Written by 2 cockLover

14 Jan 2015

I'm in my early 30's, full figured, white, clean shaven, big boobs.

A guy of 28 contacted me asking if I'd be interested in MFM with him & a friend...asked for face pics, chatted a bit and decided to go for it. The days in between they both messaged me saying they were excited to touch me and get their hands all over me.

few days later I was all smooth shaven again and arrived at the one's flat, the friend was already there. Both friendly but shyish. One was tall, slightly tanned, slim and attractive face. Other one was shorter, slim and a baby face. We chatted maybe 20min until taller one said "shall we go to the room?"

They just started undressing..so I had to follow suit. All of us naked I noticed his dressing table at foot of bed with huge mirror! I commented "great..not really used to watching myself"

I got on the bed and both came forward so I had to lie on my back. One started kissing while the other sucked on my nipples. The one kissing me went down to my pussy and felt I was already wet, so he could easily slide his fingers in me and his tongue finding my clit and started fingering and licking me. The other one waited til I started moaning and finding rhythm, and put his shaven cock in my mouth.

I was enjoying it so much, the feeling of more than one person. I sucked his cock while moaning on it as inwas being fingered harder now, touching my gspot. The one licking me came up, and they swopped...I was being licked by the other one now and sucking on a new cock. So sexy. I was moaning and gyrating and quivering...wetting their fingers and bed.

One put on a condom and I went to edge of bed and told the one guy to lie on bed. I sucked his cock while the other one entered me from behind. He fucked me slow at first but I eventually fucked back so he went harder and faster. It wasn't necessary for me to suck the other one anymore. ..my mouth automatically went back and forth on his cock as I was fucked hard.

before the one fucking could cum he stopped and said "let's swop". So I was sucking a new cock again and being fucked by the other one. He stroked my back as he fucked me, gently pushing my head down on his friend's cock...not forcing me, but it felt sexy...I was their slut. I was loving it.

we took a short break (them not wanting to cum yet). Again I was fingered...still soaking wet and sucking on their cocks. The taller one fucked me while I lay on my back, my legs pulled up higher, his cock slamming in deep making my pussy contract around him while I was sucking and moaning on cock.

again they swopped. My legs over the other one's shoulders, sucking cock. so it went on..my pussy being fucked by both..alternative cocks in my mouth.

eventually the taller one lay on bed and other one fucked me hard again from behind. He came inside me...and few min later I was sucking other one's cock, stroking him fast and rubbing the bottom of his tip over my tongue fast til he shot his cum over my face, hair and his chest.