Written by Guy47

01 Sep 2016

Well, its my 1st attempt to write something here... Here goes

I have been doing quit a bit of research on female masturbation and I must say "WOW", the female species is the most interesting and diverse which makes us men so happy.

I met a beautiful young woman, she was lovely and before we knew it we were both in a stage of undress. It all happened very slowly and sensually.

I was in awe to be in her company and she was lovely. She massaged me and soon I was in heaven. My whole body tingled, something I have never experienced before. We went and had a sexy shower and she whispered to me..."You can massage me too if you want..." Well, needless to say I whispered back.. "It would be my pleasure..."

She lay on her stomach and put her hands next to her side, I got some oil out and feasted in the pleasure or rubbing her gently all over, my finger feeling her lovely skin, the softness and the firm spots. I started on her toes and worked my way up, I had a full view of a beautiful woman, sexy, uncomplicated and waiting for me to turn up the pressure.

I gently brushed past her bum now lying on top of her, the oil between us made it slippery and sexy hot. Soon she was moaning softly and I knew I was doing something right. I dipped my hands over her shoulder, my penis was hard and I slowly dragged it over her bum and slowly pushed into her, I was focusing on the tips of my fingers for her to feel all the possible sensations I could.

I started moving faster and faster, I hear her moaning now louder and more uncontrollably, it was heaven. I then stopped, climbed of and started from the bottom again, this time moving up quicker and concentrating om her bum and pussy. I slowly massaged a finger into her, she was so tight, never have I felt such a beautiful feeling, my heart almost stopped.

I turned my hand so that my finger can start stimulating her G spot, I slowly went deeper and then stopped, then paused...

I pulled my finger out and started to kiss her on her bum and started massaging her clit gently in small circles, she was now moving her hips and I could sense it was driving her wild, I put now 2 fingers in and massaged her gently and 3 quick thrusts, then a pause, then slow long movements, then 5 quick, I had a random lot of movements that I tried and each time she got wetter, I started to smell a sweet musky scent, which made me more intent to give her even more sensations.

I stopped. I got off her and asked her to turn around and open her legs, she just smiled and gave me a look of satisfaction. I could see she trusted me fully. I asked to close her eyes and think sexy thoughts.... She grabbed my penis with her left hand and slowly started working her magic, I took my left hand and slowly entered my 1 finger then 2, I started again with my trusting and then used my right thumb and index finger to slowly massage her clit.

She was getting wet, It made me feel so good, slowly I increased the tempo on all the things that were going on, I was getting so hard, she was getting so wet... It was heaven, I heard her gasp and moan, her hips were moving now in a wayward up and down motion and I just went faster and faster.... It was beautiful....

My arms were starting to ache... But I knew I am getting close..... I continued relentlessly and the next moment it happened... The floodgates of heaven open and it was a sudden squirt of fluids that shot me in the chest. I caught a fright and was stunned, my mind raced and I realised it was like wining the race of love... I continued rubbing and thrusting my fingers and she squirted again, her moans were replaced with screams and she just seem to have lost control of her body.

I then felt her hands on mind and push them into her, I slowed up and then climbed on her, she was soaking, I started rubbing my whole body on hers the wetness, the massage oil now was all so mixed up, I held her in my arms and finally kissed her,,,, I looked into her eyes and kissed her some more. I pulled back and when our eyes locked, I said "Thank you... you were amazing"

We got up and went to the shower where we washed each other for 10 minutes and had some more fun, she was such a beauty and I was so privelged that she chose me, She told me she didn't expect that but that she made a wise choice... lucky me....

It was my 1st time and now I am addicted. We going to see each other gain in the next week, I have some more love to give to her, I want to make her addicted to me and so with her invitation I looking forward to the next time we see each other.

I was wondering how many orgasms I can get a woman to have, I counted 5 odd, they were bliss and beautiful, Thank You Bianca