03 Mar 2017

it was overcast and not so hot when i arrived at a parking lot heading to buy some thing from the forecourt of the garage .

a lady in her mid 40s very well dressed Indian crossed with coloured .approched me and put her hand in her bag to take out one murku its an indian snack .

and says hi i am devorced lady and sells murku would you support me ?

one murku fron smart lady ? mm so i said not for me thanks so she said ag any thing pls help so i said to her wait .

i went in the shop thinking what to do . taking my breath .

came out and told her i am on the way to go buy some thing so i am rushing . wouldn't you like to join me and give me acompany we can talk in the car .

she smiled and said ok .

went off and she strat telling me her sad story about how bad was her hubby and how he left his kids on her then he devorced her and took another lady . blab blab blab .

next thing she put her hands on my hand while it was on the changing stick of the gear .so i got the hint that she is in to some thing .

so i said lets look for a nice place and park she was so happy .

went on looking for place never found so told her leave it till next time . she was like no no pls find it now i really like you.

till i found one place and the next thing i see her unziping me taking out my then rock hard cock and on it she goes sucking it .

wow it was nice till a while i told her hey let me see what you got so i touched her pussy and her saggy ass till i could not hold it and told her i am about to cum so she moved her head and finished me with her hand wiped me and we were off back to drop her .

so she said pls try to help.me so i gave her 50 rand ....this was years back till todaye never met her .

just told my wife this story while i was fingerings her pussy till she came .lol

till the next new storry that happened to me long ago .

thanks for reading .