11 Nov 2017


I wasc16 when I had a accident and was concussed suffered from

Lack of concentration and headaches My parents sent me to a specialist in Johannesburg

I met the doctor he instructed me to go into the examination room and strip and lie down on the bed I waited about 5 minutes and the doctor entered wearing a white coat he did a number of checks the normal eyes and throut and took my pols

he commented on my high pols rate I was a little embarest as I had never been naked with a stranger or anyone for that matter he reassured me and told me to relax he then started to feel my cock gently squeasing and rubbing it taking my balls and massaging them I felt I was blushing and tried to cover myself he gently pushed my hand away as I was getting stiff he said I Must just relax and commented what a nice cock I had for a young boy and asked if I had a girlfriend I replied no he asked if I had wanked I nervously nodded yes he said he will teach me to do it right that and he will show me how to get a nice strong erection that I can satisfy my girlfriend as I got older by this time I was hard my hart was beating fast and I was really getting worked up he continued strocking my cock while softly massaging my balls I was squerming with pleasure HE suddenly stopped and went to a medicine cupboard returning with a tube if my gel which he slowly applied to my cock after a very short time I came in his hand he took some Kleenex and wiped me off kleaning his hand he smiled and asked me if I enjoyed it I nodded yes He told me to get dressed and return to his office

When I sat down he handed me a letter for my parents and a script he told me that I must not speak to my parents about what happened as it was confidential het said I Must see him in a month's time he had given me a script for ky gel and I must wank at least once a day .

To be continued