip of my head into her, she cries out loudly from pain and pleasure. I can’t control my self and with one final thrust I thrust my cock deep and hard into her warm arse. She screams as I do so. I am too excited to worry about any discomfort this causes her and so is she as I hear her encouraging me to fuck her hard and deep, telling me that she is my private whore and slut. Each time I thrust into her she moans loudly from pleasure. I watch her as I see her hands grip the bed sheets as I thrust into her. I sense it won’t be long before us both climax and we don’t want this to end. I stop fucking her and tell her to turn around and face me. She turns around and as she does I tell her to suck my cock. Without hesitation she takes my cock into her warm mouth and I start to fuck her mouth. I hold her head and thrust myself deep into her throat, I hear her begin to gag but pay no attention. Her hands gripping my bum and I fuck her. After a while I release her head and she sucks and massages my cock with her tongue. She moves faster and faster, taking as much of my cock into her mouth. She stops sucking my cock and starts to suck my balls, sucking them hard and pulling them gently from my body, letting go allowing them to fall against my body before reaching for them and sucking them harder again. Her hand is stimulating my cock with gentle but firm massaging, with a slight twist as she brings her hand down to the base of my cock. I can feel myself losing control as I moan out loudly and grip her head; she senses it and proceeds to suck my cock. As I feel her warm wet mouth begin to suck me, I whisper, “yes my little slut suck me” I lean against the head board for support as I feel the strength drain from my body. Her tongue working her special magic, massaging away as she sucks me, her lips applying more pressure on my shaft, exciting me. Suddenly I can’t help myself as I fuck her mouth. I feel myself exploding into her mouth, I feel her swallowing as much of my load as she can, she stops sucking, swallows and starts to suck my cock again, getting every millimetre of my load from my cock, applying pressure with her lips, squeezing the last drop from my cock. I hold her head not wanting to allow her to stop as she drains my body of all the strength and energy, my knees go weak as I slid down the headboard and sit on the pillows. She is still sucking my cock, draining me. Gradually she starts to ease off and moves up to sit with me, my arms wrapped around her. I kiss her head and just hold her to me. Her head on my chest, both of us completely drained and tired. I gently lift her head from my chest and slide down until my head is resting on the pillow, I pull her to me and

hold her tight until we fall asleep, content and happy.