13 May 2016

My first interracial encounter with a black woman. This happened two weeks ago. I was sitting in a pub and grill having a beer and felt very sorry for myself. Being retrenched and with no income I felt it’s the end of the world. Halfway down with the beer I noticed a beautiful well dressed slender black girl entering the pub and she came and sat next to me on the vacant seat. Now the place was not crowded and there were plenty open seats but she choose to come and sit next to me. I started to talk to her, normal stuff like, where does she work, asked her name, age and of course if she is married etc.

She is married and works for a local appliance store as a floor assistant and she is 34 years old. She said she normally come to this pub at lunch time because of their lunch special. By the way her name is Mbali.

We had a nice conversation and the time went by in a flash. I had two more beers while she ate and then it was time for her to leave.

After I finished my third beer I also left and decided to check the appliances where she worked. I was quite surprised as it was a fairly big store with reasonable prices. I wondered around when Mbali spotted me and showed me around. This time out of the darkness of the pub I could really appreciate this lady’s beauty and I thought by myself what it would be to make love to her. Anyway I cleared my thoughts as I never crossed the racial barrier before why would I want to do it now? I left the appliance store but could not get Mbali out of my mind.

I just had to see her again so the next day I went to the pub again and ordered my beer. When the beer arrived a cheerful voice called my name from the door and to my surprise it was Mbali. All the patrons in the pub looked at me as I blushed. Boy oh boy did she look beautiful today. She wore a white low cut dress showing her knees. I nearly fainted. When she reached my chair I mumbled hello you are looking super sexy today. A first for me again to tell a black woman she is sexy. I also told her that she was in my thoughts the whole night. To my surprise she also admitted that she thought about me. This time I ordered both of us lunch and we enjoyed it together. During lunch I told her that I would like to make love to her, she just nodded and said she would also want that and it is our lucky day as she has the afternoon off and normally hang around in the mall till her husband pick her up after his shift finishes.

We finished our lunch and left for my car. As soon as we got into the car she put her hand on my leg and moved it upwards. I could not believe my luck and by now my manhood was as hard as a rock. I had to stop at a store to buy condoms and could not hide the bulge in my pants but I was so horny by this time that it did not matter at all. We reached my place and as soon as we entered the clothes started to fly in all directions. We were both naked when we reached the passage leaving a clothe trial behind us.

Both of us jumped in the shower where we explored each other’s bodies. We had sex in the shower and later in the bedroom and oral sex in the kitchen.

I dropped her at the mall where her husband was already waiting for her. This carried on for almost two years until her husband’s company promoted him to a post in Cape Town.