Written by fetishfreak

04 Jul 2015

Well my first wank with another guy was with a close friend, truth is I had ans still have a thing for his mom. First I would just ask him questions about her to turn me on such as what colour her toes is painted or what panty she's wearing and when I'm hard I would show him my dick and asked him if he was hard but he never was but I would ask him to play. I have a thing for wearing pantys when I masturbate or fucking a sexy pair of shoes so I would while he stroke himself to get hard tell him to stand by the window to see when his parents get home while I go through his moms pantys and heels. I would be so horny and turned on so never took me long to cum. We then went further where I would tell him to rub 1 of her pantys against his dick or stick it In to one of her heels and I would watch him do it. We got so obsessed with the idea that whenever eitha of us are home alone we would call to play. One day I randomly asked if I could feel his dick and ofcause... I never wanted him to play with me becaus the moment he touched me I'd cum. My best was when I rub or hit his dick against mine and I liked the feeling when he rubs it between my ass cheeks or slaps it against my asshole, strangely enough I never wanted him to stick it inside. Well as time went I got to the point where I asked if I could suck him, could see he was abit umcomfy but got him moaning at times. I'm sad I never let him enter me seen I own 4 dildos now which I enjoy using. Well that's my first bi experience