Written by James_Damons

18 Jun 2012

Well i placed an add on some site, got a call this weekend and man i'm telling, i was in sex heaven. I was invited to Pretoria to give this ladies sister a massage. Got there this big built white guy opened the door. I was very intimidated cause he was quite big. He asked me are you the massage guy i said yes and he invited me in. As i walk in he introduced me to his wife and said her sister will be right here. So while we waited they offered me a drink and she showed me the bedroom (king size bed). So went back and so the sister arrives and surprise she brought a friend. As we finish our drink the husband upped drove out leaving me alone with the 3 ladies. The sister was quite a looker. So the sister got up and said guys you can use this bedroom for the massage. The sister not shy at all too all her clothes off except the g string, nice firm boobs i must say. So i started the massage and after a while she said are you not taking your clothes off. I obliged so when i turn around she had removed he gstring and nice clean shaven pussy was exposed, i was immediately rock hard. She just giggled. As i massaged she grabbed my dick and she said you know what i've never been with a coloured guy before. So while i'm massage her grabbed my dig and not long after she was sucking my cock, so i returned the favor. Just then the sister and the friend walked in, i jumped up man. Both of them laughing the wife told me to carry on and said don't worry he won't be back until after the rugby. So the tow ladies stayed and got dressed, well, thats when the sister told me do you want to put it and and i busy fucking her while fingering both the other 2 ladies as well. Not even 10 minutes and i blew my man juice all over the sister. So i cleaned up the mess then the wife started sucking me off. i took a long time for me to get hard again so the phone rang ans she got up to answer., thats when the friend also said i've never been with a colored guy and soon she was on her back and i was busy fucking her. I took turns fucking the two of them, I must be honest i was just able to bring the friend to an orgasm. So i took the sister doggy style and it was long before i blew my load all over her ass. Thats when the wife walked in and said looks like i missed all the fun. So the three off us laid there, me fingering the wife and rubbing the sister boobs while the friend went for a shower. I was there for over 5 hours, but man, did i have the time of my life. Pity i didn't get to the wife!!! I'm i lucky or what