Written by Reg

17 May 2016

I would like to share what happened to my wife and I many years back now. We lived on a farm and had been married 8 years. Our two boys were staying with my folk for 3 weeks. It was a Friday evening just getting dark when we heard a car stop out side. We had no idea what was going on, as no one had phoned or arranged to come over.

I went outside to was really surprised to see Ed climbing out his car. Ed is a very long standing friend of ours and often comes to the farm and we stay over at his place when we are in Town. Wife was surprised by the visit and we ready to eat but luckily plenty of food, so we sat down to eat and chat. Ed had had a real lousy week at work & spur of the moment after work that Friday just decided to get away to somewhere quiet & decided to come spend the weekend.

Supper over wifey says she is going to have a nice bath & early bed. Ed went to shower & i moved to the lounge & was watching TV. Winter was starting and so night was a bit chilly. Ed came back & i said to him I was thinking of lighting a fire tonight as there was always plenty of wood. "Good idea he said & helped me & soon had a roaring fire going. We were'nt really watching TV but just chatting. Suddenly Ed said "hey, where are the kids? surely not asleep already!" "No, they spending 3 weeks with my folks". "Oh" was his reply.

Just then my wife comes from the bedroom in her very long winter gown buttoned from ankles to throat. She has a bottle of hand cream in her hand. Stops, looking at the fire she says "oh, I was going to ask you to just come cream my feet but this fire is really nice, maybe I'll stay up a bit. But I still want my feet creamed!" "Ok, no hassle I say, come sit here." "Won't you rather grab the two little camp mattresses behind the sofa and I'll lie in front of the fire" she says. So mattresses in place she lies down and we just enjoy the fire making small talk. Now I know my wife so well. She will have on a pair of shortie pajamas under her gown and it will not be long and she will tootle off to bed. I must just say at this point that we are a rather conservative couple but really enjoy our sex together. We lacked nothing in that department and my wife commented once that she wondered if other couples enjoyed as much sex as we did!

Anyway so I take the cream and got a good handful and start rubbing and massaging her feet. She is doing her hands and arms & chatting away. Next thing Ed hops off his chair and sits across from me & grabs wifey's other foot and pulls it onto his lap and grabs the cream. Now with her one leg on my lap and one on his lap the gown is too tight and narrow so its a bit of tug of war as who keeps the foot in the lap!! So I undo the bottom two buttons and there now, her legs are free and almost open to the knee. We are massaging feet and calf muscles now and wifey's says "wow I am being spoilt tonight am I?!!" "yea why not." says Ed & I jokingly tell her not to expect this every night. After quite a few minutes of this her lower legs are well creamed, way more that need be actually and she has done hands, arms, neck etc. I notice suddenly Ed lets his hand slide up the inside of wifey's thigh and back out again. My wife was clearly taken aback by this and said "ok, that should be enough now thanks." Ed had grabbed the bottle of cream & my wife said, "I just need to do my face and then I'm off" & held out her hand for cream. Ed squirted cream in her hand, she rubbed her hands together & straight to her face & suddenly said with a covered giggle "ugh thats way too much cream, I can't see a thing!" We both laughed as her face was seriously covered in a really thick white layer of cream and she could not open her eyes! Ed now had a handful of cream, handed me the bottle & i'm thinking that her legs can't take in more cream, they are saturated. But Ed calmly undoes the next two buttons of the gown & with his free hand like flicks the gown to one side. Oh my word! unknown to us the next button of the gown was gone. No button! The gown fell open to above her belly button and NO, she did not have on her shorty pajamas at all. Remember, her legs are parted with her feet in our laps & there is her beautiful pussy staring at us. The next 2 seconds seemed like an hour. I was shocked & immediately aroused big time. Ed forgotten. I just heard a low gruff "fuck me" escape Ed's mouth and suddenly saw his hand come into view, cream laden, slide up the inside of my wife's thigh and his fingers just ploughed through her pussy lips. She let out the closest sound to a scream & tried to sit up but Ed just pushed her back on her shoulder & said "just relax we are going to massage you further!" I had cream in my hand now also. The feelings going through my head were all over the place. I was pissed off that Ed would even do this but my cock was telling a different story & next thing my own hand was sliding up inside her other thigh & fingers also ploughing her pussy lips apart. We were rubbing cream right up her belly and thighs and hips and of course a lot of attention to her sexy pussy. I was so turned on it was unbeleivable. My wife let out a moan of ecstacy & i saw Ed had two fingers deep in her pussy & he was starting to finger fuck her good. My fingers found her clit & i rubbed gently up & doen & i guess she could not help it, my wife came! Not too much sound but I knew the signs so well, her head moving from side to side & her mouth pulls down on the one corner. This really got me super horny. I undid the last 2 buttons & now my wife lay, her front totally naked to us. Two hands with cream covered her huge white 36C tits & we massaged them gently round & round. I could not beleive we were doing this to her, that I was not stopping Ed. Would I want to stop were I Ed?! I think I was too turned on to think rationally. By now my wife had got most of the cream off her face & could open her eys somewhat. Her face showed how turned on she was as did her really hard stiff nipples. Gees, i could not remember them this hard before. But her eyes were looking at me & without words saying, what now? I smiled at her and said "Babes just enjoy the feeling ok." A slight smile appeared & all she whispered was "how can I not enjoy this!" The sound coming from her still finger fucked pussy told just how wet my wife was. Then suddenly my wife said, "this is so unfair, you guys have me naked to see but you are still clothed!" - Ed beat me to it, in a flash we were up and t-shirts and shorts were off & my wife could now look at us, standing with our throbbing cocks at full attention. I could feel my pre-cum starting to run down my cock head. Ed's cock was oozing too. My wife was staring at Ed's cock as we sunk back down. Her hands were still full on cream and she grabbed hold of our cocks and started firmly but slowly pumping them up & down. What a sight to see. Her eyes were still on his cock. It was probably about 2 inches longer & a bit thicker than my own. She turned to me & said "come & kiss me." I moved up to her head & we kissed long & deep. One thing my wife can do, even now, is kiss!! We won a bet once in a pub, 40 bucks, cause some guys said there is no ways a woman can get his cock stiff just by kissing. She showed him alright!!!

Ed was still finger fucking my wife. I could hear it. Suddenly she broke off the kiss pressing her mouth to my ear and said "stop just come & fuck me." I was taken aback. Not here surely in front of Ed, I'm thinking in my head! I half sit up to look at her & realise too late, what she had said was "stop him his going to fuck me!" As I came up I was aware that Ed's shoulder was pushing against mine & he was already between my wife;s legs & I just saw his engorged cock sink itself right into my wife's very very wet pussy. And just like that he was fucking my wife like it was his first ever fuck. I remember clearly as his cock sunk deep into her she let out such a loud moan followed bu "aaaaaag fuck me". I looked at her not believing what was happening. She had a pleading look which said "its not my fault". I said " its ok baby, too late, now just enjoy it ok." What else could I do. I was angry, jelous and don't know what else at the same moment. Fuck, this is my wife dude! But seeing the look on her face after I told her to enjoy it and the pace he was fucking his cock in & out of her also had me so fucking horny that, had she grabbed my cock just then I would have come immediately. He was making weird little grunting sounds & my wife had definitely already come once - those tell tale signs of hers!! Suddenly he just stiffened and slammed hard onto her, lifting his head. With a long hissing groam I knew he was pumping his cum nice & deep in that magic pussy of hers. I turned to her face again because I have got to know my wife well over the years & there is nothing that really brings her to a huge climax as that moment when I unload in her. Sure enough, head pulled back, mouth open & lips pulling down on one side & a deep long moan was escaping her. It just got me wilder. & just like that before she could enjoy the climax Ed just rolled off her!!!! I knew she needed full release & even as Ed was rolling off I was on her, my cock going in as deep as it could. I know what my wife enjoys. Full pelvic pressure with sliding action on her. She came almost immediately like this. I thought I would come straight away too but found out something which for me was rather nice. With his cum in her and her juices flowing, it kinda deadened the feeling a bit & i was able to fuck her long enough to really let her cum fully and then enjoy the feeling of me exploding in her. I kept the preassure there sliding gently back & forth kissing deeply until finally my cock softened in her. We were breathing heavily & suddenly became quite self conscious as we realised Ed was watching us. We said wow, what an experience but then quickly got up & excused our selves saying good night to Ed & headed for our bedroom to have another bath. We both noticed that as Ed got up to goto his room his cock was rock hard!!