Written by flamepmb

09 Jul 2017

It all started 3 years ago , I was bored and started to surf the net , looking at adds women and couples puts out and I came across this white couple that was seeking an Indian guy etc ... so I sed what the he'll let's give it a shot , so I pop them a msg and within an hour I had I received a msg and I was in shock , these just don't happen , so now her hubby create a what's app group and we started chatting all three of us and we clicked ... pictures were swope , and arrangements were been planned to meet , I was still alil doubtful about this as there many fake adds , so now the day has come to meet we met at a local , MacDonald in pmb , and there they were I been alil shy and she was beautiful , she was in fact everything that a guy will look for , a nice firm ass , tits and average size and her black dress she wore was so sexy on her . She seem very shy and hubby explain this is the 1st time playing with and Indian guy , I respond wow I'm so lucky and he sed yes you are , so then we decide to head to a room that we booked in at scottsville were we shall have a 3sum , I then jumped into my car and unbelievable I see them following me , we parked our vehicles next to each other and I open the door for the Mrs ... her respond I like that what a gentleman ... she impressed ... we then headed to the room that we booked ... we enter the room and I'm heating up unsure what to do what shud be my move , but they were so comfortable around me as I always keep.them on there toes and joked etc ... Now to the moment ... she removed her high heels and jumped onto the bed and her short skirt picked up and I can see her pussy .... By now I'm rising and rising ... her hubby then got onto the bed kissing her and rubbing and then while he kiss or her he waving at me to come along to get onto the bed and touch her , I jumped with excitement and touched & tongue her from her toes then slowly made my way up to her pussy , she then laid back and opened her legs for me to lick it and here I was a cute, shaven pink clit awaiting for me to lick it I dive into her pussy while the hubby still kissing her , she started to moan and her legs started to move , and then her hands moved from touching her hubby to my rubbing my head , as I licked her pussy ... this happen for like a 5 mins and then the hubby pulled back and started to undress , and he kept on asking her you like the that tongue and her respond was I love it in a moaning voice , after seen the hubby naked I pulled away to allow him to fuck her , while I get undress , I quickly took of my clothes and my dick so hard and stiff ... she turns to me and I see her eyes light up , in my mind I taught something is wrong , but she shout out wow amazing dick come closer , she wraps her warm hands around my dick and says it's thick and big ... I want it in my mouth ... I responded go ahead .. her hubby is still fucking her and she giving me an amazing blow job , her hubby finally gives up ... and it's now my turn all ready and set to enter that pussy ... I slip on a condom and here I go I take but her legs and hold them apart making it easy for me to enter , and she starts to moan as I enter ... she scream out keep going I'm fine I wanna taste that cock in me , I start to push harder and deeper and deeper , all of a sudden I see her face go red and her body tighten up and she screams I'm coming I'm coming her pussy got tighter and tighter as she came I continue to fuck her as I never came , while her hubby Sat on a chair , smoke a cigarette and took picture and speaking to saying love u love that cock and she responded yes I do ... I then lifted her up against me and made her ride me with her legs wrapped around me , I felt her pussy juices drip all over my thighs ... and her pussy was making a suction noise ... as she was coming so many times at once she sed she was counting but lost count how many times , I also could not believe that I was doing this to her , I then turn her around and doggy style was on my mind so we started fucking not long into it she started to come and go weak with her legs trembling ... she scream out to her hubby I want this guy to fuck me all the time ... hubby respond sure babe if he agrees I just had a huge smile and saying yes , then we made our way back.to the bed as I still need to come ...so I got onto the bed laided down and she got ontop of me , and I just could feel her wet soaking pussy all over me , she started to ride me and I exploded ... in the condom .. as she got off me she laided on the bed exhausted ... her pussy red and all wet ... and her hubby comments and look at her pussy and he responded you made her creampie there was so much of her coming out ... it messed the sheets ... and she respond I heard of sex like this but never taught it was possible , I then got up had a shower , and she joined me , nothing happen in the shower .. we chatted and washed up while her hubby watched us ... we got dressed and hugged each other and lefted ... By now I taught we never meet again as I drove of before I reached home the hubby send a msg on.the group my wife has made a decision that she only wants you to fuck her if u accept it will be awesome ... 3 years later I'm still fucking her hehe with her hubby been there or not I'm like her 2nd hubby lol ... we all have a great friendship and ... the couple stop playing and I'm.the only guy she fuck other than her hubby ... I still make her dance around in bed lol ... true story