08 Mar 2018

In 2002 i was fresh out of my studies and doing assessments on specialised troops in the Defence Force. I was one of 3 ladies at the base and always had all the guys watching my every move. After 3 days of assessments in the bush i ended up with a crazy headache. An officer that had to look after me and help me with the troops took me to his office and i slept there for about an hour or so.

I was awakened by his presence as he entered his office wanting to see If I was better. I was still a bit asleep from the medication and slowly came up from the couch still holding the lower back of my head where the headache started.

He offered me water and I drank it while still slowly starting to sit up straight. He offered to massage my neck and said that it might help a bit. Now, I must admit that he was a handsome and strongly build man with authority and also a specialist already qualified.

His hands were strong, but he had a soft touch as he started to massage me tenderly. I started to relax and also became aware of his hands going lower down my back every now and then.

We had a nice chat all the while and as it always happen it strangely ended up in some sexual jokes.

It was in the middle of the day and very hot, sweat dripping down our bodies and he still busy massaging me.

We were alone but close to all the action and screaming of the officers and troops outside. His hands suddenly went to the sides of my back and he touched my breasts slightly.

He apologised immediately but I said it was okay and he kept on and on ever so touching them more and more and eventually fully groping both from behind.

I turned around and he started kissing me. I responded and soon we were going at each other like hungry lions at a carcass. I started stroking his dick above his uniform trousers and felt the hardness beneath. He responded and caressed my inner thigh above the material as well.

I undid his zip and belt while he struggled with mine. I helped him and in an instant we were both naked from the waste down, him as erect as can be and me almost dripping wet.

We immediately started kissing again and I felt his manhood pressing against me looking for an opening that he hasn’t felt in a while.

We lay down on the couch and I took his dick and guided him towards my wetness. As he entered me I realised that he was big, thick and long. It was only my second sexual experience and I was quite shocked by the fullness that I felt.

He went at it like a racing horse and I responded accordingly. Within 5 minutes he pulled out and came all over the couch and my lower tummy.

Without thinking he got up and took a towel to clean the spilled semen on me and the couch. We suddenly realised that the sounds outside stopped and got up as quick as the action that just took place on the couch.

We readied our pants and he went out without a word. I waited for 10 minutes and slowly excited the office.

Outside I saw the troops lying on the ground after all the exercising …..I smiled and thought of the nice exercise that I just had and went to my car and drove back to the barracks.