Written by The President

21 Aug 2018

We have met with this couple at the park on a number of occasions. The first time (their first time out!) they just watched us playing through our open door from a distance, keeping to themselves, having their own private fun but out of our view. The second time, they pulled in a lot closer to where we were playing, again watching us through our open door, this time a little less shy, their own play a bit more open and obvious to us. We went over afterwards and introduced ourselves and chatted briefly.

The third time we met up, they initially went off on their own up to the top of the site (we assumed they just wanted to have private fun on this occasion), but then after a few minutes came back to join us, pulling up right next to us. We rearranged the cars a bit, so that we were parked parallel to each other, with great reciprocal viewing through our open doors, and had a lot of fun watching each other for a while. They got out of the car, standing leaning against their car just a metre or so from ours… She leaned back against him, while he fingered her pussy openly in our full view with one hand while playing with a boob with the other, while she played with his dick behind her back as they watched us…. and then some prick arrived and decided that he wanted to come over and join us – uninvited! – and wouldn’t go away even when we made it very clear that he was not welcome. So that messed up the afternoon, for both of us couples, with the guy standing a few metres away wanking, desperately, hopefully, staring in our direction, but unfortunately inhibiting our play…

The next time, we had something different planned, but my partner fell ill and we were not able to meet up on the planned day. We had invited the couple to join us at a different venue, but they had replied that they would not be able to play that day. Out of courtesy, we let them know anyway that we would not be meeting up, in case their availability changed. I went through to the park on my own instead, and entertained myself watching (through binocs, from a great distance away) another couple having their lunchtime quickie (another real quickie! – just like the previous time we had observed them). The quickie couple finished up, and drove off, and I was about to head off for home…

…And then our friends drove in, in two cars, and parked in the usual spot (where the quickie couple had been parked just a few minutes earlier). As we had previously exchanged numbers, I messaged him to say that I had seen them arrive, I was alone at the park, and asked if they were up for company, would I be welcome to come over and join them? He did not read or acknowledge my message, which might have been because they were already busy, or because they did not want to be imposed upon. I suspected that, given where I was parked, they might not have seen I was there, so I moved over to a better spot (still more than 100 metres from them) from where I could see them a little better, and where they would definitely be able to see my vehicle and know I was around. Unfortunately, because of reflections on their windscreen, I could just see that there was a lot of movement happening in their car, but none of the detail… and he still had not read or responded to my message, so I decided to just be respectful and stay out of their way. Twenty five minutes later, ever hopeful, I sent another message, realising I might be pushing my luck a bit, and asked “Are you wanting to be private?”, but hoping that the arrival of another message might get him to check messages and respond. Again, it was not read, and there was no reply.

After they had been there and busy for more than half an hour, he started up his car and they drove off together (in his car), leaving her car parked there, so it was obvious that they would be coming back. I thought maybe he was driving her across to the toilet block, but then could see that they carried on past it and out of the park.

I decided that, if anything at all was to happen, I needed to make a move (but still show respect!). I drove over a lot closer to where her car was parked, and parked facing the position he had been standing in, but still about 25 metres away. While I was moving closer, he read my messages (they were at the shop), and replied – “We just had to go somewhere. Will let you know how she feels.” At almost exactly the same time, I was messaging him – “I’m now parked not far from her car.” And when I received and read his response to my earlier messages, I sent another message – “You’ll see me when you get back. Then tell me either to come over, or else to push off and leave you alone.” He read that message too, but did not respond.

Ten minutes later they arrived back, and he parked in the same spot as before. I waved in greeting, and then waited to see if they would signal for me to come over.

A couple of minutes later, I received a message – “You can come say hello; we will be leaving in the next 5 mins”. So it looked as if I had lost out, and that their (and my) fun was over for the day.

I drove over close to them, got out and walked over to his car. His tinted window was closed, but hers was open, so I headed over to her side, and greeted them.

We were all fully clothed. They remained in the car, while I stood outside chatting, bent over to have better eye-contact with both of them. After a while, my back started to ache, and I got down on my knees next to her door, with my hands resting on the windowsill. I was very tempted to reach in and touch her, but managed to restrain myself!

We chatted for a short while, about what we had been up to, and about the disappointment of being interrupted by the inconsiderate guy in the red car the week before, where it was evident that both of us had been intending to go a whole lot further in our play until the guy arrived and put a real damper on things.

They had initially not intended meeting up or playing at the park this day, hence having told us they wouldn’t, but she had gotten the urge while at work, had contacted him, and they had come through and met up. I said I was sorry that I hadn’t been able to make contact with them earlier, and explained that I had been unable to see anything of what they were doing, with the reflections on the window… They’d said they were leaving in 5 minutes, and after 10 here we were still chatting…. They said again that they needed to go…

But as we chatted, he smiled, and suddenly reached across and started to fondle her right boob, through her blouse. Within a minute or two she started moaning in enjoyment. He lifted her blouse up to expose her bra, and tried unsuccessfully to get a hand inside the cup to get at her nipple. She waved his hand away, and then lifted both her blouse and her bra up and over her boobs, exposing the beautiful small boobs with their dark areolas and prominent nipples to our view. He played further with her right boob, while her left one was there, exposed, just centimetres from my hand… I could see her nipple harden with excitement as he touched her, and she moaned even more.

I then asked if I could touch her too, and she nodded in agreement, smiling as she did so. My hands were trembling slightly from the adrenaline that was starting to pump through my veins… maybe I wasn’t going to miss out entirely after all today! I played with her left boob, while he played with her right boob, both of us now teasing her nipples, kneading her lovely firm boobs, and letting her know how much we enjoyed being able to touch her, as her increasing moans let us know how much she was enjoying being touched by the two of us.

She slid down a bit in her seat. He immediately reached for her belt and tried to undo the buckle. She placed a hand over his and whispered something to him that I could not hear. I asked – “Do you need to go?”, and she nodded. He left her belt alone, but went straight back to fondling a boob. I hadn’t stopped touching her! She moaned some more, and then after a while longer slid further down in her seat. Then she reached for her belt and the waistband of her pants, and lifted them up a bit, while at the same time pulling in her flat tummy. This left a lovely hand-sized gap, and he wasted no time in slipping his hand in, getting his fingers in under the elastic of her panties, and started fingering her pussy. I could hear the squishing of his finger/s in her wet pussy above the sound of her moaning. He gradually increased the tempo of his rubbing and fingering, and within a few minutes she came, moaning loudly, shuddering a bit in her seat! As she came, she was looking directly at me, with a lovely big smile on her face!

After letting her subside, he removed his hand, and once again reached for her belt. Again she stopped him, and this time she sat up. She leaned over against his chest, and I though that he was about to get a quick blowjob from her. Her boob was now out of my reach, so I started stroking the inside of her thigh through her pants, up against her pussy.

But before anything further could happen, it really was time for them to go! She looked at the dashboard clock with shock, and then sat up straight and adjusted her clothing, replacing her bra and putting her delectable boobs away out of sight. I also realised with some shock just how late it was already, and that I too need to head for home. What was supposed to be five minutes had become a half hour of fun! I blew her a kiss to say thank you, stood up and headed off to my vehicle, and drove off.

Wow!! Thank you, guys! That was unexpected, and a super time together. And who knows, next time, maybe with a bit more time available, and without intruding strangers again, things could progress even further!

If only my partner could have been there too, to enjoy the afternoon with me!! :-(