Written by orangeswing

10 Jan 2014

Finally it's Friday. Been a long week and return to office after two weeks of winter vacation is really difficult. Still we've made time to have some fun.

Wyfie and I joined Stephane and Claudine at their apartment yesterday. It was wonderful seeing them again as always. Drinks all around and we chatted in our usual familiar, flirty manner. Conversation changed between work and the recent end of year holidays and the year ahead. We also chatted about us, our lives, how we all got started and where we've come in terms of our group relation, our personal freindships and the initimity between us.

We moved to the living room and occupied the two couches. Wyfie got pushed onto her back until she was flat on the couch. Stephane removed her jeans and top and proceeded to kiss her from her thighs up until he got to her snatch. Once there, he pulled her g-string to one side began to worhsip her pussy with his tongue. She had her fingers in his hair, her mouth open and eyes closed, clearly enjoying the oral attention she was feeling below.

On my side, I was sitting up with Claudine straddling me on the couch. She wore black bootleg slacks and a top. I kissed her mouth, enjoying the lust and hunger I felt from her. My hands caressing her breasts over her top while our tongues explored each others mouth. Claudine reached below and unbuttone ber top and I helped her dispense with her top and brazier. Claudine then broke the kiss and thrust her large braizen nippled mammory into my face. I nursed her left nipple and sucked her breast, whatever I could, into my mouth. Then she pulled it away and offered me the other one. I accepted with the same lust that it was offered, devouring it and torchering her nipple at the same time. She was being turned on rapidly as I felt her grind her ass and pussy over my cock, which itself was now straining against the confines of my zip.

Over on the other couch, Stephane had a finger probing wyfie's asshole and his mouth was locked onto her pussy, his one hand cupping her right breast and rolling her nipple at the same time. In an all familiar way, her thighs seemed to crush either of Stephane's cheeks, evidently from the sucking and probing she was enjoying. There was alot of moaning. Stephane then pulled up and dropped his trouser, stepped out of them and pushed her legs up, knelt to her ass cheeks and thrust his cock along the length of her pussy, dragging it over her clit and pulling it down, until he found her wet fuckhole. Then I watched him slowly work that thick long fuck stick into her, and her moan as his entrance pleased her.

Back on my side, I now had a standing Claudine, naked, her pussy in my face. I sucked her pussy like she loves to be sucked, while reaching behind and slowly penetrating her asshole. French love a cock back there, so you can't neglect that. At the same time, you can never rush anal. Has to be well prepared before you can fuck that ass like you should. I felt Claudine's body language change and I realised she was about to cum, I pulled her down, and settled her so her hot cunt devoured my cock. Fucking her hard, then letting her fuck me, she came groaning and when her movements slowed, I actively fucked her from below, intensifying her vaginal sensations. Our mouths again joined as one, I gave her pussy a nice work out before, during and post orgasm.

Wyfie was also soon over the edge and I watched Stephane stroke her pussy during her orgasm. Then he pulled out and went up and I watched him fuck her mouth, but it didnt' last long, as his cock shaft went from wet to white as he creamed her mouth, semen ejaculating as he fucked her, some of it escaped the corner of her mouth. Stephane scooped it and pulled his cock, placd it on his cock and fed it to her. She sucked and swallowed like he'd insisted the first day he fucked her.

He reached behind, his cock still in her mouth and flicked her clit back and forth until she came hard. His cock hard, he went below and raised her legs once more and I watched him take her asshole while rubbing her clit. Her orgasm and the feel of cock penetrating her asshole made her eyes open wide and her groans became more audible.

Around this time, I felt myself close. I pulled out of Claudine, turned her so she faced Stephane and wyfie and her back to me. She helped me work my cock into her asshole and we kissed while I slowly made a tight fit an easy fit. Hand cupping her pussy and stimulating her clit, I soon brought her to orgasm with a raging cock digging deep up her asshole. She reach below and cluteched my balls, squeezed them.....I blew that load up her shitter, enjoying it immensely. She moaned and I felt her squeeze her anal rim, milking my cock. I was in heaven!

Stephane was now doing likewise....then pulled out and shove it up wyfie's pussy.....fucked her with a cock that just ejaculated but remained hard to continue a fuck....she enjoyed the feeling....I enjoyed watching her ass ooze semen....

Then the play changed....Stephane and wyfie came over to Claudine and I.....my cock in C's ass, Stephane presented his wife with cum smeared cock. She sucked her husband, while I sucked her breasts. Wyfie kissed my neck and soon turned my mouth to hers. Then Claudine offerd Stephane's cock to wyfie, across my face. I watched centimeters away, as she sucked his organ, sharing it with Claudine. I wanted my own cock sucked by these two, so I pushed them both down....I soon felt what Stephane was enjoying and he went behind with a hard cock and took his time swapping from the four fuckholes facing him....it was so lusty.....I got behind, with him in wyfie's pussy and me in his wife's pussy, we smiled at each other as we fucked our woman....I say our's...because mine is his and his is all mine too......