Written by Not Goodye Yet

19 Jun 2015

Our last play cub decided that we cannot do this play thing anymore. Me being a mature lady agreed, as they say all good things come to an end, so enjoy it while you can. We hugged and kissed and said our goodbyes and promised to stay in touch.

A week later I was messaged by my cub to host him again. I told him that we agreed not to play anymore and was told that he cannot stay away and constantly thinks about our time together and gets very horny. I agreed to host him.

As he walked in by the door the lust took kissing and clothes removing started. Him kissing me from my neck down to my hard nipples all the way down to my pussy, which is so wet, aching for that lovely tongue and mouth to start teasing her.

I am on my feet knees bent arms by my side lifting myself higher and higher, moving with each stroke of his tongue on my clit and fingers in my pussy. I melt with pleasure and soak his face with my cum with each stroke of his fingers as they move in and out of my pussy. I feel his hard young cock with my foot and slowly move my foot up and down his shaft while he is still sucking and finger fucking my pussy, more cum on his face. He changes his finger fucking to my ass still sucking my clit and pussy, I cry out with ecstasy and flood him with my juices. He is so horny now that he roughly lifts me onto his shaft cow girl and we start moving our hips together, his young hard cock moving deeper and deeper into my cum pussy, i moan and scream out with pleasure and squirt my juices all over his cock. He changes his fucking to my ass and slowly and gently slides his cock into my tight ass, while fucking my pussy with my dildo, it feels as if I have left mother earth and am floating on some exotic cloud with each stroke he makes, crying out cum in my ass please baby, deeper and harder, we both cry out and explode. I can feel his cum shooting out of his hard young penis filling my ass with his juices. as my juices spill from my pussy and soak his balls.

We have had more than one play after that again and each time it is amazed how our lust takes over and the way our minds and bodies explore and pleasure each other. No one play is the same, it gets more and more adventurous and kinky.

U rock my cub u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You