Written by Anonymous

08 Apr 2019

After weeks of chatting and build-up, the day of our coffee date finally dawned! We had been talking about this for so long, that it seemed unreal that it was actually about to happen! Three of us, meeting at 10 for coffee and a bit of a chat, at Greenstone (with us coming in from three different directions, that seemed an ideal central place to meet up) – eventually!!!

She had contacted me some time back, wanting to know more about dogging, and whether I might be able to help organise something for her. She mentioned during our chats that she had particularly enjoyed one of my stories, which involved one of my good male dogging friends. I told her that he was a serious dogger, asked if she would be interested in chatting to him too, and she thought she might! I referred her to another of my dogging stories where he was involved, she was quickly convinced, and soon I had the two of them connected. And when it came to finally meeting for coffee and a chat, we decided that it made a lot of sense for us to meet up together… So here we were, the three of us, chatting in the Wimpy as we sipped our respective drinks.

While arranging the date, I had asked if she had any time constraints, and the answer had been that she was free for the day. She wanted to know why I asked that question. I replied that, perhaps after we had had our coffee and been chatting a bit, and if we felt comfortable with each other, we might consider going somewhere “a little more private”, and “let’s see what happens…”. She said she would definitely consider it, but there were to be no expectations of play!

She arrived, wearing a dress, with a nice deep V front which showed off her lovely cleavage to great advantage. When my male friend and I arrived at the Wimpy first, we had selected a corner table where we would have most privacy from eavesdroppers, so we could talk freely. He and I sat opposite each other, so she would need to choose who to sit next to. She sat down next to my friend (was that really such a good idea?!), so she and I faced each other as we chatted, and I was the one with the view of her cleavage!

My naughty friend has roving hands, and it wasn’t long before he had his hand on her thigh, stroking, trying to inch her dress higher… while she tried desperately to maintain her modesty by initially fending him off, and then eventually giving up the struggle. He does have insistent hands! But we were in a public mall, with shoppers walking past us, so he couldn’t get to be too naughty (although I noticed he did try!)!!

We chatted about a wide range of subjects, from mundane finding out about each other, to dogging experiences and gangbangs, her desires and fantasies, and what we might be able to do to start making some of them realities, with the conversation getting progressively naughtier the longer we talked. Fortunately none of our table neighbours seemed to be able to hear what we were talking about, or if they did, they managed to keep very straight faces!

But after two cups of coffee each over an hour and a half of discussions, I decided it was time to move things along. We’d earlier had a map out, with me pointing out the various dogging locations that I was aware of, or had used before, or could recommend, and conveniently one of them happened to be just over the road in the Modderfontein Conservancy area (the other option was Dries Niemand Park a bit further away in Kempton Park). I asked if she still had time available (she did!) and if she would be prepared to consider going somewhere a bit more private with us two naughty old gents (she is after all quite a bit younger than we are!). All morning she had been telling us how shy she is, but, despite that, she said she was happy to “go and have a look”!

She confessed that she’d never seen a bird hide, and couldn’t tell a chicken from a Hadeda, so we decided on Modderfontein! We paid our bill, and drove over the road in our three vehicles, meeting up again in the Reserve’s picnic spot carpark.

I looked at her shoes (delicate gold pumps) and realised they were never going to be suitable for walking to one of the hides, and came up with plan B. The three of us got into my car, me driving, with the two of them sitting together in the back seat! As I drove out, heading towards the nearest hide which happens to be close to the road, she started giggling. I looked in my mirror, and noticed that my friend’s roving hands were busy again, moving her dress aside and freeing a boob from the constraints of a bra cup! I adjusted my rear-view mirror accordingly, and really had to concentrate hard on where I was driving.

I knew (from a previous experience) that we were not allowed to park at the hide. But there seemed to be a convenient parking area right there, and I parked there anyway, in view of a labour gang having a lunch break. Before we could even get out of the car, a security guard on a bicycle arrived, wagging his finger and shaking his head, telling me I had to go and park in the parking area much further down the road. I pointed to the young lady (with her very fair complexion) and told him she was an overseas visitor, and that she had a sore foot, but that she really wanted to see the dam and their beautiful birds here, and would not be able to walk. “Please can’t we park here close to the hide just for a few minutes? We won’t be long!” He relented, gave us permission, and rode off. She “limped” for about the first three steps, and then we found the path down to the hide.

I entered first, and checked that there were no other occupants. The two of them followed me in, hand in hand, and went and sat on one of the benches, looking out through the viewing slot at the dam. I pointed out the beautiful cormorant in the dead tree just outside the hide, but no-one else seemed too interested! By the time I had walked around inside the hide, checking out through all the viewing slots that we were not being viewed by either the labour team or the security guard or other birdwatchers, and trying (unsuccessfully) to close the door, I got back to their bench to find that my friend’s roving hands had already managed to free a boob from its confines, and he already had a lovely big pointy nipple in his mouth! I sat down next to her, and started searching for the other nipple, rubbing though her clothing and finding it hard and protruding. I asked politely if it would be possible to free “my” one as well, without destroying her dress and bra, and fortunately the dress was loose and stretchy enough for us to do so. Good thinking, girl! Great choice of dress for a coffee meet!

As he and I took turns to kiss her, and fondled her boobs, and sucked on them, and kissed some more, we noticed that her lipstick was now smeared all over our mouths, as well as all over both her areolas! We knew we would have to clean up a bit afterwards, but that was not a problem for now! There were other things to think of…

I got up and did another inspection tour to make sure we were not likely to be surprised by visitors, and when I came back my friend’s roving hands were trying to rove their way up under her skirt, while she again tried valiantly (actually half-heartedly!) to fend him off… and then with a sigh and a giggle she relaxed and allowed her knees to part. While I paid attention to her boobs, my friend paid a lot of attention to the secret place between her thighs, and discovered just how wet she was. At that point she seemed to give up any further attempt at resistance, stood up, and stepped over the bench, straddling it, and sat down facing him, with her legs parted. My friend turned to face her, also straddling the bench, and immediately had a hand back under her skirt. I snuggled up against her back, holding and kneading her big boobs. She moaned with pleasure from the combined attentions, leant back against me and we kissed long and passionately. Then she reached for his zip, undid his pants and his dick popped out and she started playing with him. She made to lean forward to take him in her mouth, but he was too close. He shifted back slightly on the bench to make space, unable now to reach her pussy, she leant forward and took him in her mouth, and then it was my turn to reach down and feel just how wet she was…

After a while in this position, she stood up and went to stand behind the bench. My friend swung around, his back now towards the viewing slot, and she squatted down between his legs, and took his dick back into her mouth. I crouched behind her and lifted her skirt, fingering her sopping wet pussy as she sucked on his dick, easily deep-throating him with no indication of gag at all.

Then she decided it was my turn. She stood up and turned around, her back now to my friend, pulled down on my shorts to free my dick, and bent forward at the waist to take me into her mouth. My friend pushed the gusset of her panties to one side, and stroked his cock along her slit as she nuzzled back against his lap. And suddenly he was in… we’re not sure if it was him pushing in, or her pushing back, but it just happened, and she let out a low moan of delight. As he thrust up against her, he pushed her repeatedly onto my dick with a brilliant rocking motion, her soft mouth doing wonderful things to me!

After a while he wanted a more comfortable position, pushed her gently forward until he was freed, and stood up. That was then the end of my blowjob, as he turned her around and bent her over the bench, her hands resting on the shelf below the viewing slot, lifted her skirt, slapped her bum playfully a couple of times, and entered her doggy style.

I sat down next to her on the bench, my hand up her skirt now, rubbing her clit as he pumped into her from behind. If anyone had walked past or been intent on entering the hide, we would have had no idea until they were inside. We three were lost in our moment, and would not have heard anything above all the pleasure noises that she was making. My friend increased the tempo of his pumping, and then grunted as he came. I continued stroking her clit, using some of his cum as additional lube as he slipped out, and suddenly she tensed up, cried out, and had a massive orgasm. She clamped my hand tight between her thighs and put a hand on my arm to stop me, as she became too sensitive to want me to continue.

She stood up, flushed and perspiring a little, fanning her face as she pretended to be a demure little girl, and then adjusted her panties back into position, and returned her lovely boobs to her bra cups. That’s it! We’re done!! And our “please can we have a quick 15 minutes” had amazingly turned into an hour and a quarter!

She and I had a discussion later about what had happened. She admitted that she had really had NO intention of going quite that far, but that she had been totally caught up in the moment, acted on impulse, and had enjoyed every moment and every aspect of what we had done together. She confessed that being spit-roasted was something else that had been on her bucket list for a long time, and she was very pleased to be able to tick it off as well today. And she really wouldn’t mind if it happened again sometime, and we can reverse roles!!!

She also confessed that it had been FOREVER since she had had an orgasm like that, someone getting her off without her having to provide some assistance for herself. And I absolutely love giving ladies pleasure, in whatever way they enjoy. So it seemed that we all had a very satisfying afternoon, then, and we all hope that this will be just the start of lots more to cum – sorry!... come!!! And she can’t wait to go dogging!!!!!