Written by cupples69

07 Nov 2012

It was my birthday earlier this week, and hubby always goes all out to make my day the best ever. It means so much to me because he tries new things and places every time no matter how busy work is he makes time. He told me on Thursday to pack some clothes something sexy and naughty and some sporting clothes. On Friday morning he woke up packed the car and gave me my gift and then we sat there waiting in suspense. He didn't say anything the security guards called from the gate and said there is a Candice here, my heart skipped a beat. I have had a crush on Candice since forever she is gorgeous dark flowing hair, Mediterranean tan and a body to die for. We have had soft swaps with Candice but nothing ever past that. To cut to the chase hubby arrange 2 rooms for us at a golfing resort. Candice and hubby had been planning together. We arrived and went to the rooms Johnny told me to relax take a shower and then put something naughty on. I was so nervous when I heard the knock at the door Johnny opened and there stood Candice in her heels and black number hugging her body, hubby closed the door and said I will get you a drink. Candice touched me ever so gently and then kissed me so deeply within seconds we were on the bed kissing and exploring. Johny came to with the drinks and gave his sharp little chirp as usual. We both laughed but it was out of pure sexual frustration. Hubby took a seat in the corner and egged us on next thing Candice was between my legs licking and kissing me ever so gently the sensation was crazy I wanted to cum right then, but she moved back to kissing me on the mouth I could taste myself. She then did what I always wanted she became rather dominant and brought her pussy over my face inches away she said,` Your gonna make me feel good ` . I was like a lamb she thrust herself down on me and pulled my head into her at a stage my tongue ran over her pert little hole and she just yelled I shouldn't stop. Somewhere along the line Johnny had passed her a range of toys beads and dildos varying in size. She turned on top on me and started to finger me at first then it was a dildo and her finger in my ass. She kept on saying I should tongue fuck her but I wanted something bigger. She alternated between fingering my ass and using the dildo on my pussy. Hubby had gotten undressed but dared not enter this cat fight. She pulled the dildo from my pussy and made me lick it. I had cummed so many times and my pussy was so wet it literally ran down to my butt. Johnny was motioned over and told he would satisfy Candice first by filling both her holes and I was to assist. I guided his member into her pussy I managed to get my finger into her ass. Hubby was going at a steady pace when she said pull out and I was told to llay down. Hubby stood behind her and both on top of me. She put his member by her ass and told him to take it slow. He was gentle at first but she started moving faster, next thing I heard was hubby shouting I am cumming . Some of it went into her ass some on her pussy and some onto my face and mouth. Candice turned around and grabbed his member shoving it into her mout and kissing me. The rest of the weekend went pretty much the same. Candice even managed to find Johnny's g spot