Written by Reg

19 May 2016

Thanks for the response guys. Well I will tell you of the rest of that weekend! As I said, we had become self conscious once the moment of passion was over & we had headed off for a bath. This may be a bit of a long read, forgive me!

We hadn't said anything to each other till the bath was run & we were sitting in it. As we did not have an "Adam & Eve" bath I always let my wife have the reclining end. Besides, I love having the view of her great tits jutting out above the water!! I looked at her & asked if she was ok? " What just happened in there?" she said, "I mean apart from the fact that I just got fucked by the two men I seem to have most in my life!" "I don't know how that happened my Babe, it just like happened." "Can I ask you to be honest with me?" she said. "Sure". "Did you arrange this with Ed? To come here & do this to me?" I was really surprised by her question. No way would I have actually arranged something like that. I told her so & then said to her that while we were rubbing her legs & getting higher toward her thighs I was starting to get naughty thoughts and getting quite turned on, but not about letting Ed do anything, more like us heading off to the room and really having a good screw! But, I said, "the missing buttons on your gown did not help & when Ed flicked the gown open to get at your upper legs you can imagine our shock & horny surprise to have your lovely pussy totally exposed to us!" I said further, "I really thought anyway that you had your pajamas on underneath!" She gave a little gasp & said she really didn't know 2 buttons were missing. She remembered then that a while ago she had noticed one was just hanging on by a thread & meant to fix it still. She also said she had wanted to put on her pajamas but thought she was just going to get me to come to the room to do her feet & lower legs, not actually settle down in the lounge!! "Wow" she said, "how differently the evening turned out!!" "So how did it actually feel holding 2 cocks in your hand hey!?" I said like teasing her. She was hesitant to answer. I told that hey, it was ok we can speak about this & I told her that actually it was rather hot for me to see that & of course having my own cock stroked by her at the same time was just mind blowing!! She said that honestly it was the most amazing thing for her & it turned her on beyond her wildest imagination. Then I said to her "geez, & how was Ed. He fucked you like he'd never fucked a woman before! I was angry at the time but I have to tell you it also got me so horny that had you thought to grab my cock then I would have cum in your hand!!" She gave a shy smile & said that it was such a turn on & amazing feeling as his cock rammed into her that she actually came immediately but was too afraid that I would be mad showing that she was enjoying it! I said there was no way. For me the biggest turn on was that she was getting enjoyment, not just Ed getting it off. Then she told me something which rather startled me as she had not told me the full story back then. About 2 & half months back we had gone to Town & arranged to stay with Ed. We arrived much earlier than the ETA we had given him. We found the flat door unlocked & my wife walked in while I was getting the cases & fresh farm veg etc out the car. Not finding anyone in the lounge she had walked down the passage toward his room. She said she had heard a strange sort of sound, not connecting it up at that moment she walked on seeing his door open. She stopped dead in her tracks at the doorway & said for a few seconds she could not move! Ed was on top of his 'then girlfriend' and his bums were going up and down as he fucked her good missionary style. They did not see her & she headed back to the kitchen door & that's when I came into the scene carrying the stuff. She just said to me that maybe we better knock & make a noise as she thinks they are in the bedroom! "They?" I asked. "Sounds like Gretchen is there with him." We had met all Ed's girlfriends of course over the years. We waited a bit longer then knocked loudly & called out "hello the house!" They came out a short while later looking a bit sheepish & Gretchen greeted us but left straight away. She had not told me that she had actually seen them fucking. She said that little scene had got her so turned on and then I remembered why she had grabbed me the moment we went to bed that night & rode me like crazy, cuming numerous times!!

All this talking had us both very turned on. Wifey commented how nice and hard my cock was. We stopped talking then & started very slowly & sensuously to soap & wash each other all over - I mean ALL over. "Before we get out let me spoil you a bit!" my wife said. I was on my knees in the bath facing her & she sat up & took my cock in her mouth & really started giving me a great blow job. Slow & long & hard. By jove it was great. I did not stop her as my wife is not that keen on blow jobs really & cum in her mouth is a big No No! But she was doing me nice & long tonight & it was great! I was beginning to feel that any moment now I am going to have to tell her to stop, let's rather get to the bed when this hoarse voice behind us says "fuck, that's hot. No one has done that to me in the bath before." Geez we jumped from fright!! looking around & wifey looking past me, there is Ed sitting on the toilet, seat down, leaning back on the cistern his legs out in front of him & his cock swollen & throbbing standing up like the Eiffel Tower pointing at the ceiling! All I could say after a while was "I can tell you this is fucking great!! How long have you been here, we didn't even hear you come in." Ed have a big chuckle & said he's not surprised we didn't hear him we were so engrossed in the body washing and sucking!! He said he actually came to speak to us about what happened earlier. When he came into the room we were not in bed & he saw the bathroom door was not properly shut so quietly came in & then could not help himself, he just had to sit & watch us a while!! He actually wanted to apologize & said he just could not help himself earlier as he was more turned on than he had ever been in his life and had not had a fuck for over 2 months & my wife's naked body lying there before him was just too much & while we were so engrossed in that long kiss he thought this was the ideal moment to just put his cock in her pussy & fuck her before we could react. We said we understood & that all was okay. He then said looking at us "mind if I take your place?" I looked at my wife & she had a naughty look in those eyes of hers! "Maybe we should show Ed how nice this really is!" she said in a really sexy tone of voice. I stood up, stepped out the bath & swapped places with Ed. My cock was still rock hard I tell you, but it got really hard as I watched him & my wife. She got the whole soap & wash thing again all over. Oh yes, ALL over. Ed had been watching us!! She then got to the part of sucking his cock. Damn that looked so good. Never watched a woman sucking a man's cock actually before this moment. The fact that it was my wife giving Ed real good head was just mind blowing! Suddenly Ed gave a moan & pulled out of her mouth with a real slurpy plop. "Fuck that is good" he said, "too good" He stood up, took my wife's hand & helped her up. They got out the bath & he grabbed a towel and like just dabbed & quickly rubbed their bodies 'dryish'. I had like air dried by now & Ed took my wife's hand & said "let's all get to the bed". And so there we were on our bed, my wife in the middle of us and we started kissing her & fondling her & rubbing her clit & pussy. We were in heaven!! And my goodness I could feel just how turned on my wife was as her pussy was literally dripping wet. With quite some time of this foreplay on the go Ed looked at me & climbed in between my wife's spread legs & said "you get to fuck this gorgeous woman any time you want, so I am going to fuck her first again!" He was kneeling in front of her and took his cock, rubbing the head between her pussy lips back & forth. Wifey was moaning with her head craned forward watching his cock as he was doing this and then we all three watched - him looking down & her with her head craned forward & me in a good viewing position as he slowly sunk his cock right deep in her pussy, then pulled it all the way out slowly and back in deep again slowly. I needed to cum!! Geez my cock was throbbing & the pre-cum was just oozing out now. After the third slow in & out he suddenly just rammed into her hard and lay pressed into her. My wife gave the most amazing "uuuugh" sound & grabbed at his bum cheeks just pulling him into her & they started to fuck. Not wild like just now. Whether he had taken note of how I moved on my wife earlier or what, but this is what he was doing. Good long forceful strokes but pushing down on her pubic area & not holding back. He was more guttural this time really enjoying my wife's magic pussy & my wife was enjoying him fucking her freely this time cuming and cuming over & over again. She smiled at me at one point saying between breaths how good this felt & told me to bring my cock to her. She took me in her hand and started rubbing all the pre cum round on my cock head. Damn that was good & I eventually had to pull away and said to her "I'm gonna save it for when I'm deep inside you!" then Ed was pumping faster and shallower in & out of her & soon began to thrust in hard & hold it & thrust hard & hold it. My wife was beginning to build to that big one as she sensed he was about to blast his cum into her pussy. And with a mighty loud Aaaaaaaaaagh he let go and just pumped his seed into her & she came. Boy did she cum!! Never heard my wife so loud before & this time he did not just roll off but kept his cock deep in her thrusting short jabs at her pelvis. I loved watching my wife really enjoy this orgasm. When she sighed & like just relaxed, Ed took his semi hard cock out of her. "Oooh now it's cold there!" she laughed. The cum was oozing out of her but she kept her legs open. Smiling at me she said "come & put that hard cock of yours inside me, I need to feel warm inside there again!!" No need for invitations!! I slipped my cock easily into her dripping pussy & again experienced that beautiful numbing sort of sensation as the edge of the urgency seemed to disappear. Wow this felt so good as I fucked her & we kissed. Wow she was hungry with desire & her kiss was more passionate & we enjoyed each others bodies & she came again & again. When I had shot my cum into her and we were just lying like that with me still inside her, she took Ed's again hard cock & just stroked him slowly. "Wow" she said dreamily, "I have never cum so much & so strongly in all my life!" We laughed & both said that we could not blame her for that & indeed we hoped that she would continue to enjoy our cocks. She looked at me shyly & then at Ed's cock & said "just give me a breather guys, then I want to straddle this cock & use it for my pleasure!" And that is exactly how it went for the rest of the night. We took breathers, and we both took turns fucking my gorgeous wife or being ridden by her, just as the mood took her! It was actually starting to get light outside when we all fell into a really deep satisfying sleep.

It was 12 noon when we awoke at last. Felt great. We just stayed naked, changed the bedding as it was really cum soaked!!! We had a bath together - LOL. What a squash, but it was great! We got out with us two having these hard cocks pointing the way & wifey just laughed & said luckily we could not see how she was really feeling!! We stayed naked & went & made brunch & just chilled on the couch. We were all three on the three seater & soon there was much kissing, feeling & cock rubbing going on. Wow it was unreal. Wifey said, "hey guys, give me a little more time to recover ok!!" I then suggested we take some meat & rolls etc & head down to the river which is the bottom border of the farm and is pretty remote & wild. We could have a dip, braai lekka food & spread the picnic blanket down & just let what happens happen. This was greeted with enthusiasm & that is just what we did. Without realizing that this sort of thing happens all over the world, my wife & I had entered the realm of threesomes and were absolutely loving it. Wow what a turn on for us - all three of us actually & right now we did not mind if it never stopped! Lucky for us wifey had had her tubes tied & cut as we had no desire to increase the size of our family & we felt sexy & carefree!!!