Written by Redrose_1

16 Feb 2014

Morning honey, I seek the warmth of your body so I manoeuvre myself slightly to fit into your body, I feel your cock begin to stir and harden against my bum cheeks, your arms pull me closer to you. I feel your warm breath on my neck as you kiss me softly. It sends shivers of delight up my spine, my nipples harden as I get goose flesh. Your hands cupping my breasts, starting to gently massage them and pulling on my nipples until I moan softly. You move your hand down until your fingers find my pussy. You slide your fingers inside me feeling the warmth of my wet cunt. Your fingers rubbing my clit until I am swollen and very wet. I lift my one leg and slide it over yours allowing you to play even more. I can hear the soft suction noises as your fingers fuck my pussy. My one arm reaches out and around your neck, i start moving my hips against your fingers, whispering in your ears, telling you not to stop and I am your dirty fucking whore. You work my clit harder, I feel your cock begin to slide into me and start pounding my arse, . I cry out aloud as you thrust your cock deep inside my arse and fuck me hard as you finger my pussy.I can't control myself as I feel my juices flow from me You are driving me over the edge with ecstacy I feel I no longer have control over my body or emotions. You tell me to give you the vibrator. I ask why and you tell me to do as you say and call me your bitch, I give it to you, I hear you switch it on full blast as you begin to fuck my cunt with it. You thrust it so deep inside my cunt as you thrust your cock inside me arse, I scream loud from from a mixture of pain, lust and desire. Feel as if you are tearing me apart, I tell you not to stop but to fuck me harder. You take my hand and guide it to the vib, I take over and you hands hold my hips allowing you to thrust deeper into me. It feels so divine I just don't want it to end. You roll me onto my tummy, I move my hands out from under me, the pressure of you on top of me keeps the vib deep inside me, you lay on top of my back fucking me deep and hard, your hands pulling my hair forcing my head off the pillow. I am in seventh heaven I just want to enjoy been fucked by you and not stopping. I sense you are close as you roll me onto my back you hold the vib in place as you slide your cock into my wet pussy as well, you work the vib as you fuck me. You driving me crazy. I slide my legs over your shoulders allowing you free access to both my cunt and arse. You take the vib and throw it onto the mattress. I feel your balls slapping against my bum with each thrust. I hold the bars of the headboard as you thrust deep and hard onto me, making my breasts sway out of control with your thrusting, your hands reach for them and squeeze and pull my nipples until I cry out in pain, this excites you even more. You suddenly stop tell me to get up on my knees and I obey with your hands holding my head firmly you proceed to fuck my mouth, forcing your cock deep down my throat until I gag you keep my head there not allowing me to move my head back I feel my warm juices gushing out of me and down my thighs, my hands gripping your bum cheeks, holding on as if my life depended on it. Finally you release my head, I gasp for breath but within seconds I continue to suck your cock and balls, I taste your pre cum and suck harder, using my tongue to apply pressure to your shaft. You grip my head again and force your cock deep down my throat again. I feel my tears flow down my cheeks as I gag. I feel my juices gushing out of me once again, you thrust deeper and they continue to flow down my inner thighs. You release my head again and I gasp for breath but this time I take a bit longer to recover I suck your balls, my tongue gently massaging them, I look into your eyes as I lick your shaft and start to suck your cock again, you thrust deep inside my mouth and I hear you moan as you tell me to suck harder, telling me I am your slut and whore, I am yours and no one else's. Without warning I feel you shoot your load into my mouth. I swallow as fast as I can but feel some of your semen dribble from my mouth onto my breast. You hold my head firmly as you push me back onto the bed. You straddle my chest as I continue to suck your cock, sucking every drop from you not wanting to waste a single drop. I hear you swear under you breath, finally you withdraw from my mouth, move down and hold me tight to you, whisper thank you into my ear, I snuggle up closer and kiss your cheek.