01 Jan 2018

My brother in laws wedding.

Last year, when my better half and I tied the knot, we had a small wedding, and I tended the spit myself, as I enjoy every aspect of a good South African braai. This year, my brother in law decided that he was going to take the plunge.

We were asked if we would supply the spit and salads, as last year had been such a success. Being vain, and glowing with all the compliments being piled in us, we happily agreed.

So, the morning of the wedding arrives and we go to set up the catering area. We are both relative novices at this, and catering for 75 people is quite daunting. But we had said we would do it, so now it’s time to put the money where the mouth is.

If there is one thing about my wife, that overshadows all else, it is her unwavering dedication and commitment to “us”, as a couple. She is always by my side, and does everything so that we come out winning.

We set up the spit braai, folding tables etc., and Mrs is already busy, helping the others finalizing the test of the reception area, (being her mom’s house!), running out extension cords for the spit, bar fridges and Bain-Marie’s.

She is wearing a loose fitting summer dress, as it has been as hot as hell in Jo’burg, these last few weeks. As I am tending the fire, I glance over to her, appreciatively. I start thinking back over the last nearly 5 years if our relationship, and my mind starts drifting to our playtime; the funny, the random, the war stories we all collect through playtime.....

I feel my cock stir and start stiffening. For once, I’m not self-conscious. I have a massive apron on, and the sight of my wife’s sexy ass pointed in my direction, always gets a rise out of me!

I start thinking about panty lines, and how obsessed women are, about hiding them. In my opinion, the world would be a far better place if we were all naked all the time. The summer dress material is hanging tight from her waist, following the curves of her ass and upper thighs, and then drops off from just above the knee.

I don’t see any panty line. But then she always tells me my eyes sit up my ass. Reluctantly I tear my eyes away from the source of my arousal, and focus on tending the coals. It is no mean feat to keep a coal spit at the right heat for four hours or more.

Mrs is in and out, this way and that, and I notice the color rising on her neck. I think nothing of it, as mentioned previously, it has been really hot, lately. People are walking in and out if the catering area, greeting, collecting drinks and snacky things, and life is just peachy.

A guy comes and stands by the spit and we strike up a conversation. He looks kinda familiar, but I struggle to place him. Above that, I can sense he is nervous. I can relate to that. This is a huge Afrikaans family, and I don’t even know who all belongs to who. You just “Ja, oom, Ja tannie”, make sure the Coke is cold, and for God’s Sake, don’t run out of Spirits!

We strike up a conversation, and compliments me on our set-up. I’m quick to point out that it is mainly Tiana’s effort. She just makes me look so damned good, and professional. He looks over at her, and says she has a beautiful smile. I smile at him disarmingly and thank him. I tell him that I’m sure she would love to hear that from him directly.

He blushes, turns around and stares into the fire, as though he has just lost his last five Rand in there! Tiana, as if sensing that I’m up to no good, glances over at me. I blow her a kiss. This has, through habit, become a gesture between us, that means we want the other person in our space.

Tiana comes over to the spit and we start chatting about the wedding, guests, etc. She asks how long it will still take, for the coals to come ready. I say, about 45 minutes. She starts talking to the guy next to us, finds out his name is Ryan. He is a friend of a nephew, from the Cape side of the family, hence his discomfort.

It always amazes me that women can get so much information, so quickly. By now, I can sense that the color I saw earlier, was not heat induced. Tiana is horny. Her eyes glitter in a very special way when she gets horny. We joke between ourselves, that it’s a sign that she is drowning in her own juices.

We need to get more ice, so Tiana takes the car keys, and Ryan asks if she would like some help. The two of them tootle off, and are back shortly. There is a back passage down the side of the house, which is normally locked on both ends, but which we were using to move catering items back and forth.

The ice is unloaded and packed into big steel basins. Tiana now has a very clear nipple stand, and I can see Ryan busy giving my Mrs the once-over......more than once!!!

The ceremony is about to start, and I begin packing more charcoal on the spit. Tiana comes up behind me and slides her arms around my waist, and in, under the apron. I’m rock hard. I feel her fingers stroking the length of my cock through my jeans, and immediately know what is coming.....

All the guests start to take their seats, and the ceremony begins. This is the time I enjoy the most. The peace and quiet, the crackling coals, all the attention on the bride and groom. I know it is going to be quite a long ceremony, these Afrikaners always go big.

I hear a sound. It is a sound not associated with the wedding or the setting. A rustling of some sort, but there is no wind. I glance over the coals, but there are no flames either. I continue to watch the ceremony, and lose the thought.

I hear the sound again. It is definitely the sound of fabric rustling. My cock twitches and is instantly erect. Tiana is not seated with the guests. My cock starts to throb. My ears tune out all other sounds, and I listen to the sound of her summer dress being lifted.

I hear the soft wet sounds of kissing. I hear her sigh, and know that his hand has covered her mound. I listen to the slick wet sounds of his finger sliding up and down her damp slit. I realize that they are in the passage, not 2 meters away from me!

After a few minutes, the wet sounds change. I can hear Tiana breathing deeply. My curiosity gets the better of me. I go stand at the other side of the spit. From here, I can see half of Tiana’s body, standing with her back to the wall.

Ryan is kneeling before her, his head up beneath her sundress. Her hands are resting on his slowly moving head. She is looking at me, and winks, as he eats her out.

I watch as he quickly brings her to orgasm, imagining his tongue working on her Pussy. My own mouth going dry, as my mind imagines the sweet feminine taste of her, in my own mouth.

After the last spasm of her climax, Tiana slowly pushes Ryan’s head away from her. I quickly move away from my vantage point, and am suddenly very “busy” tending the spit braai.

I hear a low mumble coming from down the passage. I give them a few moments. Moving soundlessly back to my previous vantage point, I realize that Tiana had closed the gate closest to me. I am distraught.

Moving closer, I realize that the bottom half of the gate is slatted. She is standing, facing the gate. Her dress is rucked up over her hips. I can see two of his fingers working in and out of her, from behind. She is swollen and her inner thighs are glistening with her secretions.

She has his cock in her hand. He is not massive, but also not small. I watch as she deftly massages his length, drawing little globules if precum from him. Lubricating his circumsized head with his own juices.

It does not take long before I see the tendons on Tiana’s inner thighs start drawing tight. I watch as her toes curl up inside her sandals, and the vein in her ankle starts tick,tick,ticking, in unison with her contractions. I hear her moan. She knows that I am right on the other side of the gate.

She goes up on her tip-toes, and I watch as Ryan’s soaked fingers are pushed out of her, by the force of her orgasm. A clear little string immediately emerges and races toward the floor. I watch as Tiana’s secretions hit the floor, creating a milky puddle precisely between her sandals.

Tiana reaches behind her, and I see her guide the head of his cock between her swollen and pouting lips. The head of his cock parting her. Opening her up. Her juices flowing freely, as the tight muscles of her vagina unclench.

He pushes quickly and deeply into her. His cock soaked by her excitement. Her hand, his hand, both hands between her widely spread legs, stimulating both clit and cock. I see her sensitive little tip being pressed out of her little folds on every inward thrust and know that Tiana will cum again.

Ryan’s balls roll up toward his body and with a final grunt, his body straightens behind Tiana. The telltale white ring appears around his cock and I know that he had cum inside her. I feel the bitter dryness of my own desire for Tiana in my mouth.

His cock limply slides out of her. A stream of white semen starts its voyage from Tiana’s gaping entrance, trickling slowly down her inner thigh. Her entrance starts closing, as she pushes most of him out.

They start straightening out their clothes, just as the ceremony is about to end. I move back to the spit braai, and continue, as if nothing was amiss.

A little while later, Tiana appears from the house. She comes over to me, and whispers whether I enjoyed the view. I am almost speechless with desire for her. Spastically I nod my head. She reaches in under the apron, gives my cock a hard squeeze, and says that she can’t wait to have me later.