Written by BigBadWolf_PTA

28 Aug 2017

My wife stood and looked at me with a smile in the kitchen while I was making breakfast and asked me “what do you want to do now?” All she was wearing was a pink pair of see through panties. Her tits were full and round with rock hard nipples. I lifted her up on to the kitchen work top and pulled her panties to the side and licked up and down her slit. She was already deliciously creamy wet. I scooped her juices up with my tongue and painted her swollen clit. I then darted my tongue deep into her pussy, she was soaking wet and throbbing. I put my mouth over her swollen lips so I could push my tongue deeper into her needy pussy. She was bucking her hips and fucking my face. I pulled my tongue and mouth away from her pussy with strings of juicy creamy cum stretching like elastic.. I lifted her down from the kitchen work top and put her over the kitchen table. I ripped her pink panties off in one rip. Took my shorts off and guided my throbbing pre cum covered cock to her pussy lips. Up and down her wet slit I rubbed my cock head.

I slid it in and stretched her pussy walls. I then started to pound her hard and deep. She was shouting yes yes yes that's it yes yes yes. She came hard and squeezed the fuck out of my cock. Her inner thighs were covered in her juices along with my cock and ball bag. I waited for her to get her breath back and I built up the pace again. Gradually got faster and deeper. She was shouting again and really gripping the sides of the table. I felt myself getting close and started pounding her hard. With every pound, the table moved. She was moaning uncontrollably, her juices everywhere. I shot what I think was the biggest load of my life deep in her pussy. I matched each squirt with a hard pound. I emptied my seed into her. Both of us throbbing, I whispered into her ear "that's only the start of it". As I pulled my cum covered cock out of her hot creamy throbbing pussy, I already was dreaming up of more ways to fuck her that day.