02 Apr 2017

So here we are, face to face in a quiet dimly lit B&B room about 60 km from our hometown ,Port Elizabeth . Did I think this would ever happen? Even a remote possibility? HELL NO!!! Strange how life can throw us some unexpected curves sometimes.

She was 24yrs old, married for 2 years to a guy who obviously could not begin to satisfy her incredible need for sex. I was a 36 year old married guy whose sex life at home had been non-existant for more than a couple years. An affair was something that had never really crossed my mind until this girl (who was also a friend of my wifes) got a job at the same company I worked for.

Being a friend of my wifes of course I had heard a few tidbits of how her hubby just wasn't getting the job done. Not really hearing her come out and say it but just a few comments from time to time. Over the course of time our converations and joking at work became more personal and inevitably turned very sexual in nature and our mutual frustrations with our sex lives at home became constant. Before either of us knew it our plans were made, the meeting arranged, and now here we were alone together in this room......

The anticipation had us both hot and the need for release unbearable. She wasted no time with small talk, almost ripping her own cothes off in front of me and laying down on the bed in all her glory for my eyes to take in. I had always known her body was incredible but little did I know just how incredible until this moment. My cock was so hard and throbbing in my jeans it hurt. Without taking my eyes off her delicious body my own clothes were off in a flash. Her pert mouthful breasts held the firmness and roundness of youth, her belly flat and as my eyes traveled down her body to my amazement her pussy was clean shaven. I will admit that I simply adore a smooth shaven pussy. Hmm

Her only words were "oh babes how I've longed for you , how I've longed for your taste , your cock in me . The next thing I knew I was on the bed, spreading her creamy thighs easily apart hearing her breathing begin to get heavy. Kneeling between her spread legs the sight of her cleanly shaven pussy was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Her pussy was already soaked and her lips swollen with need. Her sweet aroma was more than I could take. Slowly I kissed the inside of her thighs beginning at the knees, taking a painful amount of time to work my way up. Finally reaching her hot, wet folds my tongue found found her brown starfish and very slowly licked the entire length of her slit while her hips arched up to my mouth. My tongue very lightly flicked across her swollen clit making her gasp and let out a small squeal of delight. I continued up her body, my tongue making a trail up to her belly button, licking a circle around it and continuing up. My hands found her pert mouthful,firm breasts and I carressed and gently squeezed them. Gently pinching and pulling her hard, erect nipple with one hand while kissing, licking and sucking the other. Switching from one nipple to the other, nursing like a baby, feeling and hearing her breathing getting steadily harder and her hands pressing my head to breasts was almost more than I could stand. Kissing and licking up her neck to her ear, gently blowing in her ear until she turned to me and we began kissing hungrily, exlporing each others mouths with our tongues. With one hand on her breast the other found it's way down to her hot and yearning womanhood. I could feel her swollen lips and soaking wet, steamy love tunnel. By now her juices were flowing so freely her smooth pussy was soaked and a wet spot formed under her on the bed. I entered her with one finger and then two. Her pussy was incredibly tight and left no doubt in my mind that what she said was true...her hubby was doing nothing to satisfy her needs. As my tongue began exploring back down her body, suckling and kissing each nipple the head my fully engorged cock rested against the opening of her pussy. She arched her back, trying without success to feel my cock spread her apart. Soon I could not control myself to tease her any further. My mouth and tongue found her hot sweet pussy and I began kissing and licking her lips on both sides of her opening. Her juices were so sweet and warm. I licked down to the area between her pussy and ass which caused her to cry out and beg me to fuck her. My tongue then found her clit, gently flicking across her hard little knob and sucking it in and out of my mouth. Her hips were girating under my tongue and I could see her clinging to the bed sheets as she moaned and writhed and tried to scoot away from the sweet torture my tongue was causing. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held her tight as I continued savoring her hot folds as she squealed and moaned. She was now half off the bed with me still holding tight when I felt her body begin to shudder and jerk under me, her breathing becoming very rapid then with what seemed like convulsions she began to scream as her orgasm overtook her. It seemed to last forever as my tongue and lips never stopped giving the pleasure that she desired. Finally it was over, almost in a state of hyperventilating I crawled up and held her until she began calming down and breathing returning to normal.

Grabbing my cock and slowly stroking it she said "please fuck me, please put it in me". Pulling her to the edge of the bed with her ass partially off the mattress I stood on the floor and spread her legs apart letting the head of my cock rest against her opening. Taking my cock in hand I rubbed the head up and down her soaking slit and told her tell me what she wanted.

Without hesitating she said "I want your cock in me, I want you to fuck me like a man! Please fuck me now!". With those words more than I could bear I pushed my cock into her, slowly at first. Her pussy was so tight, enveloping my cock as I slid into her an inch at a time, pulling all the way out until only the head was inside her folds and pushing back in until finally my cock was buried balls deep inside her. Feeling the head of my cock bottoming out in her, seeming to massage her cervix made her cry out loudly and push her hips up to me and screaming "give it to me, fuck me goddamn it!!!!" Hoping the room next door wasn't booked. Pulling all the way out and sliding easily back into her tight hole a few times slowly wasn't enough for her or me either one. Sliding her back onto the bed and I crawled between her legs and put her calves up onto my shoulders driving my rock hard cock back into her in one shove. Her scream of pleasure was ear piercing as I drove into her over and over as she shoved her pelvis into me, meeting my thrust and matching my rythm. Grabbing the sheets and arching her back she began to moan and scream as I felt another strong orgasm building in her. As her orgasm reached it's peak she honestly was holding her breath momentarily, her eyes and mouth wide but no sound. All at once she breathed in deep, let out a long, deep moan and her body began convulsing and shuddering. My cock continued to ram in and out of her as I felt my balls begin to tighten and the hot cum rise up though my shaft and explode into her depths. I felt as though I had a gallon of hot seed pouring into her in a never ending stream. When our orgasms finally subsided I lay on top of her for a moment, then letting my cock slowly ease out of her I lay beside her as we kissed passionately. After a few minutes rest I told her I wanted to 69 with her. Her response was to immediately crawl on top of me, lowering her sweet, cum filled pussy to my face. As I began to lick her folds my seed began running out of her love hole. As I was savoring the taste of our mixed juices I felt her warm mouth envelop my cock as she began sucking my shaft, tasting our juices and softly moaning. As I licked and sucked her pussy she began grinding her pelvis down into my face and I felt the beginnings of another orgasm building in her. My cock was again rock hard and ready for another round. Before she could cum again she she turned around and mounted my cock for the second time, riding me slowly as I carressed her beautiful breasts. In only a few short minutes her third orgasm overtook her and she collapsed on my chest. Rolling her over I entered her again.

We spent the rest of the afternoon making love, experimenting with every position we could think of and enjoying every moment of the best sex either of us had ever.