Written by wetemke

18 Sep 2014

I recently celebrated my birthday. My wife gave me an amazing gift. She arranged for us to meet two guys we have never met before, at a nearby shopping centre. We met the one guy at around 11 am. The other guy was late, so we set off down to the river. Parked under a tree, unpacked the braai and mattress. We had two beers each and chatted. I said to the guy, "don't wait for me, enjoy!" She had on a bikini top and sarong with no bikini bottom. He began to play with her pussy and soon was on his knees eating! When she started moaning he got her to lay down on the mattress, continued eating for a while, then put on a condom and began banging her. Some guys working on a roof nearby could definitely catch a view. While he was pumping away, the other guy phoned to say he was at the shopping centre. I told him that she was being banged at the moment and couldn't talk. (I'm sorry now that I didn't get her to give directions on the phone while she was having pleasure.) Anyway they finished before he got there. When he arrived, we chatted for 20 min and then the new guy got her on her knees and got going "doggy style". The first guy and I got the braai going, had a beer and watched and listened to the pleasure. When they finished we ate, chatted some more and the second guy left. The first guy got down on his knees again and began eating pussy again. After a while he lay on his back and she got on top and rode him to heaven. He bucked like a horse when he squirted and she came amazingly at the same time. We had another beer and the guy left. I then got my throbbing cock into my wifes pussy and emptied my swollen balls deep inside. The whole episode from arriving at the river until leaving again was about 4 hours and every time she started to cum, she shouted "happy birthday"! It was a great birthday and I recommend you try it. To H and P, thanx, it was great!