Written by eastrandguy

21 Jan 2013

This is a true encounter of a woman who I met of SH. Mrs X you rock, but my love is with my wife who as your partner allows you to wonder off and satisfy your carnal cravings.

Part 1

The drive was terrible, I was a nervous wreck, my cock was so swollen I could feel my erection pumping through the veins in my neck. My heart was thumping erratically, I could barely drive.

Two weeks prior I had chatted to Mrs X on the chatroom and we had decided that I should come over to her house to fuck her and fill her holes with my cum. She would not say anything to her husband until she made him eat her pussy out that night together with my cum in her. That day was erotic, wild, rough, satisfying and thrilling. She has an awesome body, amazing breasts, a wonderful ass, brunette hair shoulder length and a oh so sexy c-section scar. That day was quick, wild, hard - we sucked, fucked, cummed like the world was going to end. When I left her house she was on the bed pitted out from our fuckfest, hair a mess, skin red from our lusting session, make-up transfered onto the bedding and dripping with cum.

The next morning I got the sms "19th at 11am - John will be present to watch and be shown how to please me" that was what lead up to this moment.

I arrived at the up market complex in Sunninghill and quickly found myself knocking on the door wondering what John would be like. Myself and X never discussed John in detail, yet here I was coming to fuck his wife while he had to watch and I knew that somewhere along the course of things he would be tasting my cum from his wifes pussy or ass or perhaps even both.

John opened the door and stood there looking at me level eyed, at 6ft5 he was the same height as me, wider shoulders and much bigger upper body torso than myself. Clearly he worked out, and a fair amount of it too. John offered me a drink and we took a seat in his entertainment area and made general chit chat about sport, etc. I didn't know if I should approach the subject of having sex with his wife or not but judging from the bulge in his pants he was horny as hell and kept giving me the look as if come on now. Mrs X walked in wearing pink cream stocking with a matching set of crotchless panties and a fantastic push up bram. She walked over to me and gave me a full on open kiss which made my toes curl.

"John has been a good boy this week, so I allowed him to lick my pussy until I came and then I let him put his cock in my pussy but he was not allowed to fuck me or climax as I told him that only you were allowed to fuck this pussy and knew how to meet my sexual needs" Mrs X stated in a matter of fact opinion.

Well I took that as my cue and stood up and walked over behind Mrs X, my hands ran up her body from her hips to her breasts. I squeezed her breasts with both hands forcefully but not too hard and pressed my lips into the nape of her neck. She tilted her head to the side and I kissed my way up to behind her ear, my other hand had found its way down her soft but firm belly, past her sexy little belly button and had spread her pussy lips - showing her husband her parted glistening pussy with its swollen angry clit pressing out between her pussy folds. My other hand released the breast that it had latched to and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. Mrs X moaned and her knees started to give way as I lightly bit into her neck while my middle finger plunged into her sopping wet pussy. I held her up by her hair and from the pressure I was putting on her pubic bone from the middle finger in her pussy causing the finger to press hard onto her G-spot which sent an instant stream of girl juice out of her pussy and towards her husband who sat there shell shocked. Once the shaking and quivering thighs were over I undressed and folded my clothes over a bar stool, stepping back to Mrs X I motioned for her to move onto all fours.

My throbbing cock with pre-cum running down the undercarriage pointed to her waiting mouth which gladly took my swollen circumcised head into her hot wet mouth. Once again my one hand found itself behind her head but this time with a hand full of hair urging her on to take more of my cock deeper into her throat, she gagged but yet kept up the determination to take me all the way down to the base of my cock. She gagged again, but this time longer. I eased up slightly and let her regain control. I leaned over her and started running my finger around her tight little rosebud in a circular motion, soon her rosebud relaxed a little and I slipped my finger into her tight ass. This sent her into overdrive again and when I looked she was frantically rubbing her clit when the next wave of orgasims hit her sending her body into a convulsion of spasms causing her to involuntarily take my cock all the way down her throat. I had to put some serious control over myself to stop myself from blowing my load of hot sticky cum down her throat.

End of part 1. Part 2 to follow