Written by Mrs Hot

20 Apr 2017

My hubby and I are very hotblooded individuals, totally in the moment sexually and so connected.

He brought up the big question: Would you like to have sex with 2 men as this is from a man's perspective the ultimate fantasy having sex with 2 women....

I have thought of it but never thought to pursue it, allthough the idea gets me wet when thinking of it.

We decided screw it let's do it...

We Ubered to a pub that is local not to our area and went there for a few weeks making friends and have a ball.

We met nice people, with the idea of them becoming fantasy and our reality.

We met up frequently with this one guy (call him Mr Big) and became good friends, tall dark and handsome, I thought hell two attractive gents my hubby and big, this is heaven!

So the night grew older the wine was enjoyable and I whispered in his ear, I want to fuck you and hubby.

He said, I knew this the day I met you....

The night was almost over, we agreed to meet again next week and see what the mood is like and take the step.

We met up Saturday evening about 7 he was there with a few friends and you could feel the sexual energy between all of us.

At about 10 we where all in a group about 10 people having drinks 6 men and 4 ladies.

He came up to me and said are you ready?

My eyes said yes my pussy even more...

We left to his place walked a few blocks from the pub....

We entered his place and at the door my hubby started kissing me, big stood behind me could feel his hard cock grinding against my ass and my hubby's from the front I was dripping with lust.

We went over to the living room holding both their hands, leading them to the couch, I sat them down and undressed them, Big took of his jeans willingly without much help from me wanting to show me his cock, bigger than average but not huge a perfect cock for all occasions.

The two guys where both starring at me while playing with themselves

I kneeled between them on the floor and started sucking hubby and playing with Big.

I was so horny i could feel my juices between my thighs

I started sucking Big and the taste of another cock in my mouth was just unbelievable

I deeped throat him, sucked the head hard, sucked his clean shaven balls I enjoyed sucking this new cock so much.

He is 15 years younger than us and could not hold it anymore, he came all over me in my hair, face and mouth he tasted so good

I moved back to hubby,while he was recovering for the next load, this was not to long as he was licking my pussy while I am sucking hubby, his face was drenched with my juices.

He then kneeled behind me and started fucking me I could feel each inch of that hot cock in my pussy at the same time putting hubby's cock between my tits while he pounds sliding over hubby's cock then sucking it then french fucking it.

At this stage hubby was ready to blow as well and I said I want both these cocks in my pussy.

Hubby was laying on his back and put his cock in first, big then put his cock in my pussy, slowly as I moaned it was somewhat painful at first but then my lust blinded the pain, two cocks inside me could feel raw skin on skin in my pussy, I did not scream of pleasure I yelled his neighbors well sorry for them....

Hubby's cock was mostly static in my pussy Big did all the fucking and wow did he ram me with the slow slight movements with hubby what a combination of dual pleasure.

A few minutes like this and I could not hold it anymore in fact it might have been less than 2 minutes and I was screaming with pleasure, I have never ever experienced a climax as hard, intense and as long as this one

The boys still had to cum, I laid on my back and sucked both cocks at one stage I had or tried to have both in my mouth, hubby started moaning, I know him he wants to cum in my mouth which I obliged with pleasure and sucked him real hard as if to suck the cum out of him....

This turned big on so much, while I was wanking him he started to cum once again in my face while swallowing hubby's cum.

My next experience will be 3 men one for each hole.....

Love and kisses hope you enjoyed my experience as much as I did