Written by squirtfan

15 Feb 2018

We hadn’t been able to get together for a couple of weeks, and couldn’t meet up on our regular day or at our regular venue… I suggested that we have a picnic lunch at Modderfontein in the Nature Reserve, where I had hiked some time back and noticed that there were some bird hides overlooking the dams, and you were happy to agree with the suggestion.

On the day it was cool and a bit rainy, not ideal weather for birdwatching or walking the hiking trails. Good! That would probably mean fewer people out hiking, and we might have more privacy. We planned to meet as early as possible, to give us lots of time to explore the place, have our picnic lunch, and have lots of fun too!

I was there a bit before 11, when we were due to meet up. It was drizzling a bit now and then, having rained harder earlier in the morning. There was a message from you – running a bit late… It turned out that your car battery was flat, and your son was coming to help you get started. But he took his time getting to you… eventually you sent me a voice note, with desperation in your voice, asking if it would still be worth coming through, as it was getting so late. I reassured you that I would wait, as we still had plenty of time – I wasn’t going anywhere without you!

You arrived an hour and a half late, flustered and upset. But I fortunately had stuff with me that I could work on while sitting in the car, and I was able to use the time productively. Luckily we had arranged to meet so early, but now we just didn’t have quite as much time as we had hoped. We left your car safely at the garage and proceeded to the Conservancy area in mine, chatting as we caught up on news, holding hands, stroking, touching, eager to be able to embrace with passion…

First we drove around, exploring the area, hoping to find a road so we could drive to the furthest bird hide. But there were no-entry signs, and a security guard on a bicycle… We stopped opposite the hide closest to the road, with some construction work happening nearby, and asked the security guard if we could park there and walk down to the hide. No, no parking allowed there – we needed to go back to the main parking, leave the car there and hike back there along the trail…

So back we went to the parking near the picnic area. And a quick pee at the handy ablutions. Only three other cars in the parking, no-one around, they must be out walking… Although by now it was lunchtime, we chose to take our lunch with us rather than eat there, and headed off along the trail to the Fish Eagle bird hide on the big dam, furthest from the road and the security guard. The walk was probably a bit more than the half kilometre that I estimated, and it rained on us a bit as we walked. To cross the stream, you removed your shoes, then keeping them off and preferring to walk barefoot.

On arrival at the hide, it looked a bit neglected – the grass outside was quite long, no obvious path to the door, so evidently not used all that much. We wondered if the door might be locked… I walked over and tried it, it was a bit stuck, but not locked, and opened noisily as I pushed against it. And no-one else inside?… Yes!! It looked like we had a nice quiet spot to ourselves!

We entered. There is a screening wall just inside the door, so that birdwatchers are not visible in silhouette to the birds outside whenever the door is opened. But no “private corner” or anything like that. If anyone came in, within seconds we would be visible. So we hope we can hear them approaching through the long grass…

We put our lunch stuff down, and immediately embraced, making up for the long absence. I asked – “what do you want first? Lunch or loving?” In answer to my question, you broke away and started to remove your bra. You smiled and asked – “I don’t think one can be arrested for public indecency just for being braless, do you?” I cupped one of your boobs as it was freed, and squeezed gently as you removed the bra. We hid your bra in my backpack, but you kept your loose blouse on.

We sat close next to each other on one of the benches, looking out across the dam… a lovely view, but few birds, and no-one else in sight. We kissed again, turning towards each other, and again my left hand found its way to a boob. You moaned gently as I played with your nipple, always so hard and responsive, erect before I even touched you.

Then my hand dropped to your thigh, then reached up between your legs as you opened them for me to caress your pussy through your jeans, feeling the warmth between your thighs. You pushed back against my hand, moaning with pleasure. I tried to unbutton your jeans, but they were too tight, and I wasn’t going to be able to get my hand in there… You said “I’m sorry I couldn’t find a skirt”, and stood up and started unbuttoning and unzipping your jeans, intending to take them down a bit to make access easier. I quickly got up and went across to the door, opened it and looked around outside – no-one around, all was quiet… looks like we have the place to ourselves…

I came back to you as you stepped out of your jeans and panties (you just decided to take them right off!), leaving them in a tangle on the floor. I suggested that we remove your panties from sight, and have your jeans handy in case you needed to get them back on in a hurry if we heard anyone arriving… so your panties disappeared under my hat…

First we stood kissing and hugging, while my one hand cupped your pussy, and my middle finger found its way to your slit, exploring your wetness. I lifted my right leg and stepped back over the bench, straddling it, and sat down crossways on it. You turned towards me and did the same, spreading your pussy as you did so, as we sat facing each other straddling the bench.

I lifted your blouse so that I could suckle on your nipples, one side then the other, your moans getting louder the longer I sucked and kneaded your boobs, as you leant back supporting yourself on the bench with your hands behind you. With one hand I played with your boobs, with the other I stroked between your pussy lips, drawing your moisture forward to lubricate your clit, then alternating my attentions between rubbing your clit and fucking you with my middle finger. Suddenly you leant forward, pulled at the elastic waistband of my shorts and pulled them down, freeing my already-erect cock, wanking it gently to see a drop of pre-cum emerge from the tip. You bent forward to take my cock in your mouth, taking me as deeply as you can. I tried to keep touching your pussy, but the angles weren’t right and my arms weren’t long enough, so I kept myself busy fondling your boobs, and then leant back as you had done, just enjoying the wonderful attention you were paying to my manhood.

I did remember that we needed to be listening out in case the security guard or possible hikers came near the hide. But it was hard to concentrate on listening while the sensations were so pleasurable, and both of us were moaning with enjoyment.

I needed to stop you before you took me over the edge… “It’s my turn again”, and I gently lifted your head from my lap so that I could touch you again. Your pussy was already SO wet! One finger in, then two, then three… curled upward, seeking out your G spot, with my thumb rubbing against your clit. Your moaning got louder and louder. You lifted your bum off the bench, squatting over it and my hand, which by now was wet with your juices, my fingers pushing in, stretching you and filling you up. After a while you whimpered, and squirted a bit into my cupped hand, but I knew there was more coming. I kept up the action, reaching up into your pussy, feeling your pussy walls clenching, and suddenly you gushed again, filling my cupped hand to overflowing, your squirt making a pool on the bench as you cried out and shuddered. With my drier hand I had to steady you, and you sat back down on the bench, your fluids wetting your thighs, then flowing off the bench and making a wet patch on the wooden floor. I have never known you to squirt so much before!

You were too sensitive for me to continue, so it was my turn to be treated again. Once again you leant forward and took me in your mouth, and I just leant back and enjoyed it! As you were quieter at this time, I listened out for the possibility of intruders approaching, but fortunately it seemed we were still on our own. Your lips and tongue worked their magic on my cock, and after a while I felt that wonderful sensation as my testicles tensed up, knowing that I am about to cum. I warned you that it was on its way, and you just kept right on doing what you do so well, until I erupted in your mouth, crying out from the sheer pleasure of it. You kept your mouth over my cock until I had completely finished, swallowing down my cum, before raising your head to kiss me. The taste of my cum on your tongue was slightly salty, not at all unpleasant…

We had a cloth handy, which we used to wipe and dry all the messy bits… I went back to the door for another lookout, but fortunately all was still quiet outside (it certainly hadn’t been inside!). You retrieved your various items of discarded clothing and put them back on again. And then we were “decent” again! I scooped the pool of fluid off the bench and onto the floor, so that the bench at least could dry, but there was now a big wet patch on the floor below where you had been sitting, evidence of our passion and your ecstasy.

“Have we still got time for lunch?” “No, it’s gotten too late”. So just something to drink, to make up for the fluid losses, and then the walk back to the car (by now only one other car left in the car park, and he was also leaving). We got a big friendly wave from the guy working in the carpark garden – I wonder how often he sees couples arrive, walking off hand in hand, and coming back to the car with such big smiles on their faces, obviously not having completed the circular hike?

Thank you, lover, for another special time together! A new venue for us, a new experience, and definitely something special to store in our memories!

The Fish Eagle Hide at Modderfontein worked well as an outdoor venue for us, but bear in mind that it was a very quiet day there due probably to the inclement weather and it being a weekday. On a busier day we could have been a lot more at risk of being discovered by people being able to approach the hide unnoticed by us, as you cannot see out of the hide on the approach side, and it is “walking only” in the reserve. ...