02 Jun 2016

So this is a true happening. I work upon Jhb and my wife is in Dbn. Being so horny and having such a sexy wife, I planned a play day on Monday. But first let me tell you about my wife. She is a busty (38DD) super hot women with beautiful full lips, a gorgeous smile.....hmmmmm a wicked tongue and a vey very very curvaceous body. She has the perfect pair of lovely pussy lips and totally tasty hot holes that can please any cock....

So before that Monday, we chatted with several couples and guys and as usual they were all keen and promised to be there ......I got onto the earliest flight that Monday ..... All excited about the day ahead.... My cock throbbing in my pants....my cock head messed with Precum. Sitting on the plane thinking about my wife having all those cocks in her mouth....tasting pussy of her lips made me bone hard......I was aching to pull out my cock and play with it.

7am and I am running thru the airport to fetch my hired car. I stopped at the Woolies at King Shaka....grabbed some Redbull for energy.....can of whipped cream, some strawberries, crisps for sustainance and headed of to fetch my wife.......all the while playing the scene of the day.....I stopped at the liquor store to grab some Red square as it is her favorite drink.

I ran into the house in anticipation of fetching her as I was impatient to get to the room and get naked and get this damn party started. Entering the house I was greeted by my gorgeous wife dressed a short black dress, face all made up, hair pin straight and the nawtiest smile on her face. My mouth instantly went to hers....kissing those gorgeous lips....sucking on her soft warm tongue. My hands grabbed her lovely ass pulling her close to me only to find out she had no panties on. I could feel the heat of her pussy all over my hands.... 8 thru her on the bed and spread her legs open and had my entire mouth filled with her pussy.

I sucked on her erect clit, tasting the sweetness of her juices then running the length of my tongue down her wet crack till I reached her asshole. ..... Licking it in small circles. I cud hear her soft moans and then with one shove..... She pushed me away and said "Let's go.....I'm dying for cock!!!!" Fuck....that's just made my cock grow an inch longer and thicker.

If there is one thing that turns me is having to watch my wife suck a cock. She has this way about doing it that is so sexy.....her lips have this drag and you can absolutely see her tongue swirl around the head as she is sucking.........anyways....we get into the car all hot, wet, horny and ready for the day. We get to the hotel and damn.....the room is not available and we have to wait atleast 45min. We get back into the car and she immediately spreads her legs and asks me to play with her pussy. Looking out the window with my fingers busy I didn't see her get out the can of whipped cream and pull of the cap.. She pushes my hand away and squirts a load of cream in pussy.....fuck my cockhead felt like it wa about to explode. Almost dizzy coz every drop of blood seemed have now found its way down to my cock......she then grabs me by the neck and pulls me down to her pussy and says "Suck me baby....pleas suck me food and make me cum all over your tongue" I didn't need to hear the rest....

I was already down and my tongue was on her clit and a finger in her pussy.... I cud see the cream drop out as I fingered and and I found myself licking up all the cream.... Fuck what a taste....hot pussy juice and whipped cream!!!! The taste was divine..... I cud hear her moan alittle louder and her grip on the back of my head got tighter... I knew she was almost there... I grabbed he clut with my lips and sucked hard and fast on her clit till her felt her quiver and shake and the loudness of her moans as she orgasmed.....fuck that was out in broad daylight in the middle of town outside the hotel......I kept licking her after her orgasm till we heard a knock on the window.... It was the guy from the hotel informing us the room was ready..... The look on his face was priceless!!!!

We hurriedly got our things and got to the rooom....I think I was half undressing before I cud even close the door before us. There I was naked on the bed checking my messages only to find out we were going to spend the day alone. Fuck these people for wasting our time. We had various excuses from being super busy to not being able to leave work to someone's sick kid and finally the month end story....I was about to put my fone aside when I saw a mail from a guy Sexydbn .... He was available... 8 quickly responded to his mail and gave him the room details. Just as I was done my wife stood before me in a sexy grey teddy.... Medium heels.... Bent before me exposing her gorgeous ass. I put my fone aside and atarted licking her from her ass to her pussy and all the way back. My fingers probed her already wet holes and I found myself licking my fingers thereafter. And then it was time to be in her gorgeous mouth....fuck she sucked me so good... Her lips dragging along my shaft... Her tongue reaching to lick my balls and all the way up again..... I had to get this on camera... I mounted the camera on the stand and let it run........by now I was with a horny beast instead of my wife..

She mounted me and started to ride me.... Pinching on my nipples as she did her eyes fixed on mine. As she rode me faster her hand let my chest and went to her pussy....she played with herself and rode me fast and hard till she came with a loud moan all over my cock. Hmmm she jumped off and licked all her juices of my cock....making sure she. I weed every inch. She grabbed the whipped cream again and squirted a whole lot in her wet hot hole then got on my raging cock and started to ride me....I cud feel the heat of her pussy and the coolness of the cream all over my cockhead .... Fuck it felt so good..... I grabbed her ass and started to fuck her back as she rode until she again came hard squirting all over my cock and balls. .......hmmmmm I knew this bitchc was horny.... I got between her legs and sucked in her sweetness... Her honey filling my tongue.

I was about to get in again wen I heard a knock on the door.... Fuck my cock got harder.... Opening the door was a sweet guy softly spoken....handsome.....introduced himself as he came in.....fuck I didn't want to know his name....I just wanted to see his cock in her mouth. He was kinda shy but still got undresses....by now my wife was already on her knees on the floor waiting for him... He came over and she looked at me as she took his cock in her hand.... Her eyes stayed fixed to mine as she took him in her mouth and went the full length down, taking all of him in her mouth....fuck that was awesome.

I again felt like my cock was going to explode.... She then motioned for me to come closer and started sucking on both our cocks.... One at a time then both together. I fucking felt like I was in a porn movie for a moment.... She then lay on her back and spread her legs for him to get between them and lick her. I could tell she was enjoying it as she was moaning in my cock and fucking his tongue back .... Her gorgeous ass moving to the motion of his tongue. She then got on her knees and asked my to fuck her while she sucked on his cock. Everytime she went down I banged harder from the back so she could swallow him whole.

I was I heaven .... Fucking that beautiful hole watching my wife do wat I love her doing .... Sucking another mans cock.... Fuck the day just got better. I kept fucking at a good pace and almost balls deep in her hole....every now and then slowly and pulling right out then burying my cock deep inside.... This must have went on for almost 10 minutes and she came a few times in that time.... Moving away from me she straddled our friend taking him in her pussy riding him reverse cowgirl style with me eager to shove my cock in her mouth... She sucked on my cock and stared at me smiling in a way that I knew she was up to something. She then stopped......lifted her ass...pulled cock out and positioned it at her asshole and with one slow shove he was in......I almost died with ecstasy.... Fuck the best view ever.... Her leaning back with his cock disappearing in her wet dark asshole....and that fucking nawty smile all over face as she moaned with pleasure....... I just fucking couldn't resist .... I got betwen her legs.... Positioned my cock at her pussy and shoved it in.... The ultimate fantasy.... Double fucking my wife!!!!!! I was going like a bull on heat and she was coming over m over n over.... I was so lost in the moment I didn't even think about the poor guy under!!!!!

Wen she came for almost the 4th time I pulled out...turned her over so she was on him with his cock in her pussy.....hjmmmmmm I cudnt wait to get in her ass. ...... Fuck there is no better feeling than having to feel your cock in your wife with another cock.... We both started slowly and soon got into a good rythm ......she was by now screaming her lungs out in pleasure.... Asking us to go faster and deeper ... Pledging her u dying satisfaction with both our cocks ..... Fuck it was awesome..... We fucked in this position for almost 40 min till the guys said he was about to come. My wife climbed off .... Got on her knees and started sucking him.... Sucking his cum filled balls up his cock.... After a few minutes I cud see he was ready to explode...I grabbed the camera as I had to get this scene....she opened her mouth and asked him to cum.... As she did he exploded......fuck shot after shot off creamy white cum messed her lips adm filled her mouth... She was fucking enjoying this..... She kept licking his head till he was done.....her mouth still open and she had not swallowed.... I cud see his thick cream in her mouth

Without notice she grabbed me by my cock.......pulled me to her and spat all his come all over my cock......fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.....his thick cum ran off my cock and messed her boobs....she grabbed it with her fingers and spread it al over my cock.... Messing my throbbing black cock with all his white cream ......sucking my cock with her chummed mouth... Her eyes were on mine as she played his cum on my cock....licking sucking then spitting back out until finally she cleaned my cock up and swallowed........my mouth was still fucking opened wth astonishment and lust when she stood up and kissed me passionately......I was in SEX heaven........

Fuck when I do get the time .... I will tell you about the rest of the afternoon. I'm already hard recalling the day !!!!!!