Written by Reg

26 Nov 2016

So ed, Jen and myself arrive at the country club on sunset. John and Carrol are hosting a party and it was already in full swing. Good music, plenty of dop and braai fires going. We mingled and chatted for a while and after a while Jen and I got on the dance floor. Wow in her black number Jen looked great and it was magic to watch how her tits moved under her top to her movements of dance. It was quite obvious to anyone who may have looked her way that she had no bra on. After a few dances we find our table. We notice Ed chatting away to two other couples. Turns out the one couple he knows from the City and they are there with farming friends of their own. I say to Jen that I am quite turned on watching her dance and her nipples are showing. She smiles, shrugs and says she is feeling real sexy and horny herself. A few hours later we have drunk some more, braaid meat and chatted to folks. The dance hall is now packed and the lights dimmed quite a bit, nice. Ed and Jen have had a few dances of their own. After one such dance Jen had headed for the Ladies and Ed says he is feeling quite horny watching Jens tits moving to the music. He says he notices quite a few guys giving them the eye!! He mentions that he had not known she went bra-less. I chuckled and said she often does, but her breasts are pretty firm and depending on what she wears you dont always pick it up. Then I said to him that tonight she was not wearing any panties either! Ed gave a weird laugh and said you should'nt have told me that cause now my cock is getting hard! So a bit later Jen and I are on the dance floor again jiving away. Before too long we notice a few couples keep on moving closer to us and eventually we are like five couples dancing pretty close and both woman and guy are checking Jen out quite openly. It was great. There was some chit chat above the music of how great the party was and a few open comments on how great my wife looked. After a while we were like rotating partners with the women and guys turning backs to each other and in time to the music we were rubbing our asses together and moving to the next one and so on. When the music stopped and we broke we noticed two of the couples disappeared outside and came back a while later full of smiles! At the next dance one couple close to us - the guy anyway, was oogling Jens tits quite openly and next minute he got a good slap in the face and his partner/wife marched off the floor. Quite a few slow songs began to play and we rubbed each other up really getting horny. We sat down for a breather. Ed seemed happy enough chatting to the people he knew but he kept giving Jen a lustful stare!!! A number began to play and a strange guy shows up and asks Jen to dance. He is a bit older than us but I guess pretty good looking and so they dance. He seems to be quite a funny guy and they have a laugh at whatever every now and again. But you can't help but notice that he is giving my wife's tits the eye! The song ends and immediately a slow number starts. Jen had started to turn away but the guy grabs her arm and before long they are dancing close. The lights dim even more and I can't always see them but at one point I could swear I see this guy kiss my wife and it looks pretty much like she is kissing him back. I think, the cheecky bugger, but other people block the view. Its pretty late by now and a lot of people are definitely on the sloshed side of drink. Ed and I are still horny. The music stops and after a while no sign of Jen. Jealousy raises its ugly head and I get up, just then I see her making her way toward us in rather a hurry. She arrives looking quite flushed and a bit peeved and says she thinks we should head home. I say I am game and Ed says straight away that he is ready but will meet us at the bakkie as he needs the gents. We thank John and Carrol for a great time and walk in the dark to where the bakkie is parked. I tell Jen I can see she is a little peeved and with the same breath say "did that guy kiss you?"She said she was quite taken with the, really funny and good dancer. But suddenly in the slow dance he kisses her full on and she admits it felt good and so she kissed right back. There was definitely chemistry she says and she could feel her pussy respond and suddenly he pulled her real hard against him, too hard and he had a big boner pressed against her just above her pussy. Next thing his hands are on her ass and he is telling her he wants to see those tits of hers and that its dark enough no one will really see whats going on and with that she feels her petty coat being pulled off and its around her ankles tripping her up. Then she got worried and pissed off as he was definitely steering her towards a side door to who knows where. The music had just stopped and he did not seem to want to take no for an answer and if some guy at that point had'nt said "hey whats going on here" he would have pulled her outside and he had made his intentions quite clear as to what they were going to do! We could laugh about it then. We were at the bakkie and suddenly kissing passionately. We were really horny now. I want you right here I said and Jen said then you had better get your longs off, I'm ready as you know with a naughty laugh. It was really dark with little light reaching where we were parked and so in a jiff I was standing with only my shirt on. Jen grabbed my cock and sat on the edge of the bakkie seat and guided me into her. Wow it felt so good and we began thrusting away and probably cause we were so turned on we came almost immediately. We could make out a figure heading towards us. Eds coming I said and I think he will want to be cumming too i said. Jen said she knew he was turned on on the dance floor and giggled. There were tissues in the glove box and she quickly wiped herself and slid into the middle of the seat. I climbed in as Ed arrived and got in and we started off. I am going to take the short cut back I said so it could get a bit rough in places as there were one or two dongas to negotiate. Time wise it would probably take longer, especially at night but I knew there would be no other vehicles along here at this time of night!! I could feel my cock stiffening again as Jens hand moved up my leg. MMMMmmm she said as her hand closed over my shaft and with a few strokes she had me rock hard. Ed then seemed to take note and from the dashboard lights could make out what was happening. Fuck, he said, looks like you've already got your rods off, I'm lagging behind. With that he began to take his own rods off and my wife had a smile in her voice as she said, looks like Ed wants some of the same treatment you getting! He gave his little chuckle and said you damm right about that and as his pants and jocks came off he turned to Jen and slid his hands up her dress between her thighs, saying as he did this, "your hubby told me at the dance that you had no panties on either tonight." Jen opened her legs for him and immediately he had a hoarse sound to his voice and said, "fuck me he was right. And whats more you are as wet as anything. I have had a hardon ever since I heard that back there". Jen and I smiled at each other and we did not say a word about our quickie! But very soon Jen was moaning and I could hear the sounds of him finger fucking her pussy and she said how really hard his cock was. "My, Ed" she said, "I swear this thing is bigger and thicker than its been before!" He just groaned and said she must just carry on pumping his cock. I was really enjoying my wank off session but the road was pretty bad and I had to concentrate hard. The middle grass was high and pale in colour so it was reflecting the light back and we each could see what was going down. Next thing Ed slid Jen's top off her shoulders and just like that her milky white tits were reflecting in the light like too beautiful headlamps and jiggling about with the bumpy ride. Fuck they looked great. I nearly missed a turn in the road almost hitting into a stump half hidden in the grass. I better keep my eye on the road i said and they both agreed but Ed said he was enjoying the show very much and said Jen better slow down or he was going to shoot his load inside the cab!! Jen gave me a quick glance and said "I would much rather he shot that load in my pussy!" Well lets see if we can do that Ed said and told Jen to take her dress off. This she did, leaving my cock cold and erect!!!! Next Ed told her to hold onto the dashboard and put her leg over his and with a bit of a struggle he shifted under her. She nearly hit her head hard on the roof as we hit a bump. I slowed right down, 2nd gear and just crawling along. This gave them the chance to position themselves and for me to check it out. Ed had chucked his shirt now too and I gaped at the two of them, now both stark naked in the cab, visible in the reflected light. I wished it was lighter so I could see Ed's cock enter her but it was too dark. Jen was like standing over Ed's lap pushed against the widscreen over the dashboard and Ed leaning back as far as he could in the seat. When Ed gave a loud moan and said "fuck, yes" and Jen sat back on his lap, still holding onto the dashboard I knew his stiff cock was buried right deep into my wife's wet pussy. I sped up a bit now trying to keep my eye on the road but glancing every now and again at her enjoying the ride!!!! She was also moaning quite audibly and the bumpy ride was heightening their pleasure. My cock was oozing pre cum big time and once or twice Jen managed to grab my cock and rub the lube all over my cock head almost making me cum myself. Wow, it was making me real horny the sounds they were making and jen was on Ed's lap moving back and forth and suddenly her head dipped down and she like whimpered and then a Aaaagh escaped her and she just said "fuck Babes he is making me cum so hard" and all I said was enjoy his cock babe ride him and keep cumming. Ed more or less gasped out " best ... fucking ... car ride i've .. ever had" A pang of real jealousy went through me as I listened to them and kept the odd glance at Jen. Damm she was really enjoying this as she came again with almost a shriek!! She was sliding herself back and forth on Ed's lap and he had her firmly by the hips pulling her back each time she started her backward movement. Although I felt some jealousy I was so turned on and my cock was almost hurting it was so swollen stiff, I felt as though I could explode any moment. Then I saw the short left turn to the farms boundry fence. I took it and a few yards on was the old concertina gate. I came to a stop and opened the door and went and opened the gate. I must have been a sight in the car lights bare foot and bare assed with only my shirt on and my cock tenting the front of the shirt!! When I got back to get in the cab Ed was pumping my wife with very hard fast thrusts and I could hear he was cum was building as he was making rough guttural sounds matching each thrust. Jen's eyes were glazed but she look at me and I could make out her saying I must keep that cock of mine hard as she wanted it as soon as we got home! I moved the bakkie through the gate and as I was going to close the gate I heard Ed almost shout out that "Fuck I'm cumming". I could just make out Jen's cry of ecstasy as I knew she would cum right after Ed pumped his hot load into pussy. I closed the gate in a hurry, running to get in and get going. As we pulled away the two of them were just like sitting like that with Jen still on Ed's lap but now neither were moving. Ed was breathing hard from the vigorous pumping he'd given my wife's pussy at the end. Jen was sighing and she said she could still feel Ed's cock was still quite stiff in her and while I was driving it felt pretty good. Just before we got to the house Jen moved off Ed's lap and settled between us and moved her hand onto my still rock hard cock. "Just hold it" I said, "cause if you stroke 'him' now I will cum and I want to cum in your nicely used pussy again". At the security fence/gate Ed climbed out to open and close the gate. He was starkers in the car lights and his cock, although not pointing upward any more was still pushed out quite impressively in front of him and it swayed about as he walked! Jen gave me a deep kiss and as we drove through the gate she just said to me "shu, don't quite know what it was this time but I enjoyed Ed's cock in me and I came 5 times" ending with a naughty giggled. Maybe it was just cause it was so different this time and erotic, both naked next to me while riding in the car?? Ed climbed in and we finished the trip to the back door. I cut the motor and grabbed Jen, kissing her passionately and grabbing her tits at the same time. "Are you guys taking this to the bedroom?" Ed said. Fuck that I said, climbing out and going to the passenger side I caught Jen as she was getting out and moved her legs around me, moving in between her legs I put my cock into her pussy. Boy it was wet, well oiled. I pulled her closer so her ass was just on the edge of the seat. Lucky it was not a high ride bakkie! And right there with Ed watching we fucked in the darkness, only one outside light giving some light. We fucked hard till I came and I was not quiet about it either!! I kept my cock moving in and out of her as she climaxed again and then we were spent! We made our way inside, straight to the bathroom to have a nice warm bath and relaxed just enjoying each others company. Ed had a short moment with Jen in the bath, kissing her deeply and thanking her for the best ride home he had ever had. We laughed! We lay in bed with Jen in the middle as usual now and just enjoyed a moment of total relaxation and silence. After a while we started discussing the party and saying how mushe it was. We got to Jens last dance with the 'stranger'. None of us knew him. Seemed he may have been a party crasher. She again told us how funny he was and made her feel real relaxed. He could also dance well and ... she broke off for a while, he can kiss damn well!!! Shu she said, the drink probably loosened me up too but I have to admit I could not help but kiss him back. That's what probably gave him the idea that maybe I was available to him because after that boy he was grabbing me all over and the more I tried to pull away the more forceful he became and he was pulling me to that door saying baby I'm so hot for you let me fuck you outside. Lucky that other guy saw I was not going willingly and when he wanted to know what was going on, then he let me go. Ed said "Mmmmm, so you could have been fucked even more times tonight!" But Jen did not think that was too funny. But after a while she said suddenly, "I wonder just how big he was cause it was really hard and felt very big pushing against me! And then he took my petty coat the bugger, thats when his cock really pushed against me, I could feel the whole thing, thought he'd taken it out his pants!! We had a chuckle but she said at that point she was getting really scared because he was way too strong for her and was sure he would have done her outside if he had got her out there. We lay a bit and then my wife started stroking our cocks gently saying she got far more enjoyment out of our cocks. It took a while but eventually we were nice and stiff. I said that I doubted if I could cum again just then. Too buggered and still a bit pissed! Ed said the same, he felt he could not give her a good fuck now. Jen smiled at me and said that was actually what she wanted to hear, she was clean after her bath and did not want to become all sticky again. But she said she was actually still quite turned on and wanted to cum once or twice more. It feels good to have your two cocks nice and hard in my hands but, turning to me she said, come lie on me, put your cock in me and just slide up and down on my body so I can cum. I obliged her, surprised at how wet and ready she was. The feeling was great as always but I knew I did not have it in me to bring myself so I just enjoyed the feeling and let Jen have the pleasure she wanted and after a few minutes she came, pulling my ass down even harder onto her and enjoyed the climax which lasted quite a while. When she said wew, that was nice but stopped I rolled off her and we just lay there. Then she turned to Ed, taking his still stiff cock in her hand she said she wanted to ride him to her climax. Be my guest he said, you can use my cock all night if you want but I don't have any energy left to fuck you now, sorry. Jen got onto all fours, looked at me for a second and said Its just so nice, I am just being naughty now. And with that she got on top of Ed, moving into position she took his cock and guided it into her pussy, pushing down on him nice and slowly, till his cock was as deep as it could go into her. She lifted herself up on her arms and started to move slowly up and down on Ed, her eyes closed enjoying his cock in her. Her tits were hanging just above Ed's mouth and he could not resist them. Geeess these tits are fantastic he said as he took them in his hands and one by one sucked hard on her nipples. It did not take too long and Jen was cumming, slow long sounding aaaaah's coming from deep in her throat. Wew, she said suddenly rolling off Ed, smiling she said now I,m buggered. Bugger it Ed said, that just felt too good and as quick as anything he was up and moved into position between my wife's legs and taking her legs he lifted them above his shoulders and pushed her knees back almost onto her chest. The veins were standing out on his cock and I got into position and watched as he guided his cock to her entrance and then looking down at his own cock, watched it slide deep into Jen's cunt. He grunted, pulled out all the way and pushed it back in slowly, again and again he did this just watching his cock entering her and pulling out. Wow, it was like I was watching a porn movie, only my wife and best friend were the stars!! Jen began to enjoy it but said it was not fair as she could not watch from a decent angle at how his cock was going in and out of her!! I jumped off the bed and into the bathroom, sliding the mirror out of the bathroom cabinet and came back into the room. I said to Ed that be should lie behind Jen, let Jen lie on her side facing me with the mirror which they did and then Got Ed to lift her leg up and get his cock into her from behind. I held the mirror for Jen so she could see clearly as Ed's cock entered her and he thrust it all the way in. Then out and in, faster now. Jen said "is that what it looks like for you guys when you watch each others cocks fucking my pussy?" Yip we said, is'nt it great!! She said mmm, but I can see it and feel it now. Its a real turn on. Didn't know my tits bounced about so with each thrust!!" Ed must have started to stop cause Jen suddenly said "Ed don't stop, just keep fucking me, I think I am gonna cum again" and to me she said to just keep the mirror there where it was. Well amazingly Ed seemed to have got a second wind because he really fucked my wife good, his balls slapping against her with each thrust in and her tits were bouncing about and suddenly he came!! Without warning and he just thrust into her and let his seed just come out deep in her. Now he was finished and he pulled out and lay back. I told Jen to open her legs wide and bend her knees and placed the mirror till she could watch the cum seep out of her wet glistening pussy. She was really turned on and so was I. I put the mirror down and asked her to get on her hands and knees, I wanted her doggy style, best penetration. I put my cock into her and held her hips tight and just fucked her. Ed took hold of her tits which were swaying to and fro and played with them while he watched me fuck my wife. I came pretty soon, surprised by the intensity and almost immediately my cock just went limp and slipped out. I was finished. We just collapsed on the bed and lay catching our breath. After a while I got up and fetched Jen a wet face cloth to clean herself with also bringing a towel to cover the wet patches on the bed!! We were too bushed to do anything else! As we were drifting off to sleep Jen just said sleepily that now she understands why the two of us guys after fucking her and cumming are ready for another round after watching her get fucked and cream pied by the other!! She had not realised what a turn on it could be actually watching someones cock pumping in and out of a pussy, especially her pussy!!! We had a good laugh and told her our cocks were very satisfied with her pussy's performance all the time. We fell asleep. We woke well after 12 noon the next day and were too lazy and bushed to do anything. We just sat, naked in the lounge, watching TV and eating snacks and drinking fizzie drinks and chatting every now and again too buggered to even cook. Late that afternoon Ed said that he was not going to go back home today but would rather get up with me at five in the morning and drive straight to work from here. That was ok by us. Around eight we made snack whiches to eat. Ed and I were in the lounge and when Jen came through with the try we both watched her coming from the kitchen towards us. It was just such a beautiful sight, her lovely white tits jutting out proudly in front of her and the way her thighs moved as she walked and that dark triangle of hair and her pussy lips protruding slightly was just too much for us. By the time she had crossed the dining room area and into the lounge both our cocks were as hard and stiff as anything. "Well its good to see that those cocks have not given up on me totally you guys!" Jen said as she put the tray down on the coffee table. Then being a real cock tease she faced us, cupped her tits together and gave them a shake at us and then slowly slid her one hand down over her stomach to her pussy and using two fingers parted her pussy lips just enough to give us a peek of pink and said "pussy is ready to purr again!!" We ate with our cocks remaining at attention and at the end of the meal Jen sat on one of the chairs opposite us and stretched out looking pretty seductive and then shocked us by saying come on, give me a bit of a show, spread your legs and slowly wank those cocks of yours for me. You may not realize it but its actually a turn on for me to watch a guy like just wank his cock while I watch. This was something I had not realized about Jen and we obliged her by doing that. It did not take long and she was gently fingering herself watching our cocks intently and suddenly she got up, came over to us and starting with my cock she sucked me nice and hard and deep, damn that felt good. Not too long and she moved over to Ed and started sucking his cock taking all of him deep in her mouth/throat. I could not help myself, while she was sucking on Eds cock I moved behind her and thrust my cock into her. She felt so good and her pussy was very wet. She broke off sucking Ed's cock and got up moving off my cock. She turned to us and said with lust in her eyes that she wanted us to fuck her nice and good tonight as next weekend we had to go and fetch the kids!