Written by KenT_

21 Apr 2015

This was really my dream last night, it was a night out with just guys, we were at this open festival kind of thing. I was just in my boxers no t-shirt or anything else. As I am walk back to my hotel room, I pass this group of white girls. A very hot and beautiful girl with very big breast and a lovely ass says to me I love younger guys with great bodies.

So I took this as my chance to ask her to accompanie me to my hotel. While on the way back we grab a drink. She's with her bra and panty only as we reach the room we start to kiss. As we kiss I place each of my hands on each of bum cheeks. And pull her close to me. I then place on the bed and pull her panties to the side and slowly get my index finger into her pussy I then slowly put a finger into her ass. At this moment someone open the room door, and say I to them leave I am busy. She take my dick and licks the hell out of it. I then place my dick into her wet pussy and I fuck her hard. She grabs my hair and doesn't stop moaning.

I pull my dick out and let her lick me again, while my finger are in her pussy. She lets go of my dick I ask her to go doggy but this time I gently go into her asshole I fuck her a while and eventually come in her ass. We then jump into my car going somewhere. Can't recall where. But at the service station she says to me wants more with a seductive face. I jump outta the car grab condoms and headed back to the hotel.

That's where my dream ended. I work up in the more so horny. But said to myself I know that won't come through cause how often do dreams come through.