Written by Reg

14 Oct 2016

This is a long read but is the happenings as it took place that second weekend … True experience …

Ok, so it was Friday. The weekend was here. I kept thinking about what my Wife, ‘Jen’ had told me. My, or I guess OUR best friend of many years was coming back to the farm this weekend. Today. This evening in fact. Straight from work he said. Wow, I kept seeing flashes of the previous weekend when so unexpectedly he and I had fucked my wife. I had pangs of jealousy on & off during that day and other feelings I wasn’t sure of. But I also found myself at times walking through the land with a real hard on which did not disappear easily. At last the sun was dipping low in the sky. Time to head back to the house. I came in as normal through the kitchen. In the dining room the table was set – for three! I smiled and headed for our room to have a bath. Jen was just coming out looking lovely and maybe a little flushed! We kissed. Nice and slow and long. “Oh” she said breaking it off, “John and Carrol have invited us to the country club for a bash they are putting on tomorrow night. I told them we might have an extra person and they just said the more the merrier!” That was ok, the bashes at the club were generally great.

It was just passed twilight when I was back in the lounge/dining room. Jen had most of the food on the table. I moved to the side board to pour drinks just as we heard the car pull up at the back door. She gave me a shy sort of smile and a quick shrug of the shoulders! I was busy with the drinks when I heard Jen give a gasp and a little giggle. At the same moment I heard Ed’s voice – “howdy guys” he said. Jen could see into the kitchen from where she stood. I had started to move to her when she said “ wow Ed I can’t recall anyone greeting us this way!!” And there Ed stood with his bag on the floor, stark naked and his cock was rock hard!!!! He came over and kissed Jen and she immediately took his cock in her one hand and gave it a few strokes back and forth! I could feel myself starting to harden. “Just in time for grub I see” he said. “But I hope I am not going to be the only naked one at supper, come one guys take it off!!” We laughed and I pulled off my shorts, my cock fully at attention. “Chrieky” said Jen, “are you two glad to see me or what” to more chuckles. Ed just stopped behind Jen and before shecould do anything he slipped her shoulder straps down and let her dress fall to the floor. “Hey, who said?” she tried to sound indignant! There she was, in all her natural beauty, naked with us two. We took our places but Ed moved his plate etc from the other end of the table where Jen had put him to sit next to her so she was like in the middle with me at the head. We had a great meal just chatting away about nothing real important. Both Ed & I made a comment about how great & big Jen’s tits were & how they like rested on the table from time to time! The wine was flowing somewhat and I put my hand on her thigh at one point & moved my hand up slowly to her pussy. A bit awkward from where I sat but she did open her legs a bit & I got to rub her pussy lips & immediately felt how wet she was. “Mmmmm” I said to which she asked “are you really surprised that I am so wet??” LOL, no not really. At that moment Ed’s fingers arrived on the scene & as he was so close to her he got right into the thick of it & actually pushed two fingers into her. Jen groaned & stretched back on the chair a bit opening her legs wider & we both rubbed her up & like finger fucked her at the table. She got hold of Ed’s cock & started rubbing up and down his shaft, reaching for my cock at the same time. I had to move my chair across closer to hers so she could get a good grip. For a few more seconds we carried this on then I said “let’s move this to the bedroom!” We stood up, leaving the table as it was, just carrying our wine glasses! In the room I went straight to the basin and brushed my teeth while Jen sat on the loo for a tinkle. Ed came in having found his tooth brush, looked at Jen on the loo & said he had never actually walked in on or seen a woman sitting on the loo peeing! He said it looked really great!! Both our cocks were still rock hard & Jen made the joke as she was finishing up about how a good man is hard to find but a hard man is good to find! “And here I have two hard men mmmmmm, quite a nice sight!” More laughter & we found we were actually all quite relaxed. I had finished brushing, Ed was busy & Jen moved to the basin, washing hands & taking her too brush. She was bent over the basin, her lovely tits catching the rim of the basin now and again. Her Ass & legs looked so great in that position & without warning I moved behind her & took my cock & moved it up & down her pussy lips spreading my pre lube with hers & pushed my cock into her. Ahhhhh it felt so good. Jen spread her legs more and moaned, mouth full of tooth paste!! I moved my cock slowly in & out of her maybe 10 or 12 times, Damn it was good & she was so nice & wet. I pulled out thinking well, she should be about done & we could go to the bed. But as I stepped back Ed moved in behind my wife with his cock in one hand. He placed his other hand on her back & taking his cock like slapped her pussy lips a few times with his cock, then placed his cock at her entrance & thrust forward. I could see it clearly and my own cock twitched a few times as he pushed into her. Jen moaned again, rinsing her mouth & said “wow you guys are spoiling me, never brushed teeth like this before!!” She took hold of the sides of the basin & bent a bit more forward, moving back against Ed at the same time for more room away from the basin. He moved back to adjust and placed his hands firmly on her hips, thrusting in and out of her real hard. Wow, what a sight! Ed was like pulling his cock almost right out and then in again looking down watching his own cock fucking in & out of my wife’s pussy. Great view for me too!! Jen was giving soft like sighing sounds. I felt more pre lube ooze from my cock like a mini climax & run down my shaft. Ed suddenly looked at me with pure lust in his eyes & like groaned more than spoke the words “shit, I can’t stop, I’m gonna fuck her here & cum” Now he was pumping her real hard & Jen was moaning good. I moved up to her & bending moved my hand between her legs searching for her deep seated clit. There was some finger contact with Eds cock slipping in & out of her. A bit weird, but I found her clit & started rubbing against it. It only took a short while & she gasped, pushing her chin onto her chest & I heard her say softly, “fuck I’m cumming”. I pushed just a little harder against her clit & then a long loud AAAAAAhhh from Ed as he pushed his cock as deep in as he could, holding it there, thrust into my wife like that he came his load deep inside her. Her eyes were closed and she said “Aaaaahh I can feel it pumping into me” and she gave a shudder as her climax heightened & then began to subside. Ed was thrusting in & out of my wife’s pussy still moaning with pleasure. Then he pulled his semi flaccid cock out of her & I saw a blob of cum hit the tile floor. Jen stood up & sighed, “wow, that was a brushing of teeth I won’t forget in a hurry!!” We kissed & she said she had to clean up a bit before I could have her on the bed. My cock was throbbing now, it needed release! Ed climbed on the bed, “his side” and lay back satisfied. I lay down leaving the space in the middle for Jen but she came in & just said “move up a bit, I want to use your cock for my pleasure this time” & she mounted me, taking my cock & finding the right spot she sat down on my cock & it pushed up into her. She started little up & down movements, her beautiful white tits bouncing in time. Wow it felt good. Ed moved over a bit & cupped her right tit in his hand playing with her very erect nipple. I was again amazed at how huge Jen’s nipples could get when she is really aroused. She suddenly lay down on me & started sliding up & down on my cock. She was cumming & it was a strong one, lasting for some time. It seemed it had hardly stopped & she was having another, being really loud in her moans which she did not normally do. I could feel my cock swell & I thrust as hard as I could with her on me & I came in her too. We were oblivious of anything or anyone at that time. We came back to earth & she said she was buggered, with a smile! She wanted to roll over but my cock still felt too good in her pussy so I flattened my left arm at my side, wrapped my right leg around her & we rolled over, my cock almost pulling out but I thrust back into her. We had half rolled onto Ed so we had to shift across a little. “Whew” she said, “I think I need a rest before I could come again!” I pushed myself up on my arms looking down at her smiling. Ed’s hand went back on her tits & he moved in pulling her face towards him and they kissed. A long real lovers kiss & I started pushing my pelvis against Jen’s & slid slowly up & down on her, short hard strokes & I heard her moan into Ed’s mouth. Her right arm came onto my lower back & I felt her pressing down on the small of my back so I thrust down as hard as I could now & she suddenly she said half into Ed’s mouth “fuck, another one”. I could not cum again right then & was sweating somewhat so I rolled off her & we lay panting. It was so great. We all just lay there resting, each saying how fantastic this had been & we must have dozed off for it was a couple of hours later that we woke up. It was about 2am. After chatting a bit Jen said she would really enjoy a cup of coffee. Ok, that sounds good, we all agreed & I said I would go & make it. Jen went to the loo as I left the room. Boiled the kettle & came back with three coffees. When I walked in Jen & Ed were on their backs, she was stroking his very hard erect 8 inch cock & his hand was at her pussy. Her legs were spread wide apart, allowing him full access as he finger fucked her. They weren’t speaking, just lying there pleasuring each other. I smiled & said “that looks fucking sexy you guys, & here is coffee to spoil your fun!” They both laughed and began to sit up. My cock was fast getting hard. We all sat against the head board sipping coffee. Wow it was just so unreal, this whole thing, yet we were happy & content a so at ease like it was a real long standing thing. We chatted about this & that before Ed asked when the kids might be away from home again, had we any kinda idea? Wow, he was obviously thinking of making this a thing whenever the chance might arise! Jen & I looked at each other & I gave her a wink & a smile. We didn’t know we said & he said that if there was a time maybe we could come & spend a weekend at his place seeing as he lived alone at the moment & we could take in a show etc – and after a small pause he like chuckled and said “and fuck like this again!!” We both just said Mmmmmm. “Have you told Ed about the plans for the club?” I asked Jen. “Oh, no I haven’t” & so we told him of the party invite & he was welcome etc & he thought it sounded good.

We had finished our coffee & suddenly Jen surprised me by reaching for our two cocks saying “wake up boys, I think its pussy time again!!!” Wow. Well it did not take much to get them back up at attention! Ed was ready to give Jen is cock again when she pushed him back down & looking at me for an ‘Ok’ said that she felt like using Ed’s cock to pleasure herself on. I said to her that it was ok but she had to cum at least three times!! LOL. I watched as she sat up and moved her leg over him & first bent over and kissed him, her large tits laying on his chest. I moved down & looked at her pussy just touching his cock head. I watched as she slowing inched down on him till his cock was pressed hard against her. Her hand appeared & guided his now very hard cock to her entrance and she started to move down on him, his cock beginning to enter her. Suddenly Ed thrust hard, upward catching my wife off guard & she gave a cry as just about his whole cock forced into her pussy. Within seconds they were fucking each other, Ed thrusting up as hard as he could too, he didn’t seem to want to lay back & be used but his cock was hungry for my wife’s great pussy. It wasn’t too long & she looked back at me smiling and said “whew, that’s two already!” “Way to go Babe” I said. She suddenly looked down at Ed & said “mmm I can feel your cock really hardening up. Cum in me now & we can cum together!” I knew just how great that can be & suddenly Ed found new vigour & was thrusting together with Jens movements & they both grunted in unison as they came together. She collapsed on him just lying there. I must admit that this gave me my first real pang of jealousy and remorse? Maybe??? - of the weekend. I somehow always thought that it was my wife & I who would always enjoy that feeling & enjoyment of cumming together! But my moment was interrupted as Jen rolled onto her back, looked at me dreamily & said “come put that hard cock of yours inside me I really want you now!” Wow, I just loved her at that moment and that real super feeling of a cock entering a pussy engulfed me and we made love. Yes this time we weren’t just fucking. I could feel my cum building. Damn, this is too quick I thought. Just then Jen whispered in my ear “I am so spoilt, I can’t believe you are making me cum already”! That just took me over the edge & oh my, we came together again & it was the most fantastic feeling hey. Wow we were sweating! I pushed myself up on my arms looking at her and blowing my breath onto her. We need a fan she said even though winter was starting!! Wow, now we were quite buggered. It would be light soon too & we needed some more sleep. We had to cool off a bit first, Jen getting a wet face cloth of cold water she wiped herself down all over. Ed & I washed ourselves at the basin & just dabbed our selves with a towel, not drying properly. We settled down together but not sure how to lay. We needed a bigger bed!!! Ed made a comment again on how great this had been for him and he had many “firsts” again, stuff he had never tried with other women. I was feeling sleepy but said to Jen, “how is your pussy feeling?” She looked at me quizzically & pulled her eye brows up. “Well you know how we sometimes sleep in each other, maybe Ed would enjoy the feeling??” Ed seemed to prick his ears up. “Um say what? How do you do that?” Jen smiled at me & said she might enjoy that just now as her pussy was feeling a bit colder & empty! Not sure how many of you out there have tried this but it is really great. So we repositioned ourselves on the bed. A little more awkward with three bodies!! I lay at an angle with my feet almost off the bed to give Ed’s legs some room. Jen & my heads were together. Ed’s head was almost off the bed. He found by putting a pillow on the side table of the headboard gave him the room he needed & was quite comfy he said. My wife lay on her back lifting her legs in the air & we showed Ed to move up against her with knees bent back so his cock would be by her pussy. Jen then opened her legs a bit and rested them “over his lap” so to speak. She felt his cock & said it was getting hard but needed to be harder! I said to him “Ed you are going to stick your cock into my wife’s pussy, then grab that hard pillow and force it like under your bums so you can’t roll back once you are asleep!!” “Fuck” said Ed. “Thinking of you guys doing this & being in this position has me fucking hard” “mmmm,” said my wife, “I can feel that thing poking into me now!!” My wife took Ed’s cock & shifting her own position a bit to get his cock head into her entrance. “Push it into me” she said to Ed. When she moaned I knew his cock was now deep inside her. He hadn’t put the pillow behind him as he said he was “in, good an proper!” So I said to him he must relax all his muscles, really relax as would happen when he fell asleep. He did that and after a while I heard him say “shit, see what you mean, its come out!” So Jen helped him again and he got his cock nicely inside her pussy. She said it felt good. Now he put the pillow behind him, wedging it under his bums and as he relaxed he said ok this really works! After a little while Jen said “Ed, if you keep moving your cock like that in me we won’t get to sleep!!!” “I don’t know how you guys can fall asleep like this it feels so fucking fantastic!” But after some will power was used we relaxed totally and so dropped off to sleep. I must say I would have much preferred to have had my own cock in her as we slept but for us there would be many, many opportunities so why not let Ed have another “first experience”!

We woke late again, the sun was well up in the sky. Slowly we all three came around. Ed was the first to actually speak. “I can’t believe my cock is still pretty hard & still in your pussy. What a fantastic way to wake up!!” My wife said “I love this part, his cock is growing back deeper in me just like yours does when you wake up like this.” Ed just gave like a ‘sigh grunt’ & said there is no way any man would not go right back to being rock hard when waking to this! Ed said “mmm, the pillow stops you from drawing back quite a bit, but I can still thrust my hips forward!” “That feels pretty good Mr Ed” my wife said. I was watching Jen’s tits slowly jiggling back & forth as Ed was thrusting gently against her. Whenever we “slept in” each other it almost always resulted in a nice morning fuck. This was going to be no different I could see as Jen was starting to moan ever so softly & Eds thrust were becoming harder & a little faster. Jen’s hand moved to my cock which was hardening quickly. She just held my cock, squeezing it almost to the rhythm of Ed’s thrusts! It was a great feeling. Her nipples were hardening so I started gently massaging her tits & rubbing her nipples softly. They came up hard. Ed suddenly pulled the pillow away, pulled his cock out of Jen but only for 3 seconds as he moved over her leg to get between her thighs & quickly pushed his cock back into her. He was thrusting & like grunting as he did so. Jen let go of my cock & pulled Ed’s Ass down on her. “Yes” she said to him, “just keep doing that”. She looked at me a gave a crocked smile rolling her eyes back & I knew she was really enjoying Ed’s cock on this morning fuck. I still had my hand on her tits & she suddenly grabbed my cock again which was now really hard & throbbing again. She moved her fingers around on my cock head, spreading the pre-lube around it. Damn, I could cum right now if she carried that on. Mean while Ed was now really sliding himself back & forth on my wife. He bent down & sucked on her nipple taking it into his mouth. “Not too hard” said Jen feeling a twinge of pain. He let her nipple go as I moved my hand off her tit, but he kept his eyes on her tits which were now bouncing back & forth quite vigorously as the force of his thrusts had increased. “Mrs X” he said to her, “you make my cock feel so good. Shit I am cumming!” Jen had opened her legs wide, the one was laying over my legs so Ed was really deep in her & his thrusts slowed to hard into her, a small pause, then quickly backward & he would slam into her again, hard loud grunts coming with each thrust & the sound of a wet slurp along with it. And he came!!! So nice that early morning fuck hey! And with a loud Aaaah he rolled off onto his back & just said “FUCK!” I wasted no time in getting between Jen’s legs & my cock easily slipped right in. I enjoyed that slick feeling which like numbed the sensation a bit & would allow me to fuck my wife for a while without cumming too soon. She started to rock her head back & forth on the pillow & her eyes like rolled back & closed, her mouth puckering up & there was the tell tale sign as she was climaxing. I kept the sliding pressure on our pelvic areas going as she enjoyed her moment – again! She had had a few while Ed was fucking her. A very short while later my cock also erupted & I enjoyed that feeling to the full! Wow.

“Now I need a good break Guys” my wife said! No hassle, we were done for now too!! By the time we were bathed & dressed & eating it was like closer to lunch time. I needed to take a look at the lands so Jen & Ed said they would come along. We could all three sit up front as the bakkie had a bench seat, much nicer than the two bucket seats they have now. The crops were all reaped & the cattle were enjoying the maize stova. Drinking troughs were all full of water in the paddocks so all was ok. We had time to kill before the party & so ended up having a good nap that after noon. We dressed casually for the bash. It was no collar & tie thing this. Jen came out in a really nice black number she had. Showed nice natural cleavage & in the light you could see she did not have a bra on, at times with the right lighting behind you could see the form of her tits. Very sexy. The dress sat above her knees but not really short & she had a black like petticoat underneath. As we were getting into the bakkie she whispered very softly to me that she was feeling sexy & a bit naughty so had no panties on! That bit of news stirred my loins for some reason!! We drove to the club the long way round taking the wider graded gravel roads. The shorter route was ok but much slower as it was just a two track road through the bush. Some dongas to get through too in places.

The Party was great. My wife landed herself in a tricky situation & the ride back home on the two track road was unreal. This is too long so will do this under part 5!