Written by CaptainandhisC

13 Jun 2015

MFM Fun at AW Cresta

My fingers tremble slightly with nervous anticipation as I hit “send” on the email.

Next, I quickly fire off an email to Miss C, letting her know that I have sent the email as we had agreed earlier in the day I would.

The email was to “T”, someone we had started messaging a few weeks earlier and had a successful coffee date with the week before. Unlike the previous week, when the email invitation was for an innocent cup of coffee, this one was altogether more nerve racking.

We are inviting T to join us for a bit of MFM fun in a dingy, dodgy, seedy adult video booth at Adult World in Cresta.

It started with many messages, followed by an exchange of pictures which eventually led to the coffee date and, after Miss C decided she liked T, the next step was, well, to meet one another without the interference of clothes.

T emails back a short while later, accepting the invitation and suggesting that he meets us at the chosen venue at 1pm the following day.

“Hmm,” Miss C murmurs later over a cup of tea, “T is very yummy … but suddenly I am shy.” She wriggles, giggles, blushes and hides behind the rim of her tea cup. I smile at her and cross my legs under the table to hide my growing erection. When her cheeks flush red like that, it sends my head into orbit and the blood rushing to the little brain in my pants.

I reach out to her and stroke her leg. She wiggles a bit more. Sometimes I forget that we are in a public space. I pull my hand reluctantly away.

“But …” She dips her head coyly, “I am also very frisky.”

She plays with her hair, takes my hand and says, “And I know, once we get there, my shyness will go away. But, shall we email him back and ask to meet for coffee first? It would help me get over the shyness if we flirt a bit over coffee first and it would increase his anticipation for things to follow.”

We quickly fire off an email to T. Seconds later he confirms the change in plans. We agree on a coffee shop just down the road from AW in Cresta. Now, all we have to do is wait twenty four hours.

Bad news arrives halfway through our wait. “Damn, my period is here.” Miss C text’s me at work. “Will have to postpone then.” I text back. “No, let’s still go, we can’t fuck but I’d love to suck both of you off while we watch a terrible porno in the booth.” She replies.

Miss C is indeed one in a google. I thank the single cell organisms from which we (and in particular she) have evolved and text a smiley face back.

Time ticks along with the urgency of a death row prisoner on his final walk but eventually we get there. Miss C and I drive together to the coffee shop. We are late as usual (that is always entirely my fault). Miss C, ever courteous, fires off an email to T to let him know that we are running late. With butterflies in my stomach and a spring in my step (this kinky taboo stuff really does a lot to keep one young and energetic) I lead Miss C into the coffee shop.

T stands as we approach. We shake hands and Miss C gets a hug. T and I sit down opposite each other, Miss C to my right and to his left. Miss C looks gorgeous, as always, her low cut dress showing off her ample cleavage and I smile as I see T’s eyes dart there often.

The sexual tension and excitement is palpable. When Miss C takes T’s hand in hers, stroking the back of his hand and his forearm, a tingle of excitement surges through me. When she rests her head on his shoulder my sudden hard on nearly tips the table over.

We chat about stuff, I am not really sure what precisely. It could be about the weather, abortion clinics in Taiwan or the mating habits of the brown nosed dormouse. It is irrelevant.

The tension reaches breaking point. I look at Miss C and I raise my eyebrows, the unspoken question clear. She nods and smiles. Her eyes sparkle. I say to T, “Let’s go. We’ll meet you there.” I reach into my pocket for my wallet but T insists on paying the bill.

Miss C and I leave hand in sweaty hand. We both giggle like hormone infested teenagers on the way to the car. As we drive the two blocks or so up the road to AW, I smoke a quick cigarette with trembling fingers.

Once inside AW, I look around. But for T, walking up and down the DVD aisles (we agreed that he could choose the movie we would rent given my terrible track record in picking watchable porn) and the two shop assistants behind the counter, the shop is empty.

A sudden calm descends over me, like every time before when Miss C and I have embarked on an adventure of this nature. I am completely calm. I see you are relaxed now too. You put your arm around T’s waist as he points out a potential movie hire. I watch as you look at the cover disinterestedly. I smile. The movie is utterly irrelevant.

You nod and say to T, “That one is fine, yes.”

I hope it is better than the one I chose when Miss C and I last visited the store. I had chosen an amateur gang bang video and it consisted of an hour and a bit of the most disinterested boring sex imaginable. Fortunately, we had each other to entertain and the success of our visit to the booth was in no way negatively influenced by what could very well be one of the worst porno videos ever made.

We walk to the counter. I wrap my arms around Miss C. The assistant recognises us from our previous visit. I hand over my driver’s license and she hands us a remote control for the TV and DVD player for booth number 4.

With a growing bulge in my pants we walk into the dark passage that leads to the video booths. Booth number 4 is right in the corner. It is dimly lit by a red bulb against the wall and it is so dark inside that we need to use a cell phone light to see the buttons on the TV remote.

Miss C puts the DVD into the player and, after a bit of button hunting gets it to play. T sits down on the bench running the length of the booth and takes off his shoes. I take my shoes and socks off too and take place on the opposite end of the bench, leaving a space for Miss C between us.

The DVD erupts with an explosion of sound on the small TV screen. A blond woman with fake tits sits in a chair, while a brunette finger fucks her. She moans and shouts. Really? I think, it’s all a bit much.

My attention is soon drawn away from the absurd scenario on the TV as Miss C turns and kisses me. No matter when or where, her kisses instantly arouse me. She kisses like no one I have ever known. A kiss from Miss C is more than a meeting of lips and tongue. It is as if she kisses with her whole body, with open abandon, and it sends shivers down my spine and goose bumps all over my body.

Miss C smiles at me, that familiar twinkle of excitement and naughtiness in her eyes as she turns away and lavishes her attention on T. I watch as he kisses her, his hand around her neck, his kisses urgent and long and it sends a thrill through my body. I stroke Miss C’s arm and the back of her neck as I feel her body relax in T’s arms.

I am so turned on. When Miss C kisses other men my heart bounces in my chest. I wonder what it feels like for her. I will never know. What I do know is that I want her more than ever when I see her like this. My cock is fully erect now, stretching in my pants. I kiss her shoulder and I grip her left breast in my hand, feeling her nipple harden under her dress and bra.

“Fuck my ass, fuck my little tight ass!” screams the blond woman on the TV. The brunette has been joined by a man with, as is always the case in porno flicks, a huge cock, which he is now pounding into her anus.

Miss C twists around and T and I help her to lift her dress over her head.

She bears down on T again, their mouths locked in a kiss once again. I reach behind her and unclip her bra, slipping it from her body. Her heavenly breasts bounce free, her nipples hard. I lean over and engulf her left nipple in my mouth, sucking and brushing my teeth against her erect pleasure bud.

T slides his mouth down and takes her right nipple in his mouth. She moans as we pleasure her breasts and nipples with our tongues. I slide the index finger of my left hand into her warm mouth. She sucks it deep inside, coating my finger with wet, warm saliva. I feel her heart beat fast in her chest.

T breaks away and leans back, taking off his shirt, then his pants. He resumes his attention on Miss C now dressed only in a pair of black cotton briefs. I wriggle away and undress too, leaving just by underwear on too.

C sits with her back to me. She kisses T as she strokes his hard cock through the material of his briefs. He grunts softly and whispers her name. I kiss Miss C’s back and shoulders and run my hands up and down her upper body before slipping my arms around her waist and cupping her breasts, fondling her breasts and nipples as she strokes his cock and continues kissing him.

She turns around and pushes me into the far corner. She takes her leggings off, leaving only her black panty on. She straddles me, pressing her breasts against my chest. She kisses me hard and reaches between our bodies, stroking my cock. She smiles and her face looks so happy and gorgeous!

She slips down and I caress her breasts as she kneels on the bench and helps me slip my underwear off. My cock throbs with anticipation. Your lips lock around the tip of my penis. I lie back against the wall. On the TV screen the man has disappeared. The blond with the fake tits moans and shouts as the brunette fucks her pussy with the strangest looking dildo I have ever seen.

The movie does not hold my attention for more than a few seconds.

I stroke your hair as you slide your mouth over my cock. After a minute or so you raise your head and kiss me on the lips. I know what the devilish smile on your face means. You turn away from me and kneel in front of T. You help him slide his briefs off. I kneel behind you and fondle your breasts from behind.

His cock is big and thick and hard. I watch as you close your fist around his throbbing cock. You kiss him. “Captain says I am very good at sucking cock. Shall we see if he is right?” You say.

“Oh, C, I would love to feel how my cock feels in your mouth.” T says.

You push your butt back and lower your head onto his cock. I watch it disappear in your mouth. I slide my hands over your butt. I am so turned on that I forget that your period is here. I slide my hands over your clit, feeling it bulge against the silky material of your black panties.

You look at me over your shoulder and shake your head, “Uh-huh.” You say.

Oops. I move my hands along your thighs and your calves, massaging your legs as you sink down on T’s cock again.

He lies back, pushing his head against the wall. His hands hold your head at each side, his fingers entangled in your hair. The sound of your mouth sucking his cock into your throat is much more arousing than the banality that spews forth from the horrible porn on the small TV screen.

I reach between my legs and feel my cock with my hand. It’s hard and throbbing with pulsating blood. I am so horny I could cum right there and then. Watching you pleasure another man is a huge turn on for me. I control my urges and refocus my attention on you. I massage your back and neck as you continue hungrily slurping his cock.

His eyes are closed and he breathes heavily. “Oh my God, oh C, suck my cock!” He murmurs softly. “That’s heavenly C, oh, C, my sweet C, you suck it so well.” I smile. He is very vocal and I like it. Sometimes when you suck my cock I am so aroused and feel so much pleasure that I cannot utter a word. I like that he is now murmuring non-stop, repeating your name.

“I’m going to cum C, you are making me cum!” He says as his head rolls from side to side.

Seconds later he grunts and says your name, loudly. I watch as you keep your mouth firmly locked around his cock. I know how much you like you drinking cum. I imagine his hot, sticky cum shooting into the back of your throat.

My cock gets even harder. I wouldn’t have thought that possible, but it is.

He must have cum in buckets because you stay locked on his cock for a long time. You rise up and you kiss him. He kisses you back passionately and strokes your hair. You giggle and turn around to face me. I lean forward and we kiss. I love you so much and I hope that my lips and the eagerness with which my tongue finds yours portrays that message.

You stroke me cock in your hands. I shudder with joy. You push my shoulders back against the wall. I spread my legs and you sing down, taking my cock in your mouth. Your mouth is warm and my cock feels so at home inside you. I never knew such joy. I look over your shoulders at T. He sits back, a big grin on his face. His hands slide up and down your legs as you bob up and down on my cock.

I feel it stretch bigger in your mouth. “Oh C, I love it when you suck my cock like that.”

You suck me deep into your mouth and I feel my cock press against the back of your throat. I grip the fake leather seat in my hands. I am so aroused that I know I won’t last long. I don’t. I blast my cum into your mouth. The release of ejaculation after such an extended period of arousal is powerful and I feel dizzy.

You rock back on your haunches. I look up at your face. That devilish glint is in your eyes again. You open your mouth and you let my cum dribble from your mouth. It runs over your lips, cascades over your chin and lands in delicious splattering on your breasts, streams of spit and cum running between your breasts and lodging in your naval.

God. I nearly faint. I love to see you covered in cum. My heart races. My breathing is rapid. I can’t tear my eyes away from you. I inspect the globules of cum coating your upper body, your face and your lips. My God, how I love you.

I sit up and I embrace you. I giggle like a boy. I smile at you, a happy beam of love. I kiss you. I taste the traces of my cum on your lips. I love it. I love my little cum slut more than anything and anyone I have ever loved and will ever love.

The world is a better place. I am a happy man. I can’t stop kissing you. I am so in love. I adore you, my Miss C.