20 Sep 2015

We met for dinner with no expectations and enjoyed each others company. The evening sadly ended and we arranged to meet again.

Our evening started by enjoying wine, music and relaxing on the mattress placed on the floor. Your beautiful blue eyes are roaming my face and body, anticipating what is hidden underneath my clothes. I leave the room to change into something more comfortable and enter the room. You look at me with admiration, whispering how sexy you find me. You lean over, take my face in your hands and start kissing me softly our tongues meeting until we are breathless. You slip the straps of my lingerie down and cup my breasts in your hand, rubbing my nipples with your thumbs feeling them come to life as they swell to your touch. I am melting. What beautiful breasts you utter in my ear. I am told to lay down on my stomach, yes sir. You pull my lingerie over my head. Sitting astride me you start massaging me from my buttocks to my neck and back. I start moaning as the sensation of your touch drives me insane. I want to spread my legs, but you are pinning them closed. You lay on my back, I can feel your erection on my ass and gasp as you kiss my neck slowly working your way down to the crack of my ass. You spread my cheeks and knee my ass working your way down to my inner thigh, whispering how soft and tight my skin is and what sexy legs I have, you want them rapped around you. Your fingers linger over my rosebud, I want you to feel how wet I am and lift my hips allowing you access to my wet pleasure. With one move you slide your fingers into my wetness making me moan, your fingers moving in and out up to my clitoris into my pussy, my hips moving to your rhythm erupting with pleasure soaking your hands as I squirt. Spreading my legs wider lifting my ass you enter me with one hard thrust you enter me from behind, my head jerks back moaning with pleasure as you thrust deeper harder, feeling you cock touch my curvex with each stroke. A perfect fit I mutter as you ground and thrust my hips deeper faster feeling my orgasm building up you ask me to cum for you between our moans. I arch my back scream out and fill your cock with my squirt. I am turned around asked to fold my sexy legs around you, entering me slowly my legs wrapped around you, you fuck me deep and slow moving faster with each stroke, we both cry out and orgasm.

A break is required. You slip off me and lay beside me cock still so hard. Bending over I lick our cum from your lovely cock. Time of more wine. You cannot take your eyes and hands off me and gently tease my nipples. I am getting aroused again, close my eyes and surrender my body to you to please. In one sudden move your are between my legs, licking and sucking my clitoris , with three fingers inside me you drive me to an explosive orgasm soaking your face as I squirt. Please sit on me you whisper while softly kissing me I want you to squirt all over me. I straddle you cowgirl and slide your perfect fit cock into my slit and ride you deep. You moan with pleasure which arouses me more as my tight pussy moves up and down your shaft, my moans getting louder, my body tensing. Orgasm building. I cry out I am going to cum squirting each time your cock moves out my pussy. I keep riding you deep, clockwise, deep. It does not take me long to build up a squirt filling orgasm again. You love me squirting all over you. Your endurance amazes me. I lift myself off you to suck and lick my cum from your soaked cock, nibbling your shaft on each side before I slide him into my mouth teasing and pleasing him as I move my mouth up and down teeth behind my lips taking you deep into my throat. Your moans of pleasure is arousing me , I rub my clitoris and cry out as I cum. You turn me around, spread my legs and cheeks, using lub you enter my ass, slowly and gently, watch stroke deeper deeper until my ass consumes your entire cock. Heavenly I groan moving my hips to your rhythm. O babes that feels so good I am going to cum again and I want you to cum. I manage to whisper as my orgasm build up. You cry out I am going to come babe, o yes cum for me babe I whisper between my screams of orgasm, my squirt soaking your balls, your cum filling my ass. Drained I fall flat onto the mattress feeling your heart beat as we lay together, drained and satisfied.

A mind blowing evening........ Hoping for many more each time you visit.