Written by Reg

23 Sep 2016

Hi everyone, I have been away for some time and pretty busy since getting back so have not had a chance to read or write anything. Will just say here that, that first weekend when our good friend Ed surprised us with his visit we ended up very differently to what my wife and I would have expected! I mentioned in part two how we ended up at the river. Well we had a fantastic time, at first just chatting and looking around and walking on the rocks in the river bed. Its a seasonal river, only flowing during the rains but there was a lovely pool, not very deep surrounded by the rocks. Well after some late lunch we ended up deciding to have a dip. Of course no had a costume or towel, Ed and I just stripped off and swam a bit. My wife (I will call her "Jen", but not her real name) was reluctant to join at first but after some coaxing also stripped off and came toward the water. Wow, what a sight it was! Her beautiful full white tits jiggling as she made it over some rocks and her very dark pussy hairs framing her lovely pussy looked fantastic. The fact that she had to negotiate some rocks gave us two a really great few of her pussy as her pussy lips parted every so often while making her way down to the water. When she slipped into the water we were both right there and our cocks were rock hard. We swam and laughed and there was plenty of touching and stoking and groping under the water LOL. After a while it got more serious. We were all three very turned on and some serious deep kissing started taking place. Then Ed sat on a rock at the edge of the water, his 8 inch cock was rigid and the head purple with desire. Jen moved over and took his cock in her hand and pumped her hand gently up and down his shaft, then she took him in her mouth and sucked his cock. He was in ecstacy and it had me hard as hell so I got behind Jen and pushed my cock slowly into her very wet pussy. I started to fuck her from behind, slowly at first but soon speeded up and thrust harder. Damn, her pussy felt great and I was enjoying it to the full. My thrusting now meant that Jen did not need to move her mouth up and down on Ed's shaft, it was happening with each thrust I was giving and soon I heard him saying in a hoarse voice that shit, if this did'nt stop now he was going to blow his load! But I was at a really great moment and my own cum was building. Jen was moaning loudly now and I knew she was enjoying the moment as well and suddenly I could feel the orgasm building. That great feeling as you feel all the muscles tighten and that feeling just builds! Wow! I could not stop. I was pushing hard against Jen so she could not move away and Ed had had his hand on the back of her head fucking her mouth, keeping her mouth on him. As I felt the cum moment start Ed croaked " fuck, I'm cumming!!" I thrust in hard, pulling Jen's hips toward me but eased backward at the same moment allowing her to free her mouth. I was pumping cum into her pussy, she was wanking Ed's cock hard with her hand and his cum shot out, just missing her face! As it all subsided Jen just said in a rather subdued kinda voice, "fuck me, we all just came together!" We just gave a little laugh and said wow, that was awsome. We cleaned up there in the pool of water and made our way back to the bakkie, all naked and feeling very satisfied. We dressed, kind of! and headed back to the house. It was getting quite late so Ed took his stuff, said goodbye giving Jen a very long passionate kiss and told her what a fantastic weekend he had had. He looked at us both and said "don't know if you remember, but once we were in a discussion with other people and the question was asked do we really have a great sex life? there were various answers but I remember you two saying 'we had the best sex'?" We could'nt really recall that then, but Ed just said, looking at me, "well now I know why you said YES! Your wife has given me the best sex I can ever remember!!" Then turning to Jen as he was leaving he said, "I mean that, you really know how to fuck a guy. Hope its not the last?" leaving it as a question. We just said that it had been great and we had both enjoyed it and then he drove off.

Well, Jen and I were in bed early that night. The next day when I came in from work for lunch which there, due to the heat was a 2 hour "siesta" we both had a quick wash, climbed naked on the bed and went over the whole weekend, getting our selves really turned on and making love - twice! Wow. Something just seemed to have unleashed within us and we were enjoying our boddies even more! We made love every day that week, some times during our siesta break and some days at night. It was great having no kid around so we would do it just where the mood took us!!

Thursday after work, just on sunset I walking into the house. Jen was talking on the phone so I said a quick hello and we have a quick kiss and I said "going off to bath, see you in a bit." When I came back supper was ready. We sat down to eat Jen said "guess who was on the phone?" She had a flushed look on her face. I was silent a while then said "not Ed was it?" She nodded, swallowing a mouth full. "He is coming out to the farm direct from work. Wanted to make sure the kid was still with the folks. Said he has had a hard on all week thinking of me!" She gave a cute but wicked smile. "Shit Babes, you really did give him a good fuck then if he is coming back now already!!" We laughed and she said she does'nt know why we say that, she is just enjoying sex as she always does!! I looked at her more seriously and said " you do realise then that we are both going to fuck you all weekend long hey. How do you really feel about that?" She smiled and said " as long as I can have a breather every now and again, and you both help with meals, I am going to make the most of it!! Kiddy is back the next weekend!" and she gave me a passionate kiss - I mean really passionate!! Got me hard pretty quick........

I will write part 4 later.