29 Dec 2017

Well, I haven't written anything serious in ages. But I thought I might share with you all, a little something from my past.

Who can remember Mxit? It was a dun little app where you could chat with tbousands of people, male, female, the whole mix.

Well, I was one of the first in the country to use Mxit. So, as the numbers grew, so did my addi tion of chatting to all and joking. Until one fatefull Thursday evening about 8 years ago. I chatted with a younger lady, who was really sexy by the wat she described herself.

We chatted for a while, before it naturally turned to sex. So we spoke about what we like, sont like and the sorts...

We agreed to meet 2 months later for a "fuck date".

She told me she is married and would like to do a 3some, or her husband can just watch or even leave us to our own. I agreed to the 3some, it sounded fun.

So the time came for us to meet. She and her husband came to pick me up at a public area and we drove to their home. On the way there, boy, did she have a body to die for. We kissed and touched and....were just all over with her husband glancing back at us every now and then.

Upon arrival at her place, she steipped me naked before we were even properly inside. Her husband just took a seat and watched us. Me ripping her clothes from her tight body, grabbing her tits and sucking on them. I wrnt down on my knees, lifted her one leg and buried my face in her clean shaven slit. I licked and sucked, which drew moans from her which quickly turned to screams. She gushed all over my face within 5minutes. That was my que, and as I got up, she pulled my by the face, kissed me, turned around to lean on the sofa with her upper body. She glanced over her shoulder and said:"Now, take that big cock of yours and fuck me silly, so that my husband can see how to fuck properly."

Needless to say, she didnt have to invite me twice. I grabbed onto her hips, got my cock into position and slowly slipped it into her dripping wrt pussy with one slow movement until I had her filled up with my cock. She moaned loudly and as I pushed in the last bit, she yelled,"fuck you, that is the biggest cock I have ever had in my life!!". "Now fuck me hard and fast, make my cum!".

I started out slow, picking up the pace to a full on race for the ages. I fucked her so hard, it sounded like she was getting out of breath, but the moans and screams got more and louder. Her husband sat there, watching us and having a smoke, all the while stroking his cock.

I worked her o er for about 20minutes, then turned her around and let her lay on the sofa, legs spread wide apart with her cum running all over, glistening and shining that trophy pussy of hers.

I went in straight and fast, picking her legs up against my chest, and just banging the living daylights out of her for the next 35 minutes, in which she came another 4 times, each time bigger and wetter than the last.

I finished off with a deep, hard, earth shattering climax, spraying my cum into her pussy and filling her up to the top. With just a few extra pumps after cumming, the cum oozed from her pussy onto the sofa. She closed her eyes and just breathed, her legs shaking uncontrolably. I pulled out my softening cock and let the last drops of cum drip onto her pussy and stomach.

She was clearly in heaven after such a good fuck. She got up, cum running diwn her legs, looked at her husband with a big smile and said that she was satusfied to the full now. She sat naked like that on the aofa next to me for a while, chatting and having a smoke.

This was our first encounter of hundreds. Each having its own pleasures and kinks. I was so hapoy to have met such a sexy, sex loving woman.....