21 Mar 2019

The sex lately has been mind blowing. He has gone out of his way to make me cum for him. Done things he usually doesn’t enjoy, simply for my pleasure. My pussy and I have been so grateful. How many women can say their person who has been with them for 17 years still does that? That night I wanted it to be about him.

I tell him it’s all about him that night. I’m not entirely sure what I had in mind though. I was just going to try and pleasure him. We had just gotten out of the shower. Still damp and naked on the bed. I leaned over him and took his thick shaft in my mouth, feeling it twitch as he involuntarily started to harden. I slowly slide him in and out of me, cupping his balls with one hand as the other grips the base of his shaft. Now, I need to explain that I am a very lucky girl. He is huge...not just long, but thick as well. This is not an exaggeration. They say size doesn’t count....only because “they” have not felt their pussy stretched to accommodate a huge cock. The feeling of being filled like that is heavenly!

After a while he is hard. I continue to suck him. Pushing down as far as I can. Taking deep breaths as I slide him out of my mouth because God knows I can’t breathe when his cock is rammed down my throat. He asks me what I want. I tell him tonight is all about his pleasure. I move up and kiss him lightly as I straddle him. This man makes me feel alive. I have a confidence I haven’t felt in a while...

I guide his cock into my already wet pussy. After all this time there is still no better feeling that the tip of him slipping into me. That first push of resistance before my pussy lips give way to him. I slowly rock backwards and forwards. Watching him watch my tits sway is hot. There is a naked need that I see in him now. A need to claim back what is his. I start to fuck him faster. His hand on my hips. I get off him and lean over to grab the lube. He’s not sure why because clearly I am already very wet. I slowly rub lube all over my ass hole. Then I get on all fours. He looks at me and asks if I’m sure. I’m not keen on anal. Even just a finger feels uncomfortable and he is massive. It just hurts too much for more that the tip to go in. But this doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I know the idea excites him. He slides a finger in. I tell him to keep it still. My body adjusting around this foreign object. I start to rock back and forward sliding his finger in and out of me. He slips it out of me making me gasp at the strange sensation. I hear him drip drops of lube onto his engorged head. Then I feel the tip push at me. Trying to penetrate that elusive barrier. I feel dirty in a very good way. I get off on being his little slut. His toy to fuck. He tells me to lie down and tries again. It hurts but not so much that I cant handle it and to be honest, it’s turning me on a bit. I feel the tip slide in. It’s about all he is going to be able to stuff into me and I blink away the tears of frustration. I want to give him this. I want him to feel this with me. His body is covering mine. His chest pressed firmly against my back. His hands are under me lifting me. His lips are right against my ear and I hear him ask where I want him to cum. I tell him I want to him to shoot his cum against my tight hole. I lift my hips against him and he starts rocking into me. He never goes deeper than the tip, but I can feel he is trying hard to hold back. I start moaning. I ask if my tight hole feels good. I hear his strangled response, “yes”. Then “Fuck I’m cumming” as he shoots him warm load into my ass, that tip pressing deeper as he loses control. I cannot move. I lay there for a bit his cum seeping out of me. A little while later I make it to the bathroom on slightly shaky legs to clean up. We get back into bed and he pulls me close as we drift off.

The next morning I watch as he gets dressed for work, a little plan hatching in my mind. He is not very emotional and certainly not affectionate. As he is about to leave, I stands on the couch (he is also VERY tall) and pull him to me. He looks at me. The slight annoyance crossing his face. I pull him close to whisper into his ear, “Everytime I grab your ass today, I want you to picture your cock about to slip into my ass. I want you to think about fucking that tight little hole. I want you to picture how your cum shot into my ass.” Then I bit his earlobe and said good bye.

Later I sent him a message telling him I had a surprise for later. We had friends coming over. Friends that know nothing about our kinky side. I showered, and before slipping into very tight jeans, I popped in my vaginal massage balls. I had bought them years ago but hadn’t really used them. He was always encouraging me to experiment with toys. I finished getting ready, a slightly see through top finishing off my outfit. When all our friends had arrived, I made a point of grabbing his ass a few times. The snapshot of what we had done the night before vivid in my mind...and I hoped his as well. About an hour into the evening I sent him a picture of the massage balls with the caption “Guess where these are?” He was a bit surprised and asked how they felt. I told him they would feel even better when his tongue was on me. The messages went on back and forth, our friends not having a clue as to how wet his messages were making me. Each time I bent over, I felt the balls knock against my walls, their weight shifting ever so slightly, but enough for me to sigh in pleasure.

Later after everyone had left I got naked and spread my legs, ordering him to pull them out of me. He did, each one escaping with a little pop. After a quick shower, I asked him to put porn on. As my fingers find their way to my sweet spot he tells me not to touch. I obey. He gets on me and starts circling my pussy with his tongue. The couple fucking on the screen just adding to the tension in the room. He then tells me to treat him like the other guy, the lover I took for one short night. My eyes widen slightly and then I lose myself in the sensation of his tongue. I start rocking my pussy in his face, I beg him to lap me up in long slow strokes. I ride his tongue, bucking wildly, gripping his head to my cunt. I’m not sure he can breathe, I don’t care. All I want is more. Slowly I feel it build and I let out a guttural moan as I fill his mouth. I tell him to lie back and I climb on him. I fuck him fast, my need over taking all my senses. He feels my muscles tighten around his hard cock. I get off him and get onto all fours. He slips into my drenched cunt so easily. I maneuver myself so that I am lying flat, my legs clenched tightly together between his, his glorious cock still in me. He then goes to work on my pussy. Ramming his cock into me. Loving the tightness of this new position. I feel like I can’t hold back anymore and once again push him onto his back so I can ride him. I climb on and watch his face as his eyes rake over my body. I lean into him and order him to tell me that his cock is mine. He struggles and I insist. He gives in and I hear him tell me that his cock is mine. It is a heady powerful feeling. Then I tell him to tell me that my cunt is his. It’s his to do with what he wants. He utters the words “Your cunt is mine”. This just makes me fuck him harder and faster. I hear “make me cum”. That sets me over the edge as I rock on him furiously without letting up. My eyes are glued to his face as I watch him lose all semblance of control. This moment, watching my calm, cool and collected husband lose control because of what my drenched little cunt has done to his cock. Fuck, I will NEVER get enough of that sight. It pushes me over and I moan loudly, my juice mixing with his.