Written by Samantha

02 Sep 2013

By this time, the man I had had the encounter in the hotel with and I had endured too many days without seeing each other. I was starting to disregard other males on the site in order to chat to him some more.

Venue proved to be problematic, as we both have after hours responsibilities and live quite far apart.

We had met for coffee at my office one afternoon after all my staff had gone home but it proved to be just too much for our already stewing hormones. We kept being interrupted by cleaners..... A reminder of our day at the hotel , snigger.

We kissed each other for a long time, losing clothes all the time, and just having to put them back on when the cleaners came through the door. By the time he left, I had to change underwear as it was soaked.

We then came upon the idea of visiting Rome....... on a Wednesday afternoon........

It was my first time at a club, and my senses were confounded. I found everyone to be so friendly and outgoing. I was a little shy about the taking off of the clothes and just prancing around in a towel, but it quickly became apparent why this was necessary .....

He gave me a tour of the club, and our first stop was the mirror room. I had previously thought that watching people have sex in real life was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen, but actually watching yourself from all angels was most erotic. I understand why people film themselves having sex. ( Don't get any ideas!) One thing we did in the mirror room, that I had not previously explored with someone else, was allowing him to use my vibrator on me. It is a device of great pleasure, it is a version of a rabbit, but instead of 2 ears, has 4. I orgasm very easily, when with a partner and multiple times, but with this toy, I go from horny to screaming, arching gushing orgasm within 60 seconds ....

Having someone else in control of the remote ( yes it comes with a remote), and in control of what happens, made this experience mindnumbingly arousing. Needless to say, I believe more people have heard me cum at Rome that day, than in total in my life before then.

We then went to the pool. I must admit, taking the towel off in front several men in the pool was daunting. Fortunately there was another lady in the pool, when seeing my discomfort, got out, removed my towel, and rubbed her naked body against mine. It was arousing and I can safely say, the men in the pool quite enjoyed this little show.

One thing I must admit I quite enjoy from him, is his ability to recover within minutes....... So after some kissing and fondling in the pool, he lifted me onto his lap and penetrated me. It was a new experience, being naked, in the pool, having others watch and actually having sex in the pool. I never knew what the attraction was to being watched while having sex, but needless to say, I get it now and its something I quite enjoy doing.

After some action in the pool, I needed to have this man all to myself, and it didn't help that he was promising me all kinds of wicked things.

We retired to one of the smaller bedrooms, locked the door, and he started going down on me. I found that having been busy for about 2 hours now, and in the warm water of the pool, everything was engorged and very sensitive. As I arched my back in a pulsating, body squirming orgasm that left me light headed, I could feel myself squirting in his face. I was quite embarrassed, but we discussed it later and it was one of the highlights of the day for him......... So

A couple of years ago, I had a lover teach me something about my body I did not know. When you insert a finger or two, upwards on the wall of the vagina closest to the clit, with simultaneous stimulation thereof- either by tongue or thumb, the g-spot is quickly found and orgasms are unavoidable....... I have taught him this little trick and believe me, he is a quick study and I cannot resist just laying back and enjoying the immense pleasure.

This man has an effect on my body, I cannot tell what it is, but he looks at me, and I feel myself getting wet. Having sex with him in an environment where there are no cleaners, no interruptions is quite an experience.

Too soon our time had come to an end, and 6 hours had gone by in the wink of an eye.

We shall return here again :-)