Written by Kitz10

27 Sep 2014

Ohk its my first time but I have to tell u this ,my mum R is 41 years old and has had 2 previous marriages so I assumed she was good at sex but I do know for a fact she loves sex so her marrige ended with C and then she met M who she now has a child with but anyway it was one night I was restless and usaully I have my headphones on listening to music but I was kind of bored so just laying ............then I heard moans and it sounded good M was the one making it so I slowly got up and moved closer to the door wet as hell already .peaked in and saw my mum sucking his cock so tasty as if it was a yogetta I slipped my finger in my pussy cause it made me horny as hell .he then lifted his legs up and my mum pushed her head between his legs .oooooh his cock looked so good I pushed my hand up n down faster and had a dripping orgasm ...............not over mum sucked it like a pro I sucked a cock once only but she was good ,I moved even closer and as I looked up I looked straight in his eyes I was stiff with shock but he smile at me grabbed a hand full of mums hair and facefucked her my word I was so hot I lifted my top and showed him my tits and rubbed my pussy he licked his lips still pushing his cock deep in mums mouth .he then got up and put mum face down making sure she dnt see me but he can look at me and fucked her hard I have never seen mum that way. She said fuck me oh god and wanted him to cum in her .I went back to bed masturbating a few more times and slept .a few days later mum was at work and I was on leave as well as M he came out of the shower and sat on the bed rubbing himself down with the cream I pretended as if I was looking for my shoe bent down to look under the bed as I lifted my head I looked under the towel wow .he dropped the towel and true story grabbed my head closer and said u love this I smiled he then said open wide I did and he placed his balls in my mouth it felt good ..........tbc