Written by massageguy

31 May 2015

Always heard of dogging but never done it, read a cpl was going 2 b at a river in the vaal n took a drive, nervous as i didnt knw what 2 xpect. Got 2 the river n saw a few cars parked. Drove slowly pass each car 2 c if any action happening. Nothing at all but seen a cpl in a white bmw and a lady in a blue car, decided 2 park near them. Few min passed n nuthing happening. I then seen the cpl put hazards on. I put my hazard on also. Just then i noticed the cpl starting 2 kiss. I started my car n pulled up closer 2 them parked on the passenger side. They looked at me smilled n continued. Few min later the lady opend her door so i could get a better view. she was fully dressed and as she bent over 2 suck her partners cock her white tights rolled down xposing her sexy ass. Im just watching strocking my erect cock over my pants. The seat gos down as the guy starts 2 kiss on her now fully xposed nipples. They stop n the guy jumps out n comes 2 the lady side. He pulls her tights down n wow a soft looking sexy pussy. He gos down on her as her legs r out the car n starts 2 lick away. Im so horny at that time i take my cock out my pants n stroke it. The lady could c my hand in motion n smiles. I open my door so she can c me stroking my cock. She starts showing me mouth movements suggesting she want 2 suck my cock. I got of the car n stood there. I then noticed the lady in the other car was watching (doubt she could c much frm where she was )but the smile on her face suggest she was njoying it. I gestured 2 her 2 come join, with a very nervous look on her face she noded but didnt come. I changed my focus on the cpl n noticed the guy on his knees right at my cock. I let go of my hand that was caressing my cock so the guy could take my cock. As soon as he put my cock in his mouth it look like the lady got turned on and she started rubbing her pussy. I took my hand n tried 2 reach her pussy. She stood up with 1 leg on the seat n the other outside so her pussy was close 2 my mouth. I started licking he pussy while her guy was sucking on my cock. After few min her guy stoped sucking me went bck 2 the driver side n lit a cigarette. Watching us n strocking his cock. The lady then turnd around bending over with her ass in my face, opend her legs wide n moved her pussy and ass over my tongue. Yummy it was so sexy n i was getting more horny. Then the guy came back and put the ladies hand on the seat as he put his cock in her pussy doggy style pounding on her ass while im strocking my cock. Fucking her solid 4 about a min then stoped. Turns lady around half her body on the seat the other half outside with her legs resting on the guys shoulder. The guy asked me 2 go in2 the back seat n play with my cock over the lady face n he can c. He fucking her dripping pussy n me playing with my cock over her face. She opening her mouth 4 my cock but the angle im in didnt allow. I realy wanted 2 fuck her pussy but the guy didnt look like he was going 2 stop fucking any time soon. She was moaning with each stroke n the guy talking dirty. The lady then screams she is cuming n the guy pumps harder and puts his finger in the lady ass as she reached a massive climax.the guy pulls out n cums on her belly. I give my self few harder n faster strokes as i move out the car n standing less then a meter away frm the lady as she bends 2 pull her tights on, i then cum a massive load in my hands looking at that sexy ass. As i cleand up the cpl askd if i njoyd n wud luv 2 do it again. They drove off as i settled in my car sipping on cold drink n visulising what n awesum sexy xperience. Just then the lady in the blue car pulled ur next 2 me smilling. As i look in the car i c she has her hand under her skirt. I opened my door 2 chat thru her half open window n noticed she playing with a vibrator undr her skirt. That turnd me on n b4 i could say anything she said. Give me a show n il give u 1. I went 2 my car 2 get lotion n stood at her half open window as i played with my cock while she playing with her vibrator. She making horny sounds n pleading i cum, i strocked my cock faster n as i shot my cum she started screaming fuck me harder n stiffend her pussy on her vibrator as she reached orgasm. Wow what am awesum xperience, never knew i wud b so turnd on watching a women vibrate her self. Wish my future dogging xperiences can b so awesome. White bmw cpl n blue car lady i realy njoyd it, let me knw if u want 2 do it again. Ladies n cpls im always available n can b a pure vouyer or join if u like. Msg me, im open 2 any kind of sexy sensual experience.