Written by Office cowboy

18 Mar 2014

On Facebook I saw a slide witch said " If you're happy and you know it, show me boobs". I saved the photo to my phone for later use. A couple of days later while drinking coffee I showed a pal of mine who just laughed and as I showed him a female collegue came in and I showed it to her, she smiled and said it was to cold to show her boobs. I laughed and said I show her later when its a bit warmer. Now let me tell she has nice large boobs I have seen her in a Tshirt and they look very nice she has a reasonably sexy body after one child.

Anyway later that day after lunch she made a turn at my office to get some documents and asked me to show her the photo again, I said sure and showed her she laughed and the next moment lifted her shirt up and flashed her boobs in a nice white bra at me, wide eyed I said nice. I then showed her another slide that said that good friends will show me their boobs but real friends will let me feel them to wich she took my hands and placed them on them. It was fantastic.

I rubbed her nipples through the bra and they stood straight. She turned around and closed my office door walked up to me stripped off her top and bra and pushed my face into her boobs I was like a baby didn't know which one leave and which one to suck. My cock was already hard when I felt her hand undoing the buttons of my pants and she freed it and started to play with my cock. Not to be left behind I undid her pants and slipped it off me going down with it when I looked up I looked bang into her panty covered pussy. I did the most natuaral thing and removed it and started to lick this beautiful sight in front of me. We were on the floor now and went 69 on each other. After about 5 mins she asked me to take her doggie style, she turned on her knees and I enterd from behind and it was amazing she was so wet my cock slide in without problems. I started slowly, withdrawing fully and sliding in till my balls slapped against her building up speed until I banging so hard her large tits started swaying. She started to cum and grabbed my cock with her pussy and had to bite on her lip to stop from shouting out. I came in her as she held onto my cockwith her pussy. After a couple of minutes I dismounted her and our mixed cum flowed out of her onto the floor. We got dressed and I gave her a kiss and thanked her. She explained to me that since I had showed the pic that morning she had been tbinking of letting me touch them but not fucking her but she had really enjoyed it. She got dressed and went back to her office with a smile.