Written by eastrandguy

24 Jan 2013

I was getting close to climax, and pulled my cock out of her mouth with an audible pop. This was all too much too handle, I could feel my balls tightening, the shaft of my cock twitching, my prostrate muscle pulsing, pumping my cum. I surprised myself with my agility and the speed of which I moved from Mrs X's mouth to behind her, gave her pussy a quick sighting aim and rammed my cock balls deep into her pussy just as I started spewing my hot cum into her wet, warm and waiting pussy.

Mrs X kept screaming "oh yes, fuck, fill my pussy" while looking straight into her husbands eyes. When she saw the wet patch on John's jeans from his possible involuntary climax her pussy walls went mad, grabbing and squeezing my cock so tight that I thought my old friend my get hurt. Her G-spot was pronounced and even with a post climax semi-hardon I could feel it at the base of my cock. Honestly I had not even noticed John till now.

I kept still with my semi erection burried in Mrs X, gathered myself and very slowly started to move in and out of Mrs X. God she felt amazing, a stunning woman in her mid 30's with such a wild sex drive and a tight pussy that cannot be described properly. My cock was covered in our cum, the combination of Mrs X's ample wetness and my cum coated my cock in a frothy white film which started running down her pussy lips and dripping onto the floor. the rythm of my thrusting started picking up and I noticed a rim of our cum building up on her pussy close to her rosebud. I used my index finger to grab some of our cum and proceeded to start massaging it onto her tight rosebud. I grabbed some more and started fingering her tight ass slowly. Easing my finger into the knuckles and working her ass in a circular fashion.

This got us both into high drive again and Mrs X's pussy started making the most incredible nasty noises as I was fucking her, the skin on her neck started turning crimson red from the impending orgasim and she started this deep moan as I continued to relentlessly pound her. Our cum was being flung out of her pussy and I could feel it landing on my leg just above my knee. I now had two fingers worked into her tight rosebud and was preparing her for my cock to take her ass. I eased my cock out of her tight pussy and positioned the head of my now once again very swollen and erect cock at the entrance of her ass, I started easing gently into Mrs X ass and barely had the head of my cock in when she straightened out her back reached round and grabbed my arse and pushed ourselves together forcing my cock deep into her ass with a voilent thrust. She cried out in pain which left me not feeling any better inside, but that cry of pain was once again replaced by her deep moaning and groaning.

I continued to work my cock in and out of her ass savoring only the feeling that one gets from fucking a hot, horny woman in her deepest, darkest place.

I could sense that Mrs X was getting close and this time I would deny her what she wanted. I left her tight ass and stood up, she looked back at me over my shoulder questioningly. I motioned for her to lie down on the two seat couch, she obeyed and lay there with her legs spread eagles, I painstakingly slowly eased my cock into her now creamy dripping wet pussy savoring the sensation, I slid in all the way and slowly retracted her leaving her wanting more. I had other plans for her, within a few seconds I was once again in her deep dark warm ass swolled to the base of my cock. I teased her clit in a circular motion, moving it around like a small marble under my finger. The ecstasy electrical impulses could almost be seen running up her body while I continued to methodically drive my cock in and out of her ass and my finger teased her clit.

I could feel my climax starting to build, with my right hand I inserted two fingers into her pussy and massaged down on the bottom of her pussy feeling my cock in her ass through her pussy walls, she was making her moans again and I knew it would not be long, I curled my fingers up to press onto her g-spot while my left hand continued to rub her clit. Awkward, yes but it worked she was turning into a bucking bronco beneath me, riding her climax for what it was worth. My cum covered fingers kept pushing up onto her g-spot, my other hand was flicking across her pussy while my cock was plowing into her ass causing my balls to slap into her.

Her body gave one final convulsion, she grabbed her knees pulling them closer to her chest and I watched in awe as a solid stream of pussy juice came shooting out of her angry pussy. That was all the encouragement I needed, I pulled my cock out of her ass and barely had time to stroke it as the thick streams of my warm stick cum flung out of my cock covering her stomach and tits in cum.

We were both spent, I got up, gave her a kiss and headed to the shower. When I returned from the shower her and John were no where to be seen. I grabbed a stick it and wrote a small note "that was great. Thank you. Xoxo" and let myself out with shaky knees and headed off.

Later that afternoon I got an sms "thank you so much for today, It was fantastic. Sorry for being rude. Myself and John made the sweetest love. I am now fully satisfied. Till next time Mrs X"