28 Jan 2016

I pulled up at your place and parked the car. It was awhile since we did anything and from what I gather, being friends meant that nothing would ever happen.

We sat and spoke and unimportant things while my hand drifted over to your leg. Your breath getting more laboured as we continued to make small talk - as if my hand was not moving closer up your thighs.

I moved over to you and kissed you lightly on your lips, biting the bottom one as I knew you loved so much. It had been awhile since I tasted those lips. Sweet, juicy and inviting. We clawed at each others bodies as if this was going to be the last time it would ever happen. I kissed you hard as you pulled my in closer, feeling your breasts against my body.

This had to happen.

I needed to taste you.

We clumsily unzipped your jeans and pulled them down. Twisting and turning to find a comfortable spot between your legs. You left your underwear on in an effort to hide your pubic hair - as if this was ever an issue before.

I looked up at you, smiled and knew right there and then that this was a connection I would never find again. As if it was a choreographed dance, you moved further down as I moved your underwear to the side, spread your lips and licked your clit.

Your hands want straight to my hair as you gasped with pleasure, grabbing at anything to get you back down to hair. Your body writhing under me as licked down to your entrance and up again.

I missed your taste.

My tongue was home and it knew exactly where it wanted to be. I ripped your underwear off and dove my tongue straight back down as you continued to grab my head further into your wetness.

I needed more and I nothing was going to stop until I got it. I stopped, turned you around so that your ass was up in the air - this was my time to taste your rosebud. We had never tried this before and as soon as my tongue came into contact with your skin, you screamed with pleasure. With my fingers strumming your clit, I dove my tongue further into your anus.

As soon as I felt you tensing around my fingers, I started licking further into you, even moving my fingers to tease your ass a bit. You were on the verge of a complete orgasmic meltdown.

I was afraid the neighbors would call the police.

Just then, you came. Gasping for air as the orgasm ripped through you. Your body moving, tensing, twisting in ways it never has.

You were there. We were there.